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CIJ- Just Between You And Me

With Christmas around the corner, and Christmas is a time to spend with family, questions arise that you may not want to ask outright. I’ve been guilty of that, too. You either don’t want to start conflict or you just may be naturally curious. Well, Sand Dunes Publishing has now come up with a way to ask those burning questions in a fun way. The Between You and Me Journals are just that- journals between you and another person. They have journals for almost every family members: sister, brother, mom, dad, cousin, grandparents, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend (that would the “HONEY” journal.), etc. All of the journals are unique in their sistermainquestions and the looks of the cover. In each journal, there are 35-45 questions asked!

On the website, you can even look at sample pages. Looking inside the “Sister” journal, one of the sample questions asked “When we were kids, what did you like most about me?” If I asked my own sister that, she’d probably say “You shared your Barbies with me!” Yes, I have to say it- I was a Barbie lover when I was younger. My sister and I would have Barbie marathons and the clothes and items were strewn throughout the living room as far as the eye could see. The only time we would stop would be when inner was ready or needed a bathroom break. Those are definitely precious childhood memories!

These journals are great for any occasion and in a previous post, I had said I definitely want a Sister journal. Let me see if I can find that specific post. I did find it, and you can see it here. I am hoping that one day I actually do get one so my sister and I will be able to take a peek into each others brains- even though we are two peas dadmainin a pod! I have come to love looking at the journals and imagining what my family would write back when asked one of those questions.

So, with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up in the next months, these would be a great gift! They are family keepsakes that you would want to treasure and cherish! And for Spanish speakers, they have Mama and Papa journals. So, to get ahead of that ever frustrating Christmas rush, go get them now!!

Would you like to save a little money? Place the code “CIJConfettiDreams” in the comment section to save $1.00!


Writing A Book? Novel?

index_clip_image002With the amount of reading I have been doing lately, I have gotten the urge to write a book- a novel if you may. It appears I have been bitten by the writing bug. Keep in mind, I have never tried my hand at this, so I am a bit nervous. I have no idea right now what it is going to be about or how the novel will play out, but I do know that I want to write.

With the last book I read, Into The Shadow by Christina Dodd, and the current one I’m reading, Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, the are definitely eloquent with their writing. Also, the way they show details in the story has me thinking that this might actually be possible. I’m guessing that blogging helps me become creative in my writing and helps out with the grammar and the punctuation. Although, I could use a little help in both areas.

It’s time to do some brainstorming for the book. Will it be mystery/suspense? Romance? Fantasy/Romance? Inspiring? Western (Probably not, thought)? Horror? I also need a plot. The plot is the main reason people read books. I’m going to need a lot of notebook paper and perhaps a behemoth amount of pens. When I write letters or the like, I tend to mess up alone and scratch the full sentence out and start again. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to that. If the letters or words are written how they should look, I start anew. You tend to go through a lot of paper like that.

So I am about to embark on the most challenging thing I have faced this year. Well, this whole year was a challenge, but this is a personal challenge. I am going to write a book. I don’t care how long it takes me, I will find the strength to do it. Book world, here I come!


I’ve Got Writer’s Block!

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t posted in a few days. Well, the fact of the matter is, I don’t know what to post about! Usually I would post something funny or constructive, but nothing comes to my mind! I envy my sister who can literally post about anything… even if it’s small. Me? I like to write… alot, so when it comes to the posting, I really like to go into details. I’m kind of hoping something exciting/scary/weird/creepy happens so I can actually post.

Other than that, I’ve been studying like a madman as of lately. When I’m done on the computer, I will study for hours on end. I just hope I don’t forget what I’ve already studied. EEK!!

And where do I begin?

I love to write. Well, sort of. 2 years ago I started writing in a journal. Why? Think about it. Something may upset you. Something may be bothering you and you just need to get it out. Writing down those emotions/feelings on paper relieves any stress you may be feeling. As I re-read over my entries in the old journal, they could literally be a script for a Soap Opera. Or a Jerry Springer episode. JERRY! JERRY!! JERRY!!!

Oh great, I lost my train of thought. What do I do to keep your attention now? Uh… OH GREAT READERS! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THIS SENTENCE. YOU ARE GETTING VERY SLEEPY. VERY SLEEPY INDEED. Yes I realize that it is in the morning and everyone is sleepy to begin with, but….

So why did I come up with Confetti Dreams? I am colorful (personality-wise) and I want you guys to follow me as I go through life as a single psychology student. Hey, who knows? It could be turned into a book! Ok. Maybe not. Sorry about that!

Today’s entry is over. It’s all over the place and I understand fully- but now you get to know a part of my personality. The next entry, I promise, will be more coherent. You all deserve it!