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BTS: Shopping For Twins


Who knew that going school shopping for twins was not only exhausting but expensive? Not I! I’m pretty sure my mom is happy that she doesn’t have to go back-to-school shopping this year! Boy, I don’t even think I have the energy for it!

So, my sister and I are going back to school (just pretend!). My mom has made a list of everything she needs and how much she’s planning to spend. Of course, when you have to buy two of everything, you might need to redo the budget. We all pile into the car and whisk away to WalMart. We all jump out of the car and walk in to grab a basket. We see that it’s a mad house! It reminds me of alligators fighting over their prey. I take a hold of the basket and walk very slowly. While I go off with Angela, I try to stay out of people’s way. I don’t want to get run over by the parents trying to grab their son the last Superman backpack. Who knew it could get catty? I can still spot my mother in the sea of estrogen. Not all is lost! Hooray!

We go back over to my mom who has gotten two of everything. Two red notebooks. Two blue binders. Well, you get the idea. She eventually asks us to pick out a backpack, but to keep the price under $20. I can do that! We each choose a backpack that has black in it. We didn’t like the colorful ones as much. Plus, it was cheaper.

After Mom has paid for everything, we head on home. My sister and I are excited about the new stuff we have! Even though it’s a week before school even starts, we put everything together anyways. The notebook paper goes into the binders. The pencils stay… well, in their original box. The pencil sharpeners,  rulers, map pencils, etc go into pockets that are hidden through out the backpack. Let’s just hope I remember where I put everything.


CIJ- Ornament Crafts

Don’t worry, this is completely different from my other crafts post. This is one is mainly links. A few years ago, my mother bought glass ball ornaments and then glitter paint pens. We would pain designs, names, and whatever else we could come up with on those ornaments. In fact, we still have a couple of them. The rest of them ended up breaking when either a cat decided to play soccer with them or they would just fall off the tree. I’ve made a mental reminder that plastic balls are the best way to go; they are cat-proof!

Well, I decided to do a little Googling to see what other other ideas were out there other than mine (which, to say, isn’t much.) So, instead of my normal picture, supplies and how-to posts, I believe I will include links to my most favorite ones! This gives you many more options than just 3 crafts I found. Of course, you never know if I’ll throw in an ornament that’s not a craft, but I found beautiful/unique.

  • Now, you may think that soda bottle caps are pointless- other than keeping your drink inside the bottle. Well, creating an ornament out of them is a great way to use them. Also, with this how-to, you won’t even notice that they are bottle caps!

It’s time to start working on those ornaments! With July almost ending, you could find some great Christmas in July sales!!

“Shopping” Online. Just Browsing.

Earlier today, my sister, mom, and myself needed to get some new pants. Well, capris, to be honest. It’s been quite a while since we have gotten any clothes for ourselves, so it was a nice treat. So, I got woken up at 10 (after waking up at 620am, and I didn’t need to get up until 9… then went back to sleep at 8am), and we got dressed. I was half asleep as I walked to the car. I’m surprised I didn’t drop the cell phone that was in my hand. I don’t have very good hand-eye coordination when I’m extremely sleepy. It’s something I abhor at times.

So, we all get into the car and whisk away to the store. By then, I am awake and ready to shop! So, as we walk into the store (I’m lagging behind!), my sister and I go to the nearest rack that has pants, capris, and shorts. Us girls had no idea how much we could spend because we didn’t have a price range. I told sis “Maybe she should send up smoke signals when we hit a price that’s worth it.” Well, maybe that’s illegal in a store. Anyways, we gawk at the rack and I find a pair of cute black with blue striped capris. BINGO! I found my pants. I go and try them on. They are very lightweight and would feel really good in this summer heat. I put the pants around my arm like a butler does a towel and walk out of the dressing rooms. I make sure to let my sister see the pair I got. Apparently, she picked up the same kind. We are definitely twins!

So, as my sister and I walk out of the store (I felt like I was going to get sick right in the store. My stomach ached for some odd reason), we walked back to the car. I made sure to close the door as soon as I could and have sis turn on the air conditioner. It felt a lot better once my body temperature cooled.

So, as soon as everyone is back in their seats- Mom driving, Sis in the front changing CDs like she changes her sleeping patterns, and I in the back- we did a few more errands and we came back home. Immediately I decided to do some more online shopping… well, it’s more like browsing. I went to my favorite clothing websites to see what cute shirts or skirts they had. To be quite blunt, the online stores were extremely cheaper than the store we went to. I think I just found how I am going to buy my clothes from now on.

So which websites did I go to? Lane Bryant and Woman Within. I only wish I had a credit card with an unlimited amount on it so I could buy some clothes for not only me, but surprise my sis and mom! Ahh… I love being a woman sometimes!


The Easter Bunny Is Coming!!

So kiddos, have you been good? Just like Santa Claus, you have to behave in order to get goodies. Ya know? You can get candy (sugar overload alert!), toys (make sure to share…maybe) and even get to have an Easter egg hunt. Boy do I remember those! Actually, they would hide candy, and we’d have to go out looking for those. Of course, my sister and I would have to share our findings. That was before my relatives realized we were two separate people. Shopping for twins must be easy- get 2 of the same thing. That just irks me! We have different likes/dislikes! Buy individual gifts!

Sorry, I got off of the subject. Going right along with Easter… who loves dying eggs? Me! I do, too! Although I haven’t in a while, I simply love it. What can I say? I’m a kid at heart. I love the colors that you can do. Pink. Blue. Red. Orange. They need to come out with egg tattoos. Remember those temporary tattoos we used to wear as kids? Kind of like those- just strictly for hard-boiled eggs after you’ve dyed them.

I have already eaten my Easter chocolate. It was chilling in the refrigerator (pun intended!) and I was hungry. I kind of feel bad though. My mom bought it for Easter and it’s a week away. I think that next year she should hide it behind the unsweetened tea. I’ll never find it there!

I know this is a week early, but from me to you…

P.S. Don’t forget the stuffed animals! They need a home!

Twins Share A Blog

I have almost forgotten. In my blogroll, you will see a blog called TwinTastic. Well, that specific blog is one that my twin sister and I share. Did I forget to mention that I have a twin?? Well, I do!! She’s Texas Banter in my comments. There, it’s all about twins.

I do have one favor to ask, if you are a twin, please let me know (No sis, not you.) I have some questions to ask you for the blog if that’s perfectly alright! So, just contact me (twintastic99@yahoo.com) and let me know!

I’m done advertising now!