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My Sister’s Keeper Book Review(May Contain Spoilers)

1439157383_lDISCLAIMER: THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. I’ll put (***) before the sentence to warn you of a spoiler if, in fact I do insert one.

Thanks to my fantastic Mom, who bought this book only 2 days ago, I had the chance to read it. It’s written by Jody Picoult. When I picked it up for the first time, I originally thought that it would just be a book about sisters, and that’s all. Well, for the most part, it is. Here’s the synopsis of the book:

Anna is not sick, but she might as well be. By age thirteen, she has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions, and shots so that her older sister, Kate, can somehow fight the leukemia that has plagued her since childhood. The product of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, Anna was conceived as a bone marrow match for Kate — a life and a role that she has never challenged…until now. Like most teenagers, Anna is beginning to question who she truly is. But unlike most teenagers, she has always been defined in terms of her sister — and so Anna makes a decision that for most would be unthinkable, a decision that will tear her family apart and have perhaps fatal consequences for the sister she loves.

I had such a hard time putting this book down- although I finished it in 2 nights. I tend to read more at night because that’s when most people are asleep and I have more time to concentrate on it.

Picoult’s writing style is unique. In the book, the chapters aren’t number 1, 2, 20, 45, etc. Instead, you get a chance to read every character’s point of view. You not only get to hear from Anna, you also get to hear from the parents and other characters in the story. It was a really different way of reading. Like I said, I couldn’t put the book down.

I will warn you, you might need to read the book with a box of tissue next to you. ***There are some sad parts that just make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster of emotion. You feel helpless when Kate’s “boyfriend” dies. You want to hug the parents.***

So how much do I love this book? Immensely. While Twilight was numero uno (number 1 for the English speakers) on my favorites list, that has been bumped down to Number Two. My Sister’s Keeper now sits in the first slot. So, I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good sob story, a story of inspiration and desperation.

My Sister’s Keeper is a book that I’m sure you guys will love!



Pride & Prejudice

For those who know me, I love to read. I went to the library today with my mother and sister so they could check out books. I remember a few days ago that I had been wanting to check out a book by Jane Austen. Well, it’s a good thing I remembered her last name! I went to the back of the library (where they keep fiction books for adults) and searched for “Aus.” I then ran across three books with the last name… all of them by Jane! The first one was called “Emma.” I’ve never heard of the book, so I skipped it. Maybe one day I will venture into that book. I then saw 2 other books- both Pride & Prejudice. One was an extremely old green book- I love those kind! Then the second one was way too small. The lettering was the size of an ant and the book itself was small enough for me to lose. I decided on the green book.

So far, I have read 3 pages of the book (I’m waiting to read Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight series.) There is one line on the first page that had me completely stumped. That line would be:

“My dear Mr. Bennet,” said his lady to him one day, “have you heard that Netherfield Park is let at last?”

I understand that this is talk from a different era, but what exactly does it mean to be “let” in terms of a park? From what I understand, and this may be wrong, that the park had been bought? My brain will be working overtime to figure this one out. Overall, so far the book is really good (even if I did just read a few pages.) I can’t wait to throw myself into it and finish! Come on Mr Darcy and Elizabeth!


I Apologize!

I just want to apologize for not writing in quite a while. I have to be honest, nothing exciting has happened for me to actually post anything. I’ve written out posts, but somehow they seemed boring and stale. If you know me, you know that I love post something that is either exciting or random. Hopefully soon, something will happen and you will get the full story.

So what has been going since my last post? Well…. I’m reading the 3rd book in the Twilight series “Eclipse.” So far, it is also addicting. I ended up reading 12 chapters last night in only 3 hours. Keep in mind, these chapters are quite long. There is no doubt that by the end of Monday (or Tuesday) it will be a finished book and I can start reading the last book in the series. If only it would last longer so I can fall in love with Edward Cullen even more. He he he

Also, I have been recording videos for my Twitter and Myspace friends. If you are not following me on Twitter now, do so! I will be “tweeting” again soon, so you will get your chance to see it! As far as Myspace goes, you will have to have an account and add me as a friend to see it. If you do have a Myspace and would like to add me as a friend, leave a comment with your Myspace url. I will send you a friend request and look for the video in the bulletins. By the way, for my Myspace friends, I will be recording a video once a week called The Manders Show. I need a little cute theme song…. I might have to come up with something cheesy. Cheese is good, right?

I guess you can say I’ve been quite lazy. With the temperatures reaching darn near 90°F, it can get warm, and you get lethargic. Now that I’ve caught up on my sleep, you will be getting your regular posts! So keep coming back… you never know what’ll happen!

By the way, Zeus (my dog) says hello! Wave hello to our readers, Zeus!