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WAT-AHH Review and Giveaway~CLOSED~


WAT_AAH!_logo (2)

When it’s hot outside, I grab a bottle of cold water. Most of the time, the sit in the freezer since the bottom part of the fridge is too full. My family and I drink TONS of water. Every now and then we’ll grab some tea, but that’s rarely. Plus, there’s nothing like a bottle of cold water to lower your body temperature. I can go through about 5 bottles a day. It all depends on how thirsty I am.Plus, when you are doing errands, or your kids are outside playing, they need some water to stay hydrated (dehydration really stinks!). If you’re like me, you don’t really like the tap water, but if it’s the only thing to drink at the time, you don’t mind.

Wat-AhhSay “hello” (to my little friend), WAT-AHH! They are making drinking water healthier and much more fun. I was recently given the chance to review their water, and I am so thankful for that! When they arrived, they had been sitting in the sun for a bit, so of course, it was way too hot to drink at the moment. So into the freezer they went! I figured that they would get colder faster. Well, it’s true! It took no time for them to become tasty and drinkable. I’m pretty sure they were drinkable when I first opened the package, but hot water would have made me sick!

So, what exactly is WAT-AHH!? It’s water that isn’t boring! It does not contain any sugar or ingredients you have no idea how to say! They have 4 different “flavors.” They aren’t really flavors, but you’ll get the idea in a minute.

Drink WAT-AHH “flavors”
Brain- Purified water and kid-friendly electrolytes
Bones- Purified water and bone-bu
ilding magnesium
Body- Pure spring water (that’s it!)
Energy- Ultra purified water and energizing oxygen

They are absolutely delicious! After they had finally become unfrozen, I decided to try the “Bones” first. Well, I had gotten so used to my tap water that it tasted weird at first. Then, after the first few sips, I was beginning to fall in love! My sister claimed it had an aftertaste, but I didn’t taste one. Then, through-out the evening, my sister and I tried the others. They were just as good as the first one!

WAT-AHH! can replace that Gatorade! It’s much more healthy and doesn’t include any sugar! Hooray for water! Oh, I’m sorry. It should be “Hooray for WAT-AHH!” There, I feel much better.

Thanks to the people at WAT-AHH!, you now have the ability to win! I will be giving 1 winner (that’s right, one winner) WAT-AAH! Backpack filled w/ fun back-to-school goodies (pencils, erasers, stickers etc…) along with some WAT-AHH samples! You have the ability to taste it out for yourself!WAT-AAH!GIVEAWAY

So how do you enter? That’s easy!

***MANDATORY*** Visit the WAT-AAH! website and tell me something you learned or that you found interesting! *Be sure to leave a valid e-mail address so I can contact you if you win* *US ONLY*

Extra Entries (be sure to leave a comment letting me know you have done these!)

– Follow WAT-AHH on Twitter (http://twitter.com/WATAAH)
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This giveaway will start on August 26, 2009 and end on September 2, 2009 at 11:59pm (CST). I will choose a winner via Random.org. The winner has 3 days to reply to the winning e-mail or a new winner will be chosen.



A Chocoholic Goes Grocery Shopping

If you’re a lover of chocolate like me, then you’ll know exactly how I feel! As a lover of chocolate, even a Snickers commercials makes you drool! Well, last night was no exception. Except, however, that it didn’t involve Snickers or a commercial. It did involve chocolate, I promise that!


Last night we needed to go grocery shopping. It was near 8pm, so I figured it wouldn’t be that hot. It was. Never underestimate the power of heat and humidity. You step outside and it’s like you’re being engulfed by a flame-less fire. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that hot, but you get the idea of it. So, my sister, dad, and myself piled into the car and headed to WalMart.

Personally, I didn’t think that WalMart was going to be busy on a Thursday night. I usually thought they crowded the stores on Fridays and the weekend. Again, I was wrong. It was crowded and people were, it seemed, in a bad mood. I blamed it on the heat.

So, we’ve gotten almost everything. We were only missing 2 items: stuffing and “Thank You” cards. We knew where the cards were- on the other side of the darn store. We had no idea where the boxes of stuffing were! We checked down almost every isle that contained boxes. Well, I decided to try the cake mix aisle. Bad bad idea!

I stopped in front of the chocolate frosting to see if my sister or dad was behind me. When I looked and saw what was in front of me, I started drooling!! I grabbed 5 tubs of the chocolate frosting into my arms and attempted to put them into basket when they stopped me. Sasdly, I put all 5 tubs back onto the shelf and walked away.

Perhaps one day I will get my chocolate frosting! Perhaps one day…

Book Assembly Line

It has come to my realization that I have developed an assembly line for reading books.  Every few days, my sister receives a book or two. She finishes those book in a few days and then passes them onto me. This is a circle in and of itself. As soon as I finish one book, I have a few more added behind that single book I just finished.  Do I dare ask her to stop? Heck no! Reading keeps me out of trouble and without her getting all of the books, how I am supposed to know what I like or dislike? At one point I thought I knew what kind of books I loved to read. I would mainly read science fiction, fantasy or horror. I would quite often stick with vampire novels (thanks to the Twilight series), or novels that take my mind to another invisible place- anything to keep me from worrying about anything that may be going on at home. These are the novels I thought I would only read. I was wrong.

I’m currently reading three different books. Well, two of them are somewhat of the same nature. One book is a love story. I’m not too far in it yet to really know what goes on, but I’ve read romance novels enough to know that they fall in love, “do it,” and get married. That’s how they always end, isn’t it? The other two are true stories- and they both involve different countries. One involves Ghana and the other one involves Iran. Books that depicts the author’s real life interests me. You get a sense of how they lived, or what they went through as they were growing up. In a way, you can almost relate to them- even if it they are from a different country. We are all humans, and humans relate to one another.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have a  huge passion for reading. I have a feeling that this book assembly line, although 10 books long, will be duplicated by the end of 2009. So if it does indeed duplicate, how do I plan to tackle it? Read, read, and read. There isn’t a time line for when it needs to be finished, so I don’t really need to stress or grab another book the second I finish one. That is why they call reading a hobby or leisure time- you do it when you are ready!

CIJ- Just Between You And Me

With Christmas around the corner, and Christmas is a time to spend with family, questions arise that you may not want to ask outright. I’ve been guilty of that, too. You either don’t want to start conflict or you just may be naturally curious. Well, Sand Dunes Publishing has now come up with a way to ask those burning questions in a fun way. The Between You and Me Journals are just that- journals between you and another person. They have journals for almost every family members: sister, brother, mom, dad, cousin, grandparents, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend (that would the “HONEY” journal.), etc. All of the journals are unique in their sistermainquestions and the looks of the cover. In each journal, there are 35-45 questions asked!

On the website, you can even look at sample pages. Looking inside the “Sister” journal, one of the sample questions asked “When we were kids, what did you like most about me?” If I asked my own sister that, she’d probably say “You shared your Barbies with me!” Yes, I have to say it- I was a Barbie lover when I was younger. My sister and I would have Barbie marathons and the clothes and items were strewn throughout the living room as far as the eye could see. The only time we would stop would be when inner was ready or needed a bathroom break. Those are definitely precious childhood memories!

These journals are great for any occasion and in a previous post, I had said I definitely want a Sister journal. Let me see if I can find that specific post. I did find it, and you can see it here. I am hoping that one day I actually do get one so my sister and I will be able to take a peek into each others brains- even though we are two peas dadmainin a pod! I have come to love looking at the journals and imagining what my family would write back when asked one of those questions.

So, with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up in the next months, these would be a great gift! They are family keepsakes that you would want to treasure and cherish! And for Spanish speakers, they have Mama and Papa journals. So, to get ahead of that ever frustrating Christmas rush, go get them now!!

Would you like to save a little money? Place the code “CIJConfettiDreams” in the comment section to save $1.00!

What Makes You Happiest?

smiley-faceThere are days when you are just overflowing with happiness. And then, there are some days you aren’t as happy as you would like. Well, today I am one of the people who is happy- whether it’s hot outside or the living is a mess. So, I decided to think deep into my soul on what makes me happy. There are days when everything could go wrong and yet, at the end of the day,  I’m happy. What makes me happy?

* Seeing my family every morning. It means I have another day to spend with them!

* Knowing that even though I don’t have tons of money, I am happy with what I do have.

* Reading a book that leaves me on the edge of my seat until the last page.

* Hearing from friends who I love and adore.

* Hanging out with my sister. We do the dorkiest and funniest things!

* Seeing that my pets (although they drive me nuts sometimes) are healthy. I’m thankful that my dog, Zeus, no longer has health problems. My little immortal puppy!

* A good summer rain that ends 100 degree weather (That’s maybe wishful thinking)

* Hearing the words “I love you.”

* Staying up late and being able to sleep in!

* Seeing a rainbow in the field after a good storm

* Winning a vacation

* Snacking on chocolate ( Oh! I just teased myself. I need to stop that!)

* Making new friends.

* Being able to see your favorite entertainer in concert (I’m daring to dream!)

* Seeing the leaves change in the fall

I have a lot more that makes me happy, but I thought I would keep the list short. So what makes you happy? Let me know! Maybe you share the same things I do!


“Shopping” Online. Just Browsing.

Earlier today, my sister, mom, and myself needed to get some new pants. Well, capris, to be honest. It’s been quite a while since we have gotten any clothes for ourselves, so it was a nice treat. So, I got woken up at 10 (after waking up at 620am, and I didn’t need to get up until 9… then went back to sleep at 8am), and we got dressed. I was half asleep as I walked to the car. I’m surprised I didn’t drop the cell phone that was in my hand. I don’t have very good hand-eye coordination when I’m extremely sleepy. It’s something I abhor at times.

So, we all get into the car and whisk away to the store. By then, I am awake and ready to shop! So, as we walk into the store (I’m lagging behind!), my sister and I go to the nearest rack that has pants, capris, and shorts. Us girls had no idea how much we could spend because we didn’t have a price range. I told sis “Maybe she should send up smoke signals when we hit a price that’s worth it.” Well, maybe that’s illegal in a store. Anyways, we gawk at the rack and I find a pair of cute black with blue striped capris. BINGO! I found my pants. I go and try them on. They are very lightweight and would feel really good in this summer heat. I put the pants around my arm like a butler does a towel and walk out of the dressing rooms. I make sure to let my sister see the pair I got. Apparently, she picked up the same kind. We are definitely twins!

So, as my sister and I walk out of the store (I felt like I was going to get sick right in the store. My stomach ached for some odd reason), we walked back to the car. I made sure to close the door as soon as I could and have sis turn on the air conditioner. It felt a lot better once my body temperature cooled.

So, as soon as everyone is back in their seats- Mom driving, Sis in the front changing CDs like she changes her sleeping patterns, and I in the back- we did a few more errands and we came back home. Immediately I decided to do some more online shopping… well, it’s more like browsing. I went to my favorite clothing websites to see what cute shirts or skirts they had. To be quite blunt, the online stores were extremely cheaper than the store we went to. I think I just found how I am going to buy my clothes from now on.

So which websites did I go to? Lane Bryant and Woman Within. I only wish I had a credit card with an unlimited amount on it so I could buy some clothes for not only me, but surprise my sis and mom! Ahh… I love being a woman sometimes!


EZ Comb Review

EZCombs_sYou’ve seen the commercial, haven’t you? I know I have! Ever since I saw the commercial the first time, I’ve instantly wanted one. By the way, I am talking about the EZ Comb. I absolutely love this thing!

About a week or ago ago, my sister and I each got one of our own. Well, we got a package of 2- but we picked out which colors we wanted. She got the white one and I grabbed the brown.

So what is an EZ Comb From the definition on their website

EZ Combs™ is the new hair accessory that stretches to easily create popular hairstyles instantly!


Seems cool, huh? Well, they are. So far, every day I wear mine. I even where it to bed- even though I wake up with it on the pillow rather than in my hair. However, I love the ease of being able to pull my hair back and quickly get on with my day.

What I normally do when I put my hair back with it is called “The Fountain.” If you take a look at their website: http://www.ezcombs.com/, you will see what I am talking about. Plus, it’s the only thing my hair will do. It seems to have a mind of it own.


I absolutely love my EZ Comb. I kept losing ponytail holders because they would either slip out of my hair or I would take it out, set it down, and it would disappear. And with this, it doesn’t slip because of the prongs that hold the hair. With this EZ Comb, you can do many different styles. I’m still working on that. My fingers are quite clumsy!

Also, it’s very lightweight. It doesn’t weigh down your head of feel heavy at all.


So yes, I love my EZ Comb (think I’ve said it enough?). My hair is happier. Or, maybe it’s just me.