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Darn Writers Block!

I have to apologize for not writing in a few days. “Why??” Well, it seems I have writers block. I will sit down and know what I will write about, and as soon as my fingers hit the keys, my mind goes blank or the topic doesn’t seem blog-worthy. I have thought about writing on several things.

  • Zeus got a new crate yesterday. He has a love/hate relationship with it. He goes in there for a second, gets spooked, and out he goes. We plan on remedying that problem- unless Cesar Milan just happens to show up out of nowhere and help. Okay… maybe in my wildest dreams.
  • Ya know, some parents should take a class on not leaving 2 kids under the age of 5 in a car, by themselves, with every window down. I saw exactly that yesterday afternoon and I was enraged. There were 2 kids, not even older than 5 or 6 (one was younger than that) and they were in the car by themselves- where I suspect their mother was in the store. I watched them like a hawk until she finally came out. Smart move there, Sherlock. Try taking them in there with you next time.
  • It doesn’t matter how old are you are, spraying someone unexpectedly with a water hose is as fun as a barrel full of monkeys. Washing the dog was merely my plan for my “cruel” thoughts to take place. Sorry, Sis. Too bad he couldn’t keep still.
  • I got to see my new baby cousin a few days ago. She is absolutely adorable. I’m not sure who she looks like more- her mother or father. Anyways, I am currently on the hunt for newborn butterfly baby items (tongue twister!). Etsy and Amazon, here I come! Time to start that baby basket. Any ideas?

I think I just had a major breakthrough on unlocking my writers block. Who knew just writing down ideas who unblock writers block??

And there you have it, a sentence that any English teacher would abhor! Lesson learned!



Twin Dinner Topics

Yesterday evening, about 7pm, everyone seemed to be getting hungry. It was close to supper time, so of course we would be hungry. But, we really didn’t want what we had here at home. You can only fill up so much on bologna and peanut butter. We hadn’t gone to the grocery store yet. When asked what I was hungry for, I screamed “Hambugers!” That didn’t last long at all. At all! My sister, being Miss Persuasive, was able to persuade us all into wanting Chinese. Darn she’s good!

So, we piled into the car and went to our favorite Chinese Buffet restaurant. The first half of the supper is quiet. We were more interested what we were putting into our tummies. Boy was the food really good! For the next half, supper got more livelier. I think most of it consisted of me and my sister bantering back and forth. Somewhere near the end, quietly, but loud enough for our parents to hear, sis and I sang “Mr Roboto” by Styx. So why did we break out into a song at the restaurant? I had asked Sissy if it was “Domo” or “Arrigato” that meant “Thank you.” I still have no clue which one is really is! Maybe this is why Google is my best friend. Even though we sand quietly, I’m pretty sure the long man in the booth next to us could somewhat hear us. He was nice and didn’t mind. I think he enjoyed his entertainment for the evening. Oh, and thank you sir, for not sttaring at the birds nest that was my hair. It has a mind of it’s own.

I love it when dinner ends in song and dance. Or in our case, song and remenants of low mein and fried shrimp.