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CIJ- 3D Animation “Ornaments”

I saw this cute video a few years ago on Myspace. I think it was in July, too! What are the odds?? Anyways, it is so adorable. I don’t think I have to set up the plot. Once you see it, you’ll know what I mean. Who knows what ornaments do when we’re not around! Of course, most of them might be running from the dog who likes to chew on everything!!

So, here you go… Ornaments! Enjoy!


11 More Days Left In Chrismas In July


This has been a FANTASTIC Christmas in July. We have 11 more days to go and I am a bit sad to see it leave. I just want to thank everyone who joined in this year. Since it was a great one, we will do it again next year. I also have plans of a Halloween series, but I have to come up with specifics for that one. The Halloween series won’t show up until October anyways, so you don’t have to worry about that one. If you have any suggestions on a series for practically any holiday or event coming up (such as Back-To-School), let me know. I’m open to all suggestions!

Since we do have a little less than 2 weeks left, keep those CIJ posts coming! I love reading everyone’s posts, even though I may not comment right away. Everyone is giving great ideas, pictures, stories, and even gift ideas. Which reminds me… remember, if you still want to join us in this short time, you can! Just add your name to Mr Link on the CIJ-Joining post. You can do one, two, or a many CIJ posts as you want! If you do join us, and want your own CIJ post, contact me and we will place your name on the button and redistribute it! When placing the button your page along with the HTML, link it to your blog. This makes it easy on everyone!

So, in the words of Santa Claus:


CIJ- Christmas Online


If you are like me, you love finding places that bring the joy of Christmas not only to kids, but us adults, too! I’m curious to what Santa does on his days off. Also, I have become quite fond of “Decorate Your Own Christmas Tree” games.

Now onto the fun! My first, and most favorite place to go is Elle’s Christmas. You don’t only have to decorate a tree. If you want, there is also “Build a Snow Family.” I personally like all of her “Decorate A Christmas Tree” links. Most of the settings give a homey feel and look. It just isn’t a free-standing Christmas tree with non-blinking lights and a few decorations. And almost every setting (with the exception of 2) comes with it’s own little girl who is ready to open up those presents. The thing I like most about Elle’s Christmas page is that when you are finished with your decorating or building, you have many other things to do. The “A Soldiers Poem” is written very well and it might just bring a tear to your eye. This year, for Christmas, don’t forget our soldiers! Not just for Christmas, but all year through. Are you curious what kids write to Santa? Well, they have a link where you could read letter to Santa! Some of the letters are heartbreaking, sad, funny, and all of the above. I don’t know about you, but I love getting into the minds of kids- to hear what they are thinking. Touching on the “Decorate Your Own Christmas Tree” subject again, I am going to show you just what you can do with those! It’s as easy and drag and drop down.christmastree

The picture may be big, but I wanted you to see that you can create a Christmas-filled scene to your liking! Wahooo!!

What’s Christmas without Sareindeer2nta Claus? Ive been trying the perfect place to write Santa, play games, or get to know the elves. Well, I believe I have come across such a site. It’s called NorthPole.com. Whether you are a kid, parent, or teacher, this is the place to go. If you have kids, you might want to send them over to ElfChat. There you get to “chat” with Bonnie and Bif. Perhaps they want to star in their own Christmas story? For them to star in their own story, just type in what they ask for. You can even print the story- which I think it lovely! They do have a place where you can send Santa a letter, but I have yet to master that part. When I will, I will let you know. Now, I would go through-out the full website and tell you all of the great things they have- but that would bore my readers to death! Also, for you teachers, they have things there for you too! So, for Christmas, this might be a good place for your classes!

Every country has it’s own Christmas tradition. If you are wondering how they celebrate Christmas in Scotland or any other country, all you have to do is visit http://www.santas.net/aroundtheworld.htm. They’re country list is extensive and it might take you a few hours to get through all of them. They even have a list of Santa’s favorites- from websites, to music, to just about anything. They even have recipes on there. So if you are looking for something new to fix this holiday season, be sure to check out the recipe section.

And last, but surely not least, is Claus.com. It is chockful of fun stuff! You can even check his Naughty or Nice list.Want to see what Santa said about me?

Still very much on nice list, but must continue good behavior. Should eat more vegetables instead of junk food. Was very polite last Thursday! When doing chores, needs to do them as well as possible. Often exhibits good behavior

Sorry, Santa. I’ll try to do better!! The website is fun and cheerful and gets you in the holiday spirit- even in the middle of Summer!

HO HO HO!!!!!

CIJ- Just Between You And Me

With Christmas around the corner, and Christmas is a time to spend with family, questions arise that you may not want to ask outright. I’ve been guilty of that, too. You either don’t want to start conflict or you just may be naturally curious. Well, Sand Dunes Publishing has now come up with a way to ask those burning questions in a fun way. The Between You and Me Journals are just that- journals between you and another person. They have journals for almost every family members: sister, brother, mom, dad, cousin, grandparents, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend (that would the “HONEY” journal.), etc. All of the journals are unique in their sistermainquestions and the looks of the cover. In each journal, there are 35-45 questions asked!

On the website, you can even look at sample pages. Looking inside the “Sister” journal, one of the sample questions asked “When we were kids, what did you like most about me?” If I asked my own sister that, she’d probably say “You shared your Barbies with me!” Yes, I have to say it- I was a Barbie lover when I was younger. My sister and I would have Barbie marathons and the clothes and items were strewn throughout the living room as far as the eye could see. The only time we would stop would be when inner was ready or needed a bathroom break. Those are definitely precious childhood memories!

These journals are great for any occasion and in a previous post, I had said I definitely want a Sister journal. Let me see if I can find that specific post. I did find it, and you can see it here. I am hoping that one day I actually do get one so my sister and I will be able to take a peek into each others brains- even though we are two peas dadmainin a pod! I have come to love looking at the journals and imagining what my family would write back when asked one of those questions.

So, with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up in the next months, these would be a great gift! They are family keepsakes that you would want to treasure and cherish! And for Spanish speakers, they have Mama and Papa journals. So, to get ahead of that ever frustrating Christmas rush, go get them now!!

Would you like to save a little money? Place the code “CIJConfettiDreams” in the comment section to save $1.00!

CIJ- Christmas Videos I Love

Thinking about Christmastime makes me think about my childhood during that magical time of year! I remember many TV specials they would have when I was younger! I thought I would share some of those with you! With many thanks to xmasdvd.com, we now have the ability to go back to our childhood!

First off, let’s start with the “A Garfield Christmas Special” video. I love Garfield and this one brings back so many memories. We even have it recorded onto a VHS thanks to one of my dad’s old coworkers!! This will be the first part. I will include the link to 2 and 3.

Link to 2nd and 3rd part: http://youtube.com/watch?v=tmaMiRFPJ-k, http://youtube.com/watch?v=9_Yg8IjjBE8

Oh that silly Garfield!

Who loves the poem “Twas The Night Before Christmas”? I do! I do!! Did you know, that in the 80s, they came out with a mouse cartoon version of the poem? In case you forgot how the poem went, here’s the video of the cartoon!

In 1987, we were introduced a Claymation Christmas Special by Will Vinton. This one I also have on VHS! I think I will just post the firs part of the video (again, giving you a link to the rest) and you will see what it is all about! Claymation and Christmas? Perfect combination! I had to search YouTube to find this one!

Links to 2nd and 3rd parts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6xM1B7aCOk, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hktsMY3c2M

Yay for the California Raisins!

So, how are we going to end this post? With a post of It’s A Wonderful Life! It is the ULTIMATE Christmas movie and well, every time a bell rings, an Angel gets its wings! There are 15 parts to this movie, so, I unfortunately won’t post all 15. Otherwise, enjoy! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Thanks to xmasdvd.com for allowing us to post the videos they help provide!!