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“Shopping” Online. Just Browsing.

Earlier today, my sister, mom, and myself needed to get some new pants. Well, capris, to be honest. It’s been quite a while since we have gotten any clothes for ourselves, so it was a nice treat. So, I got woken up at 10 (after waking up at 620am, and I didn’t need to get up until 9… then went back to sleep at 8am), and we got dressed. I was half asleep as I walked to the car. I’m surprised I didn’t drop the cell phone that was in my hand. I don’t have very good hand-eye coordination when I’m extremely sleepy. It’s something I abhor at times.

So, we all get into the car and whisk away to the store. By then, I am awake and ready to shop! So, as we walk into the store (I’m lagging behind!), my sister and I go to the nearest rack that has pants, capris, and shorts. Us girls had no idea how much we could spend because we didn’t have a price range. I told sis “Maybe she should send up smoke signals when we hit a price that’s worth it.” Well, maybe that’s illegal in a store. Anyways, we gawk at the rack and I find a pair of cute black with blue striped capris. BINGO! I found my pants. I go and try them on. They are very lightweight and would feel really good in this summer heat. I put the pants around my arm like a butler does a towel and walk out of the dressing rooms. I make sure to let my sister see the pair I got. Apparently, she picked up the same kind. We are definitely twins!

So, as my sister and I walk out of the store (I felt like I was going to get sick right in the store. My stomach ached for some odd reason), we walked back to the car. I made sure to close the door as soon as I could and have sis turn on the air conditioner. It felt a lot better once my body temperature cooled.

So, as soon as everyone is back in their seats- Mom driving, Sis in the front changing CDs like she changes her sleeping patterns, and I in the back- we did a few more errands and we came back home. Immediately I decided to do some more online shopping… well, it’s more like browsing. I went to my favorite clothing websites to see what cute shirts or skirts they had. To be quite blunt, the online stores were extremely cheaper than the store we went to. I think I just found how I am going to buy my clothes from now on.

So which websites did I go to? Lane Bryant and Woman Within. I only wish I had a credit card with an unlimited amount on it so I could buy some clothes for not only me, but surprise my sis and mom! Ahh… I love being a woman sometimes!



Twin Dinner Topics

Yesterday evening, about 7pm, everyone seemed to be getting hungry. It was close to supper time, so of course we would be hungry. But, we really didn’t want what we had here at home. You can only fill up so much on bologna and peanut butter. We hadn’t gone to the grocery store yet. When asked what I was hungry for, I screamed “Hambugers!” That didn’t last long at all. At all! My sister, being Miss Persuasive, was able to persuade us all into wanting Chinese. Darn she’s good!

So, we piled into the car and went to our favorite Chinese Buffet restaurant. The first half of the supper is quiet. We were more interested what we were putting into our tummies. Boy was the food really good! For the next half, supper got more livelier. I think most of it consisted of me and my sister bantering back and forth. Somewhere near the end, quietly, but loud enough for our parents to hear, sis and I sang “Mr Roboto” by Styx. So why did we break out into a song at the restaurant? I had asked Sissy if it was “Domo” or “Arrigato” that meant “Thank you.” I still have no clue which one is really is! Maybe this is why Google is my best friend. Even though we sand quietly, I’m pretty sure the long man in the booth next to us could somewhat hear us. He was nice and didn’t mind. I think he enjoyed his entertainment for the evening. Oh, and thank you sir, for not sttaring at the birds nest that was my hair. It has a mind of it’s own.

I love it when dinner ends in song and dance. Or in our case, song and remenants of low mein and fried shrimp.


My Poor Zeus

My dog, Zeus, was badly hurt this afternoon. Because I don’t want to start crying again, I will spare you the details on how this happened. I will tell you he was hit by a car and we thought that was the end of him. He’s not even a year old yet. The whole family cried for almost 4 hours straight. He is loved so much! About 15 years ago, a dog of ours had gotten run over (what the heck is with the pattern?!?) and she died instantly. We know how it goes. So, when we saw Zeus get hit, we didn’t know what to do. So far, he is still alive and actually wants to get up and move. He also wags his tail. The next 24 hours will be the hardest for him. We’ll be able to see if he makes it or not. I am hoping against everything that he does.

I wish I could swap places with him!