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Confetti Dreams Has Moved!

I told you I would! It has taken longer than expected, but it finally did happen.

So, please go to from now on as I will not be posting here. All of my previous blog posts have been moved to the new site and are in working order!!


Re-Doing The Bedroom

This fall, I have decided it would be a good time to redo my bedroom. Right now, nothing matches. In fact, we have 3 different types of curtains on 3 different windows. Since moving into the house in 2002, we haven’t been able to put a decorating sense into it. Now that I will be attending college in a few years, I have been bitten by the decorating bug. My sister and I have been planning on what to do with the very white bedroom walls. I call them  “hospital white.” The white just seems so impersonal. It screams “I have no personality!” In fact, the bedroom has tons of personality. You can see the Twilight posters on the wall, tons of UT stuff, and the occasional greeting card. We have some photos, but not a lot. Most of them are of Piranah (my favorite underground metal band from Tennessee).

Although we don’t have a lot of what we want put on paper, I have many ideas on what I would love to do! First, we need to settle this bed thing once and for all. There are 2 different types of comforters and 8 different types of pillows. It’s such a hodge-podge of things! I’m hoping to find a bed set that is more black than anything. Then maybe, just maybe, the bedspread will actually match one of the curtains. Yes, we have a black curtain on one of the windows. It helps keeps light out… well, somewhat. I’ve never actually had a bed set that matched, but it would be nice to have one! I’ve been doing some online browsing and as soon as I see one that would look gorgeous, I start drooling. I hate it when that happens.

Next we must talk about the walls. Those impersonal, boring walls. We have been thinking about doing a few things. We could paint somewhat of a mural on there. Then again, I have no idea how to draw a giant mural. Stencils seem to be the best option. Then, we’ve also talked about painting different characters on the walls. When I say characters, I mean things or items that bring us joy and would be pleasant to look at. No one is going to be in the bedroom except us, so if we mess up a tiny bit, we’ll just call it abstract art. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. I’ve even looked at wall decals for ideas, but every time I saw one I liked, I thought of another room it would look perfect in- not the bedroom.

We have hardwood floors. In the winter, those floors get extremely cold. I’m talking 2 pairs of socks and tennis shoes cold. So, I have been on the look-out for a rug. I’m not sure if I’m looking for a black rug, red rug, or a mixture of both. I’m guessing that a mixture of both  might bring some color into a black room. I’ve been looking at the Flor website for ideas and boy, I am drooling again. I think I’ve almost picked out the perfect rug for the bedroom. Not only would it look good, it would keep the cats and our feet quite warm. One decision down, a million more to go!

I have mentioned it before, but we have 3 different types of curtains. One is black, and the other two are white and blue, but with different designs. We’ve never thought of changing them- until now. Well, really, I’ve thought of changing them, I’ve just never had the money. I have no idea what colors to choose. Do I go with black to match the bed? Or do I go with red to match the rug? It’s all so confusing!!! Or do I switch and go with red AND black? Interior decorating apparently doesn’t come easy by some. No wonder why I quit watching those shows on HGTV!

I think I better start ordering samples to get a good idea on beds, rugs, and curtains or I am going to be in trouble come fall!

My Sisters Keeper Soundtrack Giveaway~CLOSED


MSG_2PG_FRONT_v2Whether you’ve read the book or have seen the movie, you know how fantastic both are! Well, I am now giving you the opportunity to win the soundtrack to the movie!  After reading the book, which was written by Jodi Picoult, I found a new love for all things Picoult. I’m still working on getting most of her books for my collection. To read my review on the book, just click on this: My Sisters Keeper

Would you like a sneak peak at the un-released song called We All Fall In Love Sometimes by Jeff Buckley? Well, all you have to do is visit this link and hear the song. I think it’s just fabulous! Now I absolutely cannot wait until I get the chance to see the movie. It’s true… I haven’t seen the movie yet. I might surprise my sister and take her along with me. I’ll need someone to hold the kleenex!

For the chance to win the soundtrack:

*MANDATORY* Post a comment with your favorite song this summer! (If this is not done, your entry won’t be counted!) Please have a valid e-mail address. There will be 1 winner.

For extra entries, always leave a comment after you have done it!

Extra Entries:

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The giveaway will start July 16, 2009 and end on July 20, 2009 at Midnight CST. I will use to choose the winner and e-mail them on the 20th. If they do not respond within 3 days of notification, I will choose another random winner.

CIJ- Deck The Halls

…with boughs of holly….

Have you ever wanted to put something on your wall for Christmas that just looks good? Perhaps easier than painting? What about wall decals? Wall decals are drawings that you place on the wall without the mess of paint or the holes from nails. Are you looking for some creative wall decals? Well, you’re in luck! While browsing the internet, I came across a few places that not only sell regular decals, they sell holiday decals! So if you really don’t want to waste money on paint or nails, time to look into these Christmas wall decals!

For only $19.95, you can get a Love Hope Peace Christmas Tree decals from It comes in two sizes: 14″x22″ and 22″x36″. Of course, if you want the bigger size, you will have to add $18.00, but for the big of size, it would be well worth it. Also, it just doesn’t come in one color. You can choose from


almost every color imaginable. If red isn’t your color, you can try mint. If you would prefer a more simple, cleaner color, they even have black. Or, if you would prefer an etched glass look, they have that, of course you have to add another 25.00%. The good thing is that when you choose the etched glass on the website, if you scroll up, they’ve automatically changed the price. So, there’s really no need to get out the pencil and paper to do math. Ick! Math! Yucky! I thought I would include a picture of what it would look like. I bet this would look gorgeous on your wall! I know you can’t read what it says, but it says “May the spirit of Love, the beauty of Hope, and the blessings of Peace be your gifts this Christmas Season!” What a beautiful sentiment!

Are you looking for something a little more whimsical? What about just a regular greeting? Well, atp3.php TheSimpleStencil, they have a Happy Holidays decal that is whimsical and cute. They have 3 sizes: 10″x4.5″ for $11.50, 14.5″x6.5″ for $12.50, and 22.5″x10″ for $18.00. Again, you have the ability to choose any color you wish! You even have the ability to preview what it will look like against your wall color. So, if you have a white wall and want the coloring in red, at the top color choices, choose red. When you’re done, right underneath that, choose white. I personally love the red coloring against the wall, and if I had the ability to get it, I would put it right on the front door. On the website, you even have the ability to design your own decal. Just type in the text, choose your wall color, choose your size, choose your font, choose the color you would like it to be in and then you get to preview it. Once you’re happy with what you have chosen, just add it to your cart. I think that is just pretty awesome!!

Have you ever wanted to build your very own Christmas tree on a wall? With, PJ2009GMyou get that ability to do so! For $35.49, you get a tree mural, and this includes, the ornaments! It is a giant at 18″x40″. If a Christmas tree isn’t your cup of tea for the wall, try their Build A Snowman mural. It’s 40″x18″ and it comes with everything you need for a snowman that lasts past winter! It’s only $17.49, so it’s a perfect catch! With the snowman, you have the ability to reapply the mural to the liner sheet (don’t throw it away) and reuse it next year! So, instead of buying a new one every year, which can add up, you don’t have to throw away the mural- this can be used for every mural. They also don’t just sell Christmas murals, they also have an Easter and Harvest mural. I forgot to add, if you’re a big Halloween fan (I AM!!!), they have many Halloween decals to choose from! It’s perfect in every way! I’m almost excited at the prospect of it all!

I am about to profess my love for Etsy again! The shop, Wall Stickz, may sell many other decals that are non-holiday, but while browsing I ran across their Snowflakes decals! True, the price may be kind of steep, $25.95, but for that price, you get, if I am not mistaken, 22 snowflakes- which is 1 set at 4″ high each. I say il_430xN.78265206that is wonderful! Along with every decal, you get to choose your own color. Right now, until July 31, 2009, they are having  a Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off Sale. Again, you are saving money! If you would prefer a smaller or bigger size, contact them just so you have the ability to get the decal you want to suit your needs! Unfortunately, with Wall Stickz decals, they aren’t resuable. So if you would like some for next year, make sure you get a few more sets. Moving away from the snowflakes for a second, if you want to give your child a gift, they have a decal that can be personalized with your kids name for $26.95 with a maximum of 10 letters. These decals are vinyl, and so it gives it a clean look! Is it a great decal? For sure! Would I, if I could, buy one? Yes!!!!

So deck those walls with decals and have a wall filled with Christmas spirit!

CIJ- Year Round Christmas

Celebrating Christmas once a year for some is enough. For others, it’s simply not enough! There’s just something about that time of year that gets people in the mood and sets the tone for the next year. Whether you are in Colorado or Florida, you can spend the next full year ready for Christmas by shopping online at Christmas stores! These Christmas online stores are open 24/7 and ready for your patronage!

Bronners is a popular online store! They have everything you could possibly want for Christmas from trees, to ornaments to gifts. I really enjoy browsing their website and secretly wanting everything they have. Of course, santaornamentif you want to see their Christmas tree collection, you’ll have to go visit them in Michigan. Bronners has every ornament you could possibly want. Do you have a Beagle? They have an ornament for that! Want to get your mailman an ornament? Pick one up at Bronners! Also, if you are a fan of Nutcrackers (as my sister is), you can also get a nutcracker. Because there are all different types of these wanted nutcrackers, their prices vary. Because they want everyone to feel special, they have nutcrackers for just about everybody. Their King Of The Grill Nutcracker will cost you around $45. For the graduate in your life, get the Graduate Nutcracker. It is quite adorable and will cost you only $28. Fantastic, right? So, visit Bronners for your Christmas shopping for great prices and a lot of variety.

For everything Christmas home decor, visit 365 Days Of Christmas. Unlike Bronners, 365 Days of Christmas 38737doesn’t sell major Christmas items. They keep it intimate by selling knick knacks, ornaments, snowglobes, etc. Holy moley! I just saw something truly delicious on the website. They sell fudge. That’s right. Fudge. For one pound of chocolate walnut fudge, you will spend $9. For 3 pounds? Nearly $30. Now I believe I am salivating on my keyboard. If only I had a magic wand to make it appear out of thin air. 365 also sells candles and candle accessories. If you’re like me, you know how Christmas is the perfect time for candles! They have beautiful a beautiful Angel Advent Candle for only $7.00. It is decorated with angels and brass instruments. It would look gorgeous as a table centerpiece as well! So, for knick knacks and things to make your house look gorgeous during the season, visit 365 Days of Christmas! You won’t be disappointed! I surely wasn’t when I visited the website.

For personalized Christmas ornaments, trees, lighting, decoration, you must visit Christmas Place. They have so many categories to choose from that it can be quite a doozy. For only $1, you can get a set of 8 Candy Cane Ornaments. That is much cheaper than buying a box of real candy canes that possibly no one will eat. Just like 150469_lBronners, they sell just about everything. For those who like to put lights up outside on the house, you only have to spend $20 for a Lighted Snowflake set- and it is 6 feet long. Wowee! Unfortunately, no fudge here (sigh). Oh well, that’s why you go to every place and spend a little at each spot. If one place doesn’t have it, the other surely will. The good thing I like about Christmas Place, it feels very Christmas-y. When it is 100 degrees outside, just visiting the website will give you a sense of that Christmas is coming! If you live on the beach, you’ll want to visit their Beach Theme page. Is it baby’s 1st Christmas? They have a Baby Theme as well! Their prices are perfect and what they sell is either cute, adorable, or a “want.” Christmas Place even has a Around The World theme. Definitely my favorite place out of all 3!

So it’s time to go shopping!! Shop til you drop and spend Christmas every day for the rest of the year!

The Center Of The Universe Book Review

books_readings2If you don’t know by now, I love reading. I could even finish 2 books in just a few days. However, when I was given the opportunity to review this book (The Center of the Universe: A Memoir written by Nancy Bachrach), I could not put this book down at all!


When it happened, Nancy Bachrach was enjoying a feeling of well-being, living and working in Paris, where the principal exercises are digestion and strolling. Meanwhile, a jolt of bad karma delivered a knockout punch to her family in their hometown–ironically enough–of Providence. Her father, Mort, has been found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning aboard his cabin cruiser, the aptly named Mr. Fix It, Her charismatic but unhinged mother, Lola, the self-proclaimed center of the universe, is at a seaside hospital, lingering, her chart says, in a comma. Nancy’s brother, Ben (formerly Mr. Junior Rhode Island, a nine-and-a-half-fingered piano prodigy and eventual surgeon), and their sister, Helen (the wild child, a professor of abnormal psychology), sit by their mother’s ventilator, waiting for signs of life while eyeing the plug. Thus begins a family reunion, with preparations under way for a double funeral over the Memorial Day weekend.

Nancy Bachrach’s stunning debut is a darkly comic tale of genius, madness, ineptitude, and collateral damage; a hilarious, mordant memoir about her mother, whose medical history reads like the chapter headings of a psychiatric manual and ends so improbably that it could only be the truth. It is a brilliant, beautiful story of the haphazard tyranny of an accident and the serendipity of love.

What’s my take? I absolutely l oved it! Bachrach is witty and funny. As she described her family, it makes you realize that not every family is perfect. She shows you her childhood, and how her mother was always going to an institution because she was under “a lot of pressure.”

She introduces you to her brother, Ben, who is a musical genius turned surgeon who was born with three thumbs (I was born with an extra thumb on my right hand!). You also get to meet her sisiter, who is an “abnormal psychologist.” I’m not even sure what an “abnormal psychologist” is!

This is the first time I have a read a book like this- and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I do believe. I will be getting mmore books exactly like this from the book store. So, if you like witty authors, memoirs, or in need of light reading, check out this fantastic book! It is Nancy Bachrach’s first book. I will guarantee you a good read!

Girls Night Out Recap

Last night we had a girls night out- as you probably already know. Boy did we have fun! At first we just drove around the city. The sun was setting and there wasn’t much to do at 8pm at the time. My sister, however, got some gorgeous pictures of the sun setting. So, before I get on with the story, I will post those pictures so you can see how well my sister knows her photography. Of course, she is the photography genius in the house.

Sunset Over Jack In The Box

Sunset Over Jack In The Box

Sunset over a field?

Sunset over a field?

See how great she is at the camera? Way to go, Sis!

So, what did we do after wasting gas for about 30 minutes? Someone got hungry. Not only me, but camerawoman got hungry, too. Wait… I forgot something. We took a picture at the beginning of our night out of us together. Look how excited Elvira is…



I wonder why she isn’t smiling. Most of the time, I don’t have my glasses on when I take pictures. This was a different situation. I use my glasses mostly for when I drive. This time we stopped in the HEB parking lot and took this picture. It was the closest one to us.

So back to being hungry. We could not decide what we wanted to eat. At that time, I was craving everything. Pizza, Chinese, Subway, hamburgers, Tex-Mex. What did we decide on? We decided on Subway. So, I pulled into the Subway parking lot (another parking lot not far from HEB!), and we chose who would go in and get it. Angela volunteered. We ended up getting a tuna with everything except jalapenos and onions. I felt sorry for sis. Apparently, their air conditioner in the store wasn’t working and so the store was hot hot hot. Next time, I go in. We shared a foot long sub. She got half, and I got half.


Nom nom nom.

Most of the time I don’t like pictures of me eating being taken, but hey, this was something we may not do for quite a while. By the way, the sub tasted great!!

Since we didn’t get any drink with our food, we decided after eating all of that, we were extremely thirsty. I didn’t want a soda because I was going to get one later. I started craving a milkshake really badly. Sugar rush to the rescue! We drove to Whataburger (I love their shakes!) and we both got a vanilla shake, but she got a small and I got a medium. Told you I was craving one!

So, after getting our drink, we drove around a little bit more so we could finish them. I’ve come to realize that most people don’t get out on Saturday night until really late- but I didn’t want to wait until 10pm to get out. I was bored. We needed something to do!

After an hour and a half or more of being out, we decided to stop by the Corner Store and head on home. It was a bad idea to go down a rough street with a lot of ice cream in your stomach. It felt like you were a rollercoaster and you were going to just toss your cookies. No tossing of the cookies happened. We went into the store and got a gallon of milk and sodas not only for us, but our parents, too.

Fast forward to us getting home. We drove up to the front of the house (we have no driveway), and took one last picture of us together. So, as soon as my sister got out of the car, the handle on the very cheap plastic bag broke that held the milk. Well, there went that gallon of milk. It’s a good thing we didn’t want any more dairy products!

So, although the night seemed to be a great one, it ended with spilled milk and full and yet, happy tummies!

"Eye" See You!

"Eye" See You!