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Put Money In Your Wallet Week

stock_walletAfter typing out my coupon post, I suddenly realized that man others may be looking for ways to save money, too!

So, what will this week entail? Well, this week I will:

  • Give you tips on shopping on a tight budget
  • Coupon clipping hints and tricks
  • Tips on stocking your pantry
  • Do’s/Don’ts of shopping sales
  • Ways to get products for free
  • How to make a  little money online

and much more…

This is going to be a hectic week! Okay, perhaps not. Either way, you’ll be given a ton of tips to help you start putting more money into your wallet. It won’t be a huge amount of money, but every little bit helps, right? Even if you save $20 a week, that’s $20 you didn’t have before. All in all, it works out perfectly! So stay tuned this week!!!


BTS: School Shopping On A Budget

saving money clip art
When my sister and I were in school, Mom knew she had to spend as less money as possible. That’s not to say that she didn’t get everything we needed- because she did! She was the master at making a budget of how much she wants to spend. Of course, I learned a few things from her all of those years ago and I thought I would share what I learned! I will tell you that this won’t work for everyone.

  • When buying clothing, look for sales! Your kids don’t always have to wear name brands! As long as the clothes are in good shape and seem like they would last your kids a long time, then there is no problem. Often times, WalMart will have a sale on clothes for going back to school!
  • Try the dollar stores! My mom would get most of our supplies from the Dollar Store. Not only were they only a couple of dollars, there wasn’t a huge crowd in it. She was able to shop with ease and knowing that she would save money! So, instead of getting a pack of pencils for $5 at WalMart, she would get them for much less!!
  • Backpacks don’t need to make a fashion statement! Some kids want that more expensive backpack because it’s cool. Buy a backpack that is half the price you would regularly buy. Remember, your kids are only using it to store their school stuff in. They aren’t going to a fashion show and walking down the runway with it on!
  • Check online for sales! If you like to buy your school supplies online, then go ahead! You can always search for great deals. If you need a little help, just Google “back to school sales 2009.” You will be able to find a ton of sales and save money!
  • Reuse last years supplies if possible. Most likely, the lunchboxes and backpacks are still good. If they are, then you won’t need to rush out and buy those again! Keep in mind, you are saving money! I know some kids will go “Mom! That was last year! This year, I want a new one!”; just hold your ground!
  • Buy in bulk! If a store is having a great sale on supplies, buy as much as you can and keep it back for next year. This allows you to save more money next year and it will still be brand new to the kiddies!
  • Make your kids’ lunch at home. If your child is young enough to take his lunch, but still old enough to get a paid lunch at school, I’d go with the first one. Making your kids lunch at home will be cheaper than sending him to school with money for food. Plus, you will know that he’ll be getting a much healthier lunch than he would at school!
  • Don’t be afraid to use coupons! If you have 8 coupons for 8 different items for supplies, use them! Even if they are only a few cents off, that’s a few cents you could be saving than having to buy them at full price!
  • Place only what you want to spend in an envelope. Putting the money in an envelope helps you to not overspend! You will know that the money that is in there is the only money you will spend when you go school shopping. Of course, my mom was buying for me and my twin sister, so amounts will be very different!

These are just some of the ways to help you this year!!! I’m sure you will be able to come up with your own, too!

CIJ- Taking Christmas Down

Christmas hasd come and gone. Now you are ready to take those decorations down. You have many ornaments you want to keep safe. Next year, you really don’t want to untangle a huge ball of Christmas lights. You’re tired of losing tree “branches” for that artificial tree. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on keeping your decorations safe, then Texas Banter and I have come up with some ideas!!


  • When taking down the individual branches on the artificial tree, combine every branch that responds to a particular level. If your branches are labeled by a color or letter, gather the greens or H’s and tie them together with rope. Continue this for the remaining branches and box like you normally would. Having the branches bundled allows for an easy set-up next year!

  • Another trick on keeping branches apart, use separate boxes. Take your green, red, white and brown branches and put them all in different boxes. Green in one, red in one, and so on and so forth. Be sure to label the boxes. If you don’t label, you’ll never know what color is in there. It could get really frustrating.


  • Use a water hose reel. When you are taking down the lights, add one string at a time. If you have either 2 or 20 strands of lights on your house, they can all be held on one single reel. Reels can be found at the garden center at Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and they aren’t expensive at all! If you don’t have an insulated garage or shed, buy a cover for the reel so that the lights don’t get damaged!
  • Use a cardboard tube! Once you’ve finished off the wrapping paper, don’t throw away the tube! Wrap your lights around it without overlapping the cords. I would recommend 2 strands to a tube. While you are wrapping the lights, use ELECTRICAL tape to tape the lights down do they don’t slide all over the place. Be sure to find a safe spot from the weather for them.

Making sure they work:

  • Through out the year, check on your Christmas lights. If one set stops working, make a note of it. When it comes time to put them back up onto the house, you’ll know what kind of lights to buy.


  • Egg cartons are a great tool! Next time you run out of eggs, don’t toss that empty egg carton! Small and round glass ornaments fit perfectly and are protected by those Styrofoam dents. When you are ready to put them into  storage, carefully label the carton and always make sure the carton is sitting on top so your ornaments don’t get broken!
  • Have you ever gotten a package with tons of the packaging peanuts but have no idea what to do with them? Save them all! Place a small later on the bottom of the box, then strategically place ornaments, and then another small layer. Keep doing this until you reach the top. Then, end with another small layer of the peanuts. Your ornaments are safely nestled between the layers of packing peanuts, thus reducing damage.

There you have it, a few tips and tricks to help preserve and keep your decorations safe! We will create another post soon about keeping your wreaths, candles, etc safe from harms way!