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Snack Holders/Containers


A few days ago, I was laying in bed watching the Food Network channel. The show “Unwrapped” with Marc Summers was on. Well, they were discussing back to school and snacks. The word “snacks” just sends your stomach into a grumbling mess. Believe me. On this particular episode, during one segment, they showed all different types of containers to hold snacks. I found this not only fascinating, but I was a (tad) bit jealous. I do believe that they did not have any of these snack containers when I was younger. So, I decided to do some searching (online) to see if I could find any of the ones I had seen on the television. So far, out of the 10 (okay, maybe 6) I saw, I’ve found 2.

Really, there is a point to this jumbled madness. If you have young’ins or you want your kids to be able to hold onto their snacks while eating or carrying, then snack holders are just for you! Some of these holders are very tough, so if they accidentally drop it, there’s no reason to get upset. They won’t get broken- unless dropped from a 4 story building, maybe.

51z539feApL._SL500_AA280_Meet Twinkie, The Kid. He is is a Twinkie holder. So, if your kids are  taking Twinkies to school as dessert or a snack, then place the Twinkies in here so it doesn’t get squished. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate eating squished Twinkies. Plus, you never know; it could get extremely messy and hard to clean up. You just don’t want to mess with a sticky backpack filled with Twinkies filling. (PS: That link is to the Amazon sellers page)

Also, who doesn’t like the Goldfish snacks? I know I certainly do! They also sell containers to hold those fishies inside. This would have been great for my sister’s last job. She worked at a church as basically, a babysitter. The kids would often have snack time, and most of those times, the snack would be Goldfish. So, they would either sit at a table or on the floor. There would be a huge mess to clean up afterward. So, if the church would have invested in some of these little guys, the babysitters (there were usually 2 working with my sister that day), wouldn’t be cleaning an hour later!
containerSo don’t be afraid to send your children to school with snack containers. Most of their peers might even think they are neat and will ask their own parents for one.

Let’s look at the benefits of snack containers:

  • They hold quite a bit of snacks inside
  • They do not break when you drop them- especially for the little ones’ hands.
  • They are neat looking. I want one!
  • They save you money. You no longer have to keep using sandwich baggies to hold those snacks.
  • After you have used them and the kids don’t want to use them to hold snacks, they can use it to hold anything else they want! It can be useful in 2 ways.
  • No messes to clean up in the backpack. The snack stays still even if your child isn’t.

If you want to grab some of these, head to your grocery store or search online. You’ll never know when one will pop up!



    Yes I realize I haven’t updated in quite a bit. Well, to say the very least, things here at the home front have been quite hectic… chaotic, to be  honest. Some of it stressful, some of it worrisome, and some of it depressing. Boy, I love life, don’t you?

    Thursday evening, we said goodbye to one of our most beloved pets. Patches, the cat, died Thursday evening. She is the daughter of Smokie, my sister’s cat. We are all very saddened by her sudden passing. The other 2 cats (Smokie and Princess) are still upset. They are mourning the loss of a daughter and a friend- as we all are. She is at that Rainbow Bridge. We love you!

    We’ll always love you!

    So, let’s get pass the depression for a bit. I have a lot of things coming up in the next few weeks! We’ve got tons of reviews, giveaways, and hopefully, a bit of cooler weather here! Okay, a girl can dream! But honestly, I promise to update more often! Now that things have finally started to settle down, I can breathe and concentrate on my writing. It was a nice vacation, but it’s always great to come back to something you know and love.

    By the way, it’s never a good idea to watch a pizza commercial when you are craving it like a madman (or rather, mandwoman.)

    BTS: School Supplies Online


    Not everyone wants to go to Target or WalMart to buy their school supplies. Most buy them online nowadays. Heck, even I plan on buying online when I go into college! To be quite honest, there are many perks to buying school supplies online. Some of those perks are: you get to avoid the mass crowd, the long lines, and you get to save money! I’m pretty sure there are many others, they just don’t come to mind at the moment!

    If you don’t know where to start on buying school supplies online, then don’t despair. There are so many supplies websites on the Internet that it can get confusing. You don’t know if they are reputable or not. You don’t know if they have what you want. Well, most supplies places do that what you want or need. As far as being reputable, here’s a tip: Stay with what you know. If you are more comfortable buying from Staples, then that’s perfectly okay. Or, if you prefer Office Depot, then you don’t have to worry. You know that both Staples and Office Depot are well known! Plus, I just looked, and their prices are fantastic! So, even though you may have one or both stores in your city, you can buy online without having to leave the house.

    Most kids love having supplies that have some type of design. I know I did (minus the backpack). If there was a notebook that had a specific design but was cheap, I would ask my mom if we could get it. 9 times out of 10, I got it! What can I say? I’m a big girly-girl at heart! So, if you or your kids want something cute but affordable, then try CarolinaPad. Check out their collections. I am pretty sure you will find what you want! My sister had gotten the chance to review their products, and because she loved me (AWWWW!!!), she ended up giving me a notebook. I use it every other day. I absolutely love it! Now I just need to buy me a few more of their notebooks and I’ll be good to go until Spring!


    Pencils can be quite cheap- if you know where to look. I love getting their catalog, and that is where I got this next idea. Oriental Trading has so many great deals- and you don’t just buy 2 or 3 of an item, most of the time, you get a gross (that’s 144 pieces)- but not always. Oh yeah, they’re super cheap, too! Also, if your kid is wanting something that makes a statement, then they have many designs of school supplies to choose from. We have ordered from Oriental Trading in the past (it was for Christmas candy canes that you stick in the ground), and we’ve never had a problem. They are great to work with, and you just might find something else to buy!!

    So, get out that credit card or Paypal information, and let’s go online shopping!!

    The Bright Glow Of A Computer Screen

    It’s almost turning 6:30am and I have yet to go to sleep. My mind and body are at war with each other. While my body is saying “Go to sleep already! You’re killing me!”, my mind is saying “Nope! I’m not ready for you to fall asleep! You must dwell and dwell and dwell!” Gosh darnit, I’m tired of dwelling. Well, actually, it’s not really dwelling. You know when your mind decides that it wants to think about stuff you want to do the next day or the next few days? Yup, that’s me. I’d think about what kind of music to add to the iPod (mainly old country and 70s love songs. Infomercials are the best way to get ideas! Thanks, Timelife!) or what I should blog about when I am coherent enough to form a simple sentence.  Well, I’m certainly coherent enough.

    I was in bed for 3 hours, tossing and turning trying to turn my mind off. The room was cool enough, so I didn’t have a problem with it being hot. My cat was at the foot of the bed fast asleep. She had the perfect idea. Sometimes, I wish my body was almost like a cat’s- no problem falling asleep wherever my body was. Although sleeping for 16 hours doesn’t seem like the most fulfilled life, at least they are able to sleep.

    There really is not point to this post. I guess I was just pointing out my distaste for sleep- or lack thereof. At first, I thought I had something that worked- Unisom. For a while, it actually did work. After taking it, 2 hours later I would be sound asleep. Not even a train running into the house could wake me up. I guess when you live in a house that has paper thin walls (literally, we have no insulation!!), eventually your sleeping trick turns out to be a traitor.

    I constantly joke “Who needs sleep?” To be quite honest, it would be nice if I did! I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I guess I’m just going to be an insomniac for my natural born life.

    Insomnia does have it’s perks, though. You get to watch the sun come up. It’s gorgeous, by the way. You get to plan out your day, even if it means catching cat naps. Cat naps are fantastic! Last but not least… Okay, so it only has 2 perks. Oh who am I kidding… You become a walking zombie when you’ve been up for 24 hours. If you want to be cast as a zombie in a horror movie, you have the mental part down, all you need is the makeup! Okay Stephen King, I’m ready!

    BTS: Shopping For Twins


    Who knew that going school shopping for twins was not only exhausting but expensive? Not I! I’m pretty sure my mom is happy that she doesn’t have to go back-to-school shopping this year! Boy, I don’t even think I have the energy for it!

    So, my sister and I are going back to school (just pretend!). My mom has made a list of everything she needs and how much she’s planning to spend. Of course, when you have to buy two of everything, you might need to redo the budget. We all pile into the car and whisk away to WalMart. We all jump out of the car and walk in to grab a basket. We see that it’s a mad house! It reminds me of alligators fighting over their prey. I take a hold of the basket and walk very slowly. While I go off with Angela, I try to stay out of people’s way. I don’t want to get run over by the parents trying to grab their son the last Superman backpack. Who knew it could get catty? I can still spot my mother in the sea of estrogen. Not all is lost! Hooray!

    We go back over to my mom who has gotten two of everything. Two red notebooks. Two blue binders. Well, you get the idea. She eventually asks us to pick out a backpack, but to keep the price under $20. I can do that! We each choose a backpack that has black in it. We didn’t like the colorful ones as much. Plus, it was cheaper.

    After Mom has paid for everything, we head on home. My sister and I are excited about the new stuff we have! Even though it’s a week before school even starts, we put everything together anyways. The notebook paper goes into the binders. The pencils stay… well, in their original box. The pencil sharpeners,  rulers, map pencils, etc go into pockets that are hidden through out the backpack. Let’s just hope I remember where I put everything.

    Re-Doing The Bedroom

    This fall, I have decided it would be a good time to redo my bedroom. Right now, nothing matches. In fact, we have 3 different types of curtains on 3 different windows. Since moving into the house in 2002, we haven’t been able to put a decorating sense into it. Now that I will be attending college in a few years, I have been bitten by the decorating bug. My sister and I have been planning on what to do with the very white bedroom walls. I call them  “hospital white.” The white just seems so impersonal. It screams “I have no personality!” In fact, the bedroom has tons of personality. You can see the Twilight posters on the wall, tons of UT stuff, and the occasional greeting card. We have some photos, but not a lot. Most of them are of Piranah (my favorite underground metal band from Tennessee).

    Although we don’t have a lot of what we want put on paper, I have many ideas on what I would love to do! First, we need to settle this bed thing once and for all. There are 2 different types of comforters and 8 different types of pillows. It’s such a hodge-podge of things! I’m hoping to find a bed set that is more black than anything. Then maybe, just maybe, the bedspread will actually match one of the curtains. Yes, we have a black curtain on one of the windows. It helps keeps light out… well, somewhat. I’ve never actually had a bed set that matched, but it would be nice to have one! I’ve been doing some online browsing and as soon as I see one that would look gorgeous, I start drooling. I hate it when that happens.

    Next we must talk about the walls. Those impersonal, boring walls. We have been thinking about doing a few things. We could paint somewhat of a mural on there. Then again, I have no idea how to draw a giant mural. Stencils seem to be the best option. Then, we’ve also talked about painting different characters on the walls. When I say characters, I mean things or items that bring us joy and would be pleasant to look at. No one is going to be in the bedroom except us, so if we mess up a tiny bit, we’ll just call it abstract art. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. I’ve even looked at wall decals for ideas, but every time I saw one I liked, I thought of another room it would look perfect in- not the bedroom.

    We have hardwood floors. In the winter, those floors get extremely cold. I’m talking 2 pairs of socks and tennis shoes cold. So, I have been on the look-out for a rug. I’m not sure if I’m looking for a black rug, red rug, or a mixture of both. I’m guessing that a mixture of both  might bring some color into a black room. I’ve been looking at the Flor website for ideas and boy, I am drooling again. I think I’ve almost picked out the perfect rug for the bedroom. Not only would it look good, it would keep the cats and our feet quite warm. One decision down, a million more to go!

    I have mentioned it before, but we have 3 different types of curtains. One is black, and the other two are white and blue, but with different designs. We’ve never thought of changing them- until now. Well, really, I’ve thought of changing them, I’ve just never had the money. I have no idea what colors to choose. Do I go with black to match the bed? Or do I go with red to match the rug? It’s all so confusing!!! Or do I switch and go with red AND black? Interior decorating apparently doesn’t come easy by some. No wonder why I quit watching those shows on HGTV!

    I think I better start ordering samples to get a good idea on beds, rugs, and curtains or I am going to be in trouble come fall!

    The Sunday Lazies

    It’s Sunday afternoon and the only thing I have accomplished was a meal. Well, to be honest, it truly wasn’t a meal. Last night, once again, I did not sleep well. The pets were very restless- which kept waking me up. I suspect this is the reason why I slept until 139pm. So with the lack of energy or motivation to do anything, everything I wanted to do today will get done tomorrow. Who else is having a case of the lazy Sunday?