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Kitten Cuteness Overload

I believe that I have just created a new tongue twister. Anywho, I decided that it was time to introduce to you our new family members. Smokie, my sister’s cat, gave birth to 2 kittens about a month ago. I know, I should be punished for not mentioning it earlier or not posting pictures. So, without further ado (or is it adieu? I forget sometimes), here are the 2 kittens. They are both Siamese! We’ve decided to name them something so very simple: Brother and Sister. Of course, this is liable to change as they get older and run around the house, chasing the dog and biting on it’s tail!

Kittens2 004Here they are, half asleep. Of course, we have taken new pictures since the 13th, but they are still on the camera. I keep forgetting to transfer those! If I am correct, and sis, please feel free to correct me, Sister is on the left, and Brother is on the right.

They are getting very rambunctious. Often times, they will play so aggressively that one will yelp in pain and Mother Smokie will come to the rescue. She plays referee most of the time.

Kittens2 002As you can see, they are playing. They can’t run correctly just yet, but they are getting practice by “scampering” on the bed. Their personalities could not be anymore different. Brother is a big Mama’s Boy and loves to be held. He will become a lap kitty. Sister is the adventurer. She will climb any pillow mountain to get to the top.

They are eating a little bit of canned kitty food. They really prefer the sauce more than the food itself. What they don’t eat, Smokie and Princess will finish off.

Brother and Sister also wake up to every little sound. Here’s a scenario… okay, so it’s really not a scenario. It’s happened before. They were both sleeping on the bed while I was sitting in the living room playing with my dog. When I decided to go lay down for a bit, I looked to see if my sister had placed the kittens back in their bed or they were playing. Well, they were sleeping. As I walked into the bedroom, their little eyes popped open and you hear Brother meow. Oh great. I woke them up! But, they really do like to be around you and held.

I can only hope they give Zeus a run for his money.



Yes I realize I haven’t updated in quite a bit. Well, to say the very least, things here at the home front have been quite hectic… chaotic, to be  honest. Some of it stressful, some of it worrisome, and some of it depressing. Boy, I love life, don’t you?

Thursday evening, we said goodbye to one of our most beloved pets. Patches, the cat, died Thursday evening. She is the daughter of Smokie, my sister’s cat. We are all very saddened by her sudden passing. The other 2 cats (Smokie and Princess) are still upset. They are mourning the loss of a daughter and a friend- as we all are. She is at that Rainbow Bridge. We love you!

We’ll always love you!

So, let’s get pass the depression for a bit. I have a lot of things coming up in the next few weeks! We’ve got tons of reviews, giveaways, and hopefully, a bit of cooler weather here! Okay, a girl can dream! But honestly, I promise to update more often! Now that things have finally started to settle down, I can breathe and concentrate on my writing. It was a nice vacation, but it’s always great to come back to something you know and love.

By the way, it’s never a good idea to watch a pizza commercial when you are craving it like a madman (or rather, mandwoman.)

Darn Writers Block!

I have to apologize for not writing in a few days. “Why??” Well, it seems I have writers block. I will sit down and know what I will write about, and as soon as my fingers hit the keys, my mind goes blank or the topic doesn’t seem blog-worthy. I have thought about writing on several things.

  • Zeus got a new crate yesterday. He has a love/hate relationship with it. He goes in there for a second, gets spooked, and out he goes. We plan on remedying that problem- unless Cesar Milan just happens to show up out of nowhere and help. Okay… maybe in my wildest dreams.
  • Ya know, some parents should take a class on not leaving 2 kids under the age of 5 in a car, by themselves, with every window down. I saw exactly that yesterday afternoon and I was enraged. There were 2 kids, not even older than 5 or 6 (one was younger than that) and they were in the car by themselves- where I suspect their mother was in the store. I watched them like a hawk until she finally came out. Smart move there, Sherlock. Try taking them in there with you next time.
  • It doesn’t matter how old are you are, spraying someone unexpectedly with a water hose is as fun as a barrel full of monkeys. Washing the dog was merely my plan for my “cruel” thoughts to take place. Sorry, Sis. Too bad he couldn’t keep still.
  • I got to see my new baby cousin a few days ago. She is absolutely adorable. I’m not sure who she looks like more- her mother or father. Anyways, I am currently on the hunt for newborn butterfly baby items (tongue twister!). Etsy and Amazon, here I come! Time to start that baby basket. Any ideas?

I think I just had a major breakthrough on unlocking my writers block. Who knew just writing down ideas who unblock writers block??

And there you have it, a sentence that any English teacher would abhor! Lesson learned!


My Little Protector

For those who don’t know me yet, I have dog. His name is Zeus and he turns 1 year old in September… or was it August? I forget which… Anyways, he’s the sweetest dog you would ever meet- unless he feels threatened. Oh, you want to see a picture, right? Well, you get your wish. First I’ll post the picture and then share 2 stories, all within maybe 12 hours of each other. Meet Zeus, my puppy!

ZeusSee how cute he is?? Hi puppy! I just want to eat him up with a spoon (figuratively speaking…) Whoops… Sorry. I got off track again.

Now onto the stories. This morning, around 3am, we heard gunshots (and yet, none of the news said anything about it.) Well, as soon as all of us heard it, he started barking. The shots (and his barking) woke me up from a nice dream. Zeus stayed by my mom until he knew things were safe. While my father went out to check to see if he could tell where they came from, both the dog and Mother stayed right by the door. Zeus was ready for a fight! Go Zeus Go!

All afternoon, Zeus has been my side as well. We have construction going on a few houses down and because he’s never heard those noises before, he’s been barking, whimpering, and pacing back and forth. I think he wore a path in the wooden floors. It kind of looks like the shape of Australia. I’m just kidding. So, while he hears these noises, he’s going to the front door, coming back to check on me, and sitting behind the computer chair just in case. There’s no doubt in my mind that if someone decided to break in, I wouldn’t have to worry because he would get rid of them in a second. I joke that 1) He’s immortal (Death has knocked on his door twice) and 2) He’s the strength of 10 men.

Who needs a gun when you’ve got a dog who will protect the people he loves and cares? Thanks, Zeus. You save me money. I don’t have to buy a baseball bat!


I Apologize!

I just want to apologize for not writing in quite a while. I have to be honest, nothing exciting has happened for me to actually post anything. I’ve written out posts, but somehow they seemed boring and stale. If you know me, you know that I love post something that is either exciting or random. Hopefully soon, something will happen and you will get the full story.

So what has been going since my last post? Well…. I’m reading the 3rd book in the Twilight series “Eclipse.” So far, it is also addicting. I ended up reading 12 chapters last night in only 3 hours. Keep in mind, these chapters are quite long. There is no doubt that by the end of Monday (or Tuesday) it will be a finished book and I can start reading the last book in the series. If only it would last longer so I can fall in love with Edward Cullen even more. He he he

Also, I have been recording videos for my Twitter and Myspace friends. If you are not following me on Twitter now, do so! I will be “tweeting” again soon, so you will get your chance to see it! As far as Myspace goes, you will have to have an account and add me as a friend to see it. If you do have a Myspace and would like to add me as a friend, leave a comment with your Myspace url. I will send you a friend request and look for the video in the bulletins. By the way, for my Myspace friends, I will be recording a video once a week called The Manders Show. I need a little cute theme song…. I might have to come up with something cheesy. Cheese is good, right?

I guess you can say I’ve been quite lazy. With the temperatures reaching darn near 90°F, it can get warm, and you get lethargic. Now that I’ve caught up on my sleep, you will be getting your regular posts! So keep coming back… you never know what’ll happen!

By the way, Zeus (my dog) says hello! Wave hello to our readers, Zeus!

Protect A Bed Review

A few weeks ago I had won a contest, and the prize was a Protect A Bed mattress cover and a pillow cover. The day I got it, that same night, it was already on my bed! So what exactly is Protect A Bed? Well, Protect A Bed protects your mattress from normal allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, and even from pet hair/dander. They say it also helps from liquids, but frankly, I’m not one to try that at the moment. They have every size of mattress protectors on their website. Want to take a look? Here ya go!

So how does it feel? GREAT! WONDERFUL! It is so darn comfortable! It has the feel of soft carpet. Speaking of which, I would use the same fabric and make carpet for my whole house if I had the money. That’s exactly how comfortable it is. It does not have a plastic feel- because it isn’t plastic. Even my cats love it! Ever since we put it down 5 days ago, my cats have not left the bedroom except to eat, annoy the dog, or use the little kittie’s room. I know it defeats the purpose of the pet hair/dander thing, but telling a cat “No” is almost like arguing with a wall. They need their own bed made out of it… Maybe I’ll buy another pillow cover and stuff it with cotton and VOILA: their own cat bed! Before receiving this, I had no type of covers on my bed- except the one I cover up with at night. So now, it’s much more comfortable and looks really nice!

Now, onto the main reason why they sell them. Like I said before, it helps with allergens and stuff like that. Does it work? Heck yeah! My sister has major allergies. She suffers from them all day, every other day. When she lays on it for quite a while, you can tell that she has some relief. Even I am resting a lot easier- although I am an insomniac (insomniacs unite!). I am breathing a little easier, and that’s always a plus! During the day when I’m busy, I absolutely cannot wait to go to bed. When I do sleep (Yes, I sleep!) I can tell that I am waking up more energized than when I didn’t have the Protect-A-Bed. Now, all I have to do is find something to help my insomniac butt actually sleep more than 5 hours!

So, after reading my review, I bet you want to buy your own, huh? Well, visit their website (link at the beginning) and get your very own! I may have to buy a backup. You never know what could happen. They are machine washable, too! Go get yours and have a lovely nights sleep!

Let there be light…. and thunder!

Normally, storms do not scare me. They are actually quite soothing. The rumbling of the thunder sounds like the beating of a drum. The pitter patter of the rain hitting the back of the air conditioner lulls you to sleep. A light breeze outside is calming you. That’s what storms are made of. Well, in dream land at least.

Now, add a little humidity and a rise in pressure, what do you have? The makings of something that will scare you worse than your grandmother talking to you about sex. That’s right. The “T” word. Tornadoes. They are really scary. Believe me, I’ve been through one. When you sense a tornado is about to, well, be created, everything in your body is pressurized. It almost feels like you’re going to explode. But you don’t. That would be a messy clean-up.

What was I talking about again? Oh, right. Storms. Tonight’s storms (Oklahoma and Texas) just proved what Mother Nature can really do. We had one blow through here about an hour and a half ago. When I say blow through here, I truly mean it. As soon as it hit my city, the wind was incredible. It howled through the entire house. It was scary. We grabbed Zeus and the 3 cats just in case anything should happen. I’m pretty sure every animal except Smokie was scared. Smokie has been through storms and a tornado. She knows the routine like she knows her…. paw. I was going to say “butt” but I thought that would be crossing the line just a bit.

Once the winds and storm had settled down, the household returned back to normal. The cats went off in their own direction- mainly making a beeline for the bedroom. The humans went back into their bedrooms and fell asleep. The dog is making himself comfy on the couch. After all of that excitement, who has the energy to do anything? Soft, warm and King-sized bed, here I come!