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WAT-AHH! Review and Giveaway Winner!!

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Congrats to Sonya, who said : I found out I can’t buy it in California (except on amazon).

I have e-mailed the winner and she has 3 days to reply to the winning e-mail! Congratulations!!!


The Bright Glow Of A Computer Screen

It’s almost turning 6:30am and I have yet to go to sleep. My mind and body are at war with each other. While my body is saying “Go to sleep already! You’re killing me!”, my mind is saying “Nope! I’m not ready for you to fall asleep! You must dwell and dwell and dwell!” Gosh darnit, I’m tired of dwelling. Well, actually, it’s not really dwelling. You know when your mind decides that it wants to think about stuff you want to do the next day or the next few days? Yup, that’s me. I’d think about what kind of music to add to the iPod (mainly old country and 70s love songs. Infomercials are the best way to get ideas! Thanks, Timelife!) or what I should blog about when I am coherent enough to form a simple sentence.  Well, I’m certainly coherent enough.

I was in bed for 3 hours, tossing and turning trying to turn my mind off. The room was cool enough, so I didn’t have a problem with it being hot. My cat was at the foot of the bed fast asleep. She had the perfect idea. Sometimes, I wish my body was almost like a cat’s- no problem falling asleep wherever my body was. Although sleeping for 16 hours doesn’t seem like the most fulfilled life, at least they are able to sleep.

There really is not point to this post. I guess I was just pointing out my distaste for sleep- or lack thereof. At first, I thought I had something that worked- Unisom. For a while, it actually did work. After taking it, 2 hours later I would be sound asleep. Not even a train running into the house could wake me up. I guess when you live in a house that has paper thin walls (literally, we have no insulation!!), eventually your sleeping trick turns out to be a traitor.

I constantly joke “Who needs sleep?” To be quite honest, it would be nice if I did! I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I guess I’m just going to be an insomniac for my natural born life.

Insomnia does have it’s perks, though. You get to watch the sun come up. It’s gorgeous, by the way. You get to plan out your day, even if it means catching cat naps. Cat naps are fantastic! Last but not least… Okay, so it only has 2 perks. Oh who am I kidding… You become a walking zombie when you’ve been up for 24 hours. If you want to be cast as a zombie in a horror movie, you have the mental part down, all you need is the makeup! Okay Stephen King, I’m ready!

BTS: School Shopping On A Budget

saving money clip art
When my sister and I were in school, Mom knew she had to spend as less money as possible. That’s not to say that she didn’t get everything we needed- because she did! She was the master at making a budget of how much she wants to spend. Of course, I learned a few things from her all of those years ago and I thought I would share what I learned! I will tell you that this won’t work for everyone.

  • When buying clothing, look for sales! Your kids don’t always have to wear name brands! As long as the clothes are in good shape and seem like they would last your kids a long time, then there is no problem. Often times, WalMart will have a sale on clothes for going back to school!
  • Try the dollar stores! My mom would get most of our supplies from the Dollar Store. Not only were they only a couple of dollars, there wasn’t a huge crowd in it. She was able to shop with ease and knowing that she would save money! So, instead of getting a pack of pencils for $5 at WalMart, she would get them for much less!!
  • Backpacks don’t need to make a fashion statement! Some kids want that more expensive backpack because it’s cool. Buy a backpack that is half the price you would regularly buy. Remember, your kids are only using it to store their school stuff in. They aren’t going to a fashion show and walking down the runway with it on!
  • Check online for sales! If you like to buy your school supplies online, then go ahead! You can always search for great deals. If you need a little help, just Google “back to school sales 2009.” You will be able to find a ton of sales and save money!
  • Reuse last years supplies if possible. Most likely, the lunchboxes and backpacks are still good. If they are, then you won’t need to rush out and buy those again! Keep in mind, you are saving money! I know some kids will go “Mom! That was last year! This year, I want a new one!”; just hold your ground!
  • Buy in bulk! If a store is having a great sale on supplies, buy as much as you can and keep it back for next year. This allows you to save more money next year and it will still be brand new to the kiddies!
  • Make your kids’ lunch at home. If your child is young enough to take his lunch, but still old enough to get a paid lunch at school, I’d go with the first one. Making your kids lunch at home will be cheaper than sending him to school with money for food. Plus, you will know that he’ll be getting a much healthier lunch than he would at school!
  • Don’t be afraid to use coupons! If you have 8 coupons for 8 different items for supplies, use them! Even if they are only a few cents off, that’s a few cents you could be saving than having to buy them at full price!
  • Place only what you want to spend in an envelope. Putting the money in an envelope helps you to not overspend! You will know that the money that is in there is the only money you will spend when you go school shopping. Of course, my mom was buying for me and my twin sister, so amounts will be very different!

These are just some of the ways to help you this year!!! I’m sure you will be able to come up with your own, too!

CIJ- Just Between You And Me

With Christmas around the corner, and Christmas is a time to spend with family, questions arise that you may not want to ask outright. I’ve been guilty of that, too. You either don’t want to start conflict or you just may be naturally curious. Well, Sand Dunes Publishing has now come up with a way to ask those burning questions in a fun way. The Between You and Me Journals are just that- journals between you and another person. They have journals for almost every family members: sister, brother, mom, dad, cousin, grandparents, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend (that would the “HONEY” journal.), etc. All of the journals are unique in their sistermainquestions and the looks of the cover. In each journal, there are 35-45 questions asked!

On the website, you can even look at sample pages. Looking inside the “Sister” journal, one of the sample questions asked “When we were kids, what did you like most about me?” If I asked my own sister that, she’d probably say “You shared your Barbies with me!” Yes, I have to say it- I was a Barbie lover when I was younger. My sister and I would have Barbie marathons and the clothes and items were strewn throughout the living room as far as the eye could see. The only time we would stop would be when inner was ready or needed a bathroom break. Those are definitely precious childhood memories!

These journals are great for any occasion and in a previous post, I had said I definitely want a Sister journal. Let me see if I can find that specific post. I did find it, and you can see it here. I am hoping that one day I actually do get one so my sister and I will be able to take a peek into each others brains- even though we are two peas dadmainin a pod! I have come to love looking at the journals and imagining what my family would write back when asked one of those questions.

So, with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up in the next months, these would be a great gift! They are family keepsakes that you would want to treasure and cherish! And for Spanish speakers, they have Mama and Papa journals. So, to get ahead of that ever frustrating Christmas rush, go get them now!!

Would you like to save a little money? Place the code “CIJConfettiDreams” in the comment section to save $1.00!

CIJ- Christmas Crafts

Whether you are or aren’t creative, crafts are always a fun and cheap way to decorate for the holidays. Even kids can get on it!! With tons of craft sites out there, I chose only one and I will share a few of the craffts from that website! I would share my o wn, but I’m not as creative as these people are!

This Pencil Snowman is perfect for the kids!

Materials Needed:
l pencil
l chenille stem
l bell
1 button
2″ sq. black felt
5″ X 1″ felt strip
white card stock
fine black marker
pink marker or crayon


  1. Cut a circle about 3/4″ diameter from white card stock, and glue onto the pencil, just below the metal of the eraser.
  2. Center one side of 2″ black felt square over the forehead area of the white circle, and glue in place. Bring the other two sides to the back, and glue.
  3. Cut 1″ from a chenille stem, pass the bell through, and gather the top of the hat, and twist the chenille stem around the top of the hat.
  4. 4. Glue the center of the scarf strip at the back of the pencil, bring the two ends to the front, cris cross, and glue in place.
  5. Glue a button in the center of the scarf.
  6. Add facial features with fine black marker, color cheeks in with pink marker or crayon.

I think it’s rather cute!!

I don’t remember ever doing this next craft, but frankly, who hasn’t? It’s the Popcorn Garland!

296_main_popcornstringMaterials Needed:
Fishing line
Popped Corn
Blunt darning needle for threading


  1. Using a needle, thread the fishing line through each piece of popcorn. Continue until you have a garland long enough to decorate a tree or room then tie a knot to secure.
  2. Try using Colored pop corn for a festive look.
  3. There are a couple of ways to successfully color popcorn.
  4. Add food color to the oil prior to popping, this gives a very faint color finish.
  5. Add powdered food coloring (found at cake supply stores) to popped corn for a more intense color.
  6. Add a little water to some food coloring and pour into a bag. Add the popped corn and toss till it is well coated.
  7. If the popcorn is NOT going to be eaten use a Powdered Poster Paint which can be bought from a toy store or the school may already have some.
  8. Then toss the powder over your popped corn. This gives off a very very vibrant color but it is NOT Edible.
  9. Generally these powder paints are actually non toxic so no harm would actually be done, but still not really edible.

Ahh… the smell of popcorn in the air!! Fantastic!

Next up is a Reindeer Christmas Ornament. This one is also perfect for kids and simply adorable!!

1127_main_1127_main_reindeerMaterials Needed:
1/8″ red ribbon
1 red craft fuzzy ball
2 craft google eyes
3 wooden, hearts
brown acrylic paint
paint brush/sponge
hot glue gun


  1. Start by painting all three of the wooden hearts with the brown paint on the front and back. Let dry approximately 30 minutes.
  2. Glue the hearts together according to the picture given. The top two hearts should be upright and the bottom heart (the face) should be upside down.
  3. Next, tie a small bow out of the red ribbon. Place on top of the upside down heart. Glue on the eyes and nose (fuzzy ball) according to the picture given.
  4. Finally, create a loop with the red ribbon and glue to the back of the ornament. Write your name and year on the back of the ornament as a personal touch.

Are you feeling the creative juices flowing? Perfect!! For more crafts to do this year, visit

CIJ- Christmas Videos I Love

Thinking about Christmastime makes me think about my childhood during that magical time of year! I remember many TV specials they would have when I was younger! I thought I would share some of those with you! With many thanks to, we now have the ability to go back to our childhood!

First off, let’s start with the “A Garfield Christmas Special” video. I love Garfield and this one brings back so many memories. We even have it recorded onto a VHS thanks to one of my dad’s old coworkers!! This will be the first part. I will include the link to 2 and 3.

Link to 2nd and 3rd part:,

Oh that silly Garfield!

Who loves the poem “Twas The Night Before Christmas”? I do! I do!! Did you know, that in the 80s, they came out with a mouse cartoon version of the poem? In case you forgot how the poem went, here’s the video of the cartoon!

In 1987, we were introduced a Claymation Christmas Special by Will Vinton. This one I also have on VHS! I think I will just post the firs part of the video (again, giving you a link to the rest) and you will see what it is all about! Claymation and Christmas? Perfect combination! I had to search YouTube to find this one!

Links to 2nd and 3rd parts:,

Yay for the California Raisins!

So, how are we going to end this post? With a post of It’s A Wonderful Life! It is the ULTIMATE Christmas movie and well, every time a bell rings, an Angel gets its wings! There are 15 parts to this movie, so, I unfortunately won’t post all 15. Otherwise, enjoy! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Thanks to for allowing us to post the videos they help provide!!


Apparently, I am absolutely clueless when it comes to dating, or anything centered around dating. They really need to come out with a “Dating For Dummies” book for us, well, dating dummies. I apparently have a big question mark on my forehead when figuring out how to go about getting a date. That question mark does go away after I’ve figured it out- though it’s too late. Then, I feel like a complete dork. I don’t plan on changing my personality. People say I’m quirky, sweet, and caring. So, I’m dorky enough to laugh at a car insurance commercial. I’m nice enough to let someone cut in front of me when I’m standing in line with groceries. I’m caring enough to help someone with their down on their luck. Yay me!

Maybe I should change my wardrobe. I wear too much black. No, I’m not going through a depressive-gothic phase; they just look and make me feel better. Although, I do have other colors- it mainly consists of a bright pair of fuchsia pants- which, although being born in the 80s, still makes me feel as if I should have some Hendrix playing on the 8 track while I figure out world peace. Yes, I know all about the 8 track tape. My mother used to have one when I was little, and oddly enough, it still worked. It probably would have been worth a ton of money right now if Mother Nature wasn’t so upset.

I seem to have gotten sidetracked by a decade I was never a part of. So yes, I have different colored clothes, but I’ve gotten so used to black. Maybe I should get a long-flowing, flower-print skirt that will either make me feel as if I’m a young girl in Spain, who is writing a romance novel and checking out the architecture; or a 30-something single woman, with a cat and loves to garden, living in the middle of the country. However, I don’t think I would become the single woman who loves to garden- I have no green thumb. It’s more of a purple thumb, really. Even though the death of a plant may not have died directly because of me, I can’t help but feel bad about it.

So while I am clueless on dating, I’m even more clueless on why I decided to write a post on how clueless I am. Maybe in time I’ll actually find the answer to that burning question. Perhaps some other time. Right now, I’m too busy shopping for that house in Spain (only joking.)