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Snack Holders/Containers


A few days ago, I was laying in bed watching the Food Network channel. The show “Unwrapped” with Marc Summers was on. Well, they were discussing back to school and snacks. The word “snacks” just sends your stomach into a grumbling mess. Believe me. On this particular episode, during one segment, they showed all different types of containers to hold snacks. I found this not only fascinating, but I was a (tad) bit jealous. I do believe that they did not have any of these snack containers when I was younger. So, I decided to do some searching (online) to see if I could find any of the ones I had seen on the television. So far, out of the 10 (okay, maybe 6) I saw, I’ve found 2.

Really, there is a point to this jumbled madness. If you have young’ins or you want your kids to be able to hold onto their snacks while eating or carrying, then snack holders are just for you! Some of these holders are very tough, so if they accidentally drop it, there’s no reason to get upset. They won’t get broken- unless dropped from a 4 story building, maybe.

51z539feApL._SL500_AA280_Meet Twinkie, The Kid. He is is a Twinkie holder. So, if your kids are  taking Twinkies to school as dessert or a snack, then place the Twinkies in here so it doesn’t get squished. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate eating squished Twinkies. Plus, you never know; it could get extremely messy and hard to clean up. You just don’t want to mess with a sticky backpack filled with Twinkies filling. (PS: That link is to the Amazon sellers page)

Also, who doesn’t like the Goldfish snacks? I know I certainly do! They also sell containers to hold those fishies inside. This would have been great for my sister’s last job. She worked at a church as basically, a babysitter. The kids would often have snack time, and most of those times, the snack would be Goldfish. So, they would either sit at a table or on the floor. There would be a huge mess to clean up afterward. So, if the church would have invested in some of these little guys, the babysitters (there were usually 2 working with my sister that day), wouldn’t be cleaning an hour later!
containerSo don’t be afraid to send your children to school with snack containers. Most of their peers might even think they are neat and will ask their own parents for one.

Let’s look at the benefits of snack containers:

  • They hold quite a bit of snacks inside
  • They do not break when you drop them- especially for the little ones’ hands.
  • They are neat looking. I want one!
  • They save you money. You no longer have to keep using sandwich baggies to hold those snacks.
  • After you have used them and the kids don’t want to use them to hold snacks, they can use it to hold anything else they want! It can be useful in 2 ways.
  • No messes to clean up in the backpack. The snack stays still even if your child isn’t.

If you want to grab some of these, head to your grocery store or search online. You’ll never know when one will pop up!


    Back To School: Supplies List


    Every state has them! I’m talking about supplies list for back to school shopping! When I go into WalMart, I see a kiosk-type thing with tons of list from every grade and every school in my area. So, I decided that I would help you and give you some links on where you can find a list of supplies your child may need. Now keep in m ind that these are just ordinary lists- they don’t involve also what you may need from your school.

    logoHave you had trouble finding a list from the school your kids are going to? Well, at, you have the ability to search for that list. All you have to do is plug in your zip code, find your state, and then find what grades your kids will be going into. Unfortunately, none in my city are listed. That means that I must head to Wal-Mart and fight the crowd! It’s really easy to search. Not every school will be on there. I’m thinking that the smaller cities ma have to go another way of getting their school list.

    At, they give you a a list to get you going. They also advise you not to spend money on writing utensils that don’t work or will quit working. Keep it to a normal pencil and erasers. I would have to agree. While it may be a cool look, it can also be distracting to some when they see the eraser light up. We weren’t allowed to have those things in class when I was younger. It’s good to see that some of the times haven’t changed and they still make education number 1!

    I’ve mentioned WalMart before, but never did I know that they had a Back To School Shopping List finder! Wow! This takes out a lot of the guess work on seeing if they have the list at the stores! Again, they don’t have every city listed. Unfortunately, it’s back to the store for me! However, this allows you to download or print your supply list. They also have pre-made lists for you to print out. So, if you can’t find your list on the finder, you can have a backup! Just a little note, when you click on the finder link, and on the left side of the page, you will see the links to the pre-made supplies lists.

    Staples also is helping you with supply lists. They have divided the supply lists into groups: Pre-K to Kindergarten, Grades 1-3, Grades 4-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12, and College. I am so happy to see that they have included the college students! Not everyone going back to school is young, and this helps those college students who have no idea what they need to have. Personally, I may have to print out the college list so I have it on file when I go to college!!

    For those who are eco-friendly, there is also a list out there that tells you what to buy and what to avoid. Some of these ideas may not be for kuba_crystal_earth_recycleeveryone. We didn’t have those options when I was going back to school shopping. Most of them were not made yet, or they were way too expensive for us. On, they suggest not buying any magic markers or acrylic paints. The acrylic paints can contain lead which can be fatal to small children who want to eat them. They also suggest to do your shopping online. I think this is a fabulous idea for those who can do it. Not only can you find the best eco-friendly websites, you know exactly what you’re going to buy and what is in it! I do have to suggest that you go to those green sites that only you know about. If you need to, do a little research on the sites you are thinking about buying from for the first time. If it looks like a great catch, then go ahead and buy!

    BTS: School Shopping On A Budget

    saving money clip art
    When my sister and I were in school, Mom knew she had to spend as less money as possible. That’s not to say that she didn’t get everything we needed- because she did! She was the master at making a budget of how much she wants to spend. Of course, I learned a few things from her all of those years ago and I thought I would share what I learned! I will tell you that this won’t work for everyone.

    • When buying clothing, look for sales! Your kids don’t always have to wear name brands! As long as the clothes are in good shape and seem like they would last your kids a long time, then there is no problem. Often times, WalMart will have a sale on clothes for going back to school!
    • Try the dollar stores! My mom would get most of our supplies from the Dollar Store. Not only were they only a couple of dollars, there wasn’t a huge crowd in it. She was able to shop with ease and knowing that she would save money! So, instead of getting a pack of pencils for $5 at WalMart, she would get them for much less!!
    • Backpacks don’t need to make a fashion statement! Some kids want that more expensive backpack because it’s cool. Buy a backpack that is half the price you would regularly buy. Remember, your kids are only using it to store their school stuff in. They aren’t going to a fashion show and walking down the runway with it on!
    • Check online for sales! If you like to buy your school supplies online, then go ahead! You can always search for great deals. If you need a little help, just Google “back to school sales 2009.” You will be able to find a ton of sales and save money!
    • Reuse last years supplies if possible. Most likely, the lunchboxes and backpacks are still good. If they are, then you won’t need to rush out and buy those again! Keep in mind, you are saving money! I know some kids will go “Mom! That was last year! This year, I want a new one!”; just hold your ground!
    • Buy in bulk! If a store is having a great sale on supplies, buy as much as you can and keep it back for next year. This allows you to save more money next year and it will still be brand new to the kiddies!
    • Make your kids’ lunch at home. If your child is young enough to take his lunch, but still old enough to get a paid lunch at school, I’d go with the first one. Making your kids lunch at home will be cheaper than sending him to school with money for food. Plus, you will know that he’ll be getting a much healthier lunch than he would at school!
    • Don’t be afraid to use coupons! If you have 8 coupons for 8 different items for supplies, use them! Even if they are only a few cents off, that’s a few cents you could be saving than having to buy them at full price!
    • Place only what you want to spend in an envelope. Putting the money in an envelope helps you to not overspend! You will know that the money that is in there is the only money you will spend when you go school shopping. Of course, my mom was buying for me and my twin sister, so amounts will be very different!

    These are just some of the ways to help you this year!!! I’m sure you will be able to come up with your own, too!

    BTS: Shopping For Twins


    Who knew that going school shopping for twins was not only exhausting but expensive? Not I! I’m pretty sure my mom is happy that she doesn’t have to go back-to-school shopping this year! Boy, I don’t even think I have the energy for it!

    So, my sister and I are going back to school (just pretend!). My mom has made a list of everything she needs and how much she’s planning to spend. Of course, when you have to buy two of everything, you might need to redo the budget. We all pile into the car and whisk away to WalMart. We all jump out of the car and walk in to grab a basket. We see that it’s a mad house! It reminds me of alligators fighting over their prey. I take a hold of the basket and walk very slowly. While I go off with Angela, I try to stay out of people’s way. I don’t want to get run over by the parents trying to grab their son the last Superman backpack. Who knew it could get catty? I can still spot my mother in the sea of estrogen. Not all is lost! Hooray!

    We go back over to my mom who has gotten two of everything. Two red notebooks. Two blue binders. Well, you get the idea. She eventually asks us to pick out a backpack, but to keep the price under $20. I can do that! We each choose a backpack that has black in it. We didn’t like the colorful ones as much. Plus, it was cheaper.

    After Mom has paid for everything, we head on home. My sister and I are excited about the new stuff we have! Even though it’s a week before school even starts, we put everything together anyways. The notebook paper goes into the binders. The pencils stay… well, in their original box. The pencil sharpeners,  rulers, map pencils, etc go into pockets that are hidden through out the backpack. Let’s just hope I remember where I put everything.

    Thoughts on Motherly Advice

    It has been a few years since I have checked out some Murphy’s Laws. Well gosh darnit, wouldn’t you know, those laws actually speak the truth! This particular one about Mothers has had me thinking, maybe that’s why my own mother and I are so close.

    Maternal instinct is stronger than any force known except an IRS collection agent.

    Actually, the maternal instinct is stronger than super glue! I know, bad analogy, but hey, super glue holds everything together. I say that my family is held together by Elmer’s glue and duct tape. Yes, duct tape. While it looks like a flimsy adhesive tool, it can take hair off your arm. That’s another story for another time. While the glue helps bond us, the duct tape keeps it together. You never know when that glue may accidentally peel apart and what’s left to help hold everything together? Dun dun dun! Duct tape to the rescue.

    No, I’m not just going to be talking about duct tape. Although, I’m sure I can write a whole post on uses for it. That may be another time.

    So anyways, back this Murphy’s Laws on motherhood. Now, everyone says that Mothers have a “How To” book. Well, where is this book and can I see it? I want to know how mothers seem to have eyes in the back of their heads. You can be making funny faces at her (I’ve done that once in my lifetime) and she’ll just nonchalantly say “Quit it. Don’t make me turn this car around.” How could she tell? You’re in the backseat and dumbfounded. I’ve always wondered that. You could be screaming your head off, and all she has to do is give you the “look” and the room goes silent. Even the pets stare in amazement. Mothers may not be able to end all wars, but they certainly can stop you, in mid sentence, from saying something that might get you into trouble.

    They must have magic powers!

    Another one from the website states: The motherly advice you ignore will always turn out to be the best advice she ever gave you.

    See? This is why I may start writing down all of my mother’s advice in a notebook. If a test pops up and I didn’t study for it, but ignored her advice, then I can look back and think “Oh my god! She was right! How did I think I would just know the answers? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”

    Or when your mother advises you that whenever you feel like you don’t have the money to get what special shirt you want, write down your budget and see if you can save money for it. However, you decide that you’ll be fine without doing the budget and you come up short for the annual Girl’s Night Out. Well, you may have a pretty shirt to wear, but how are you going to pay for your food at the restaurant? Well, that’s probably when that motherly advice comes into play.

    Hey moms, it may seem like we’re not listening, and maybe we’re not; but, when it comes time for that motherly advice to pop into our memories, it’s too late. We did listen though!


    Shopping For Baby Items

    My cousin had her first baby either at the end of April or beginning of May- I forget which. Anyways, I wanted to start a basket not only for baby, but for her as well. Any new mother would appreciate that, right? So, since I decided to do some online browsing to get ideas, I thought I would start with Etsy. Now, if you don’t know, I have a huge love for Etsy. I actually have gotten some great ideas for gifts for friends and family.

    This is a cute organic onsie! Since the nursery is done in butterflies, I’ve decided to do a butterfly themed basket. monkeycbaby is the shop name is it only sells for $25.00. Not bad for organic!

    Now since every baby needs a bib, I decided to look for that, too! I I found a plethora of cute butterfly bibs! This one just so happened to grab my attention, first.

    It sells for only $8 and can be found at pheandme. So darn cuuuuute!

    I think diaper cakes are just gorgeous the way they have everything set up. So, I saw this one and I decided to take a closer look.

    Simply gorgeous! I don’t know the going rate for diaper cakes, but I’m assuming since they take a lot of work and products to build, they can be quite costly. This one sells for $64. You can find it at ClassyBabyGifts. Her diaper cakes are wonderful!

    I decided to pull myself away from Etsy and wanted to see what other stores were out there. I found this little cutie while doing just that!

    You can even personalize it, as you can see, and put your daughter’s name on there. That’s just genius and so pretty! I can just imagine the name “Dallas” written across there (that’s her daughter’s name.) It only sells for $15 (inexpensive!!) and I found it at

    Also, I found this gorgeous necklace that I think my cousin would love to have! It’s $50, but it is beautiful!

    See how gorgeous?? It’s found at Mama&

    Well now that I’ve done some shopping for the baby, which I love shopping for others more than myself… It’s time to do some birthday shopping for Mom. Shhh! It’s a secret!


    Darn Writers Block!

    I have to apologize for not writing in a few days. “Why??” Well, it seems I have writers block. I will sit down and know what I will write about, and as soon as my fingers hit the keys, my mind goes blank or the topic doesn’t seem blog-worthy. I have thought about writing on several things.

    • Zeus got a new crate yesterday. He has a love/hate relationship with it. He goes in there for a second, gets spooked, and out he goes. We plan on remedying that problem- unless Cesar Milan just happens to show up out of nowhere and help. Okay… maybe in my wildest dreams.
    • Ya know, some parents should take a class on not leaving 2 kids under the age of 5 in a car, by themselves, with every window down. I saw exactly that yesterday afternoon and I was enraged. There were 2 kids, not even older than 5 or 6 (one was younger than that) and they were in the car by themselves- where I suspect their mother was in the store. I watched them like a hawk until she finally came out. Smart move there, Sherlock. Try taking them in there with you next time.
    • It doesn’t matter how old are you are, spraying someone unexpectedly with a water hose is as fun as a barrel full of monkeys. Washing the dog was merely my plan for my “cruel” thoughts to take place. Sorry, Sis. Too bad he couldn’t keep still.
    • I got to see my new baby cousin a few days ago. She is absolutely adorable. I’m not sure who she looks like more- her mother or father. Anyways, I am currently on the hunt for newborn butterfly baby items (tongue twister!). Etsy and Amazon, here I come! Time to start that baby basket. Any ideas?

    I think I just had a major breakthrough on unlocking my writers block. Who knew just writing down ideas who unblock writers block??

    And there you have it, a sentence that any English teacher would abhor! Lesson learned!