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CIJ- Just Between You And Me

With Christmas around the corner, and Christmas is a time to spend with family, questions arise that you may not want to ask outright. I’ve been guilty of that, too. You either don’t want to start conflict or you just may be naturally curious. Well, Sand Dunes Publishing has now come up with a way to ask those burning questions in a fun way. The Between You and Me Journals are just that- journals between you and another person. They have journals for almost every family members: sister, brother, mom, dad, cousin, grandparents, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend (that would the “HONEY” journal.), etc. All of the journals are unique in their sistermainquestions and the looks of the cover. In each journal, there are 35-45 questions asked!

On the website, you can even look at sample pages. Looking inside the “Sister” journal, one of the sample questions asked “When we were kids, what did you like most about me?” If I asked my own sister that, she’d probably say “You shared your Barbies with me!” Yes, I have to say it- I was a Barbie lover when I was younger. My sister and I would have Barbie marathons and the clothes and items were strewn throughout the living room as far as the eye could see. The only time we would stop would be when inner was ready or needed a bathroom break. Those are definitely precious childhood memories!

These journals are great for any occasion and in a previous post, I had said I definitely want a Sister journal. Let me see if I can find that specific post. I did find it, and you can see it here. I am hoping that one day I actually do get one so my sister and I will be able to take a peek into each others brains- even though we are two peas dadmainin a pod! I have come to love looking at the journals and imagining what my family would write back when asked one of those questions.

So, with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up in the next months, these would be a great gift! They are family keepsakes that you would want to treasure and cherish! And for Spanish speakers, they have Mama and Papa journals. So, to get ahead of that ever frustrating Christmas rush, go get them now!!

Would you like to save a little money? Place the code “CIJConfettiDreams” in the comment section to save $1.00!



Apparently, I am absolutely clueless when it comes to dating, or anything centered around dating. They really need to come out with a “Dating For Dummies” book for us, well, dating dummies. I apparently have a big question mark on my forehead when figuring out how to go about getting a date. That question mark does go away after I’ve figured it out- though it’s too late. Then, I feel like a complete dork. I don’t plan on changing my personality. People say I’m quirky, sweet, and caring. So, I’m dorky enough to laugh at a car insurance commercial. I’m nice enough to let someone cut in front of me when I’m standing in line with groceries. I’m caring enough to help someone with their down on their luck. Yay me!

Maybe I should change my wardrobe. I wear too much black. No, I’m not going through a depressive-gothic phase; they just look and make me feel better. Although, I do have other colors- it mainly consists of a bright pair of fuchsia pants- which, although being born in the 80s, still makes me feel as if I should have some Hendrix playing on the 8 track while I figure out world peace. Yes, I know all about the 8 track tape. My mother used to have one when I was little, and oddly enough, it still worked. It probably would have been worth a ton of money right now if Mother Nature wasn’t so upset.

I seem to have gotten sidetracked by a decade I was never a part of. So yes, I have different colored clothes, but I’ve gotten so used to black. Maybe I should get a long-flowing, flower-print skirt that will either make me feel as if I’m a young girl in Spain, who is writing a romance novel and checking out the architecture; or a 30-something single woman, with a cat and loves to garden, living in the middle of the country. However, I don’t think I would become the single woman who loves to garden- I have no green thumb. It’s more of a purple thumb, really. Even though the death of a plant may not have died directly because of me, I can’t help but feel bad about it.

So while I am clueless on dating, I’m even more clueless on why I decided to write a post on how clueless I am. Maybe in time I’ll actually find the answer to that burning question. Perhaps some other time. Right now, I’m too busy shopping for that house in Spain (only joking.)

Dear Mom

Today is Mother’s Day for the people here in the United States. So, in lieu of Mommies Day, I have something for my own mother.

When I was younger, you prepared me for the big world of walking.

When I was a little older, you prepared me for the big world of attending kindergarten.

When I was a little older, I was ready for middle school. I knew I could handle it.

When middle school was over, I was petrified of high school. You pulled me into a hug and said it was going to be okay.

Although I know you can’t always hold our hand, I know you’ll always be there. Everytime I feel as if I’m going to climb St Helens, I can still feel your hand holding mine- helping me, guiding me.

I wouldn’t pick any mother but you. You’re one of a kind. You’ve helped me through so many problems and heartaches in my life, who else can do that? I know that if I ever have a problem, you’re right there with tissues and a hug, waiting for the breakdown.

You’re the shoulder I lean on whenever I feel I am going to just cry a river. You’re the person I learn most from in my life. You are everything a mother is: loving, caring, true. I say this with every beat of my heart: I Love You!


An Ode To Moms

I looked at my calendar earlier and realized that Mothers Day is coming up on May 10th. As I sat there thinking, I decided to do a post strictly for Moms everywhere. This is dedicated to you, moms!!

I am blessed t have a very close relationship with my mom (I call her “Momma.”) She honestly has been there with me through every heart break, every pain I have experienced, and even helped me through my depression. She’s one of my heroes. Of course, I’m pretty sure my twin sister and I drive her nuts- but that’s normal for us. Plus, I think it’s written in the invisible Mother/Twins Handbook somewhere. Anywho, no matter how irritated our Momma gets at us, she loves us with ever fiber of her being. We know that she raised us so well that everything we succeed in will be her blood, sweat, and tears, and hard work. I’m proud to be her daughter. (crying yet??)

So what is a mother to me? A hero. Forgiving. Never judging. A kisser of owwies. A mender of broken hearts. Someone who laughs at all of your jokes. Someone who is patient. The kindest of hearts. A shoulder to cry/lean on. A best friend. A teacher. Someone who holds you when you are scared. Priceless. Beautiful.

So to all of you moms out there, you deserve the moon and the stars. I love you, Mom!

Relaxation At It’s Best!

I had gotten the chance to review the newest Yanni Voices on another blog. Oh my gosh! Is this what relaxation feels like? Apparently, it has been an extremely long time since I have experienced it. Every muscle in my body is no longer tense… well, maybe my hand is the exception- studying long hours will do that. I need hands of steel!

With the economy the way it is, I have tried everything to relax. I tried reading, but I would tense up to see what was going to happen next. I love cooking, so I watched the Food Network. Bad idea. I got really hungry. The next idea was to sleep. How in the heck would I sleep if I was so hungry? So, after a week and a half of procrastinating on the review, I popped in the CD. That was the answer. Now, all i needed was a glass of red wine and a guy who would make my heart flutter. Yes, I still dream of the perfect and romantic guy for me. Maybe even one who has a deep and seductive singing voice. Oh sorry. I was daydreaming again. I’ve got to stop that.

I am still trying to figure out other ways of reaching the perfect relaxation plane. Either way, I atleast found one that I can add to my list: Yanni. He’s not bad to look at, either! *wink*

*Edited by her twin- Texas Banter!*

Creeper Creepington

You know, you never know where you’ll meet someone or the circumstances. However, I bet meeting someone at a library doesn’t seem… exciting- unless the initial conversation revolves around literature or the new Twilight book. Now, I have no problem striking up a conversation with a single guy. The problem is, if a guy has no dating skills, respect for women, or is pushy, that can be a huge huge turn-off for me. Do you really want to know the point I am trying to make? Be prepared to feel creeped out. I know I was!

A few days ago, my sister and I were at the library one morning. A few minutes later, this random guy started talking to my sister. I just thought he was friendly. Well, he then asked her how old I was and if I was seeing anyone. This seems harmless, I know. This guy then asked for my number. Something in me felt uncomfortable about giving it to him- so I didn’t. When she and I got up from our chairs, he wanted to talk to me. He’s 42. I’m 24. Age usually doesn’t matter. However, I felt completely uncomfortable with him. He asked me if I liked to french kiss (sometimes) and also if I like Italian food (as long as it’s not Olive Garden). He walked me and my sister to our car. He wanted to hold my hand. I hadn’t even known him for 5 minutes. As we got into the car, he put his hand on my thigh. I felt uneasy. He then tried to lean in for a kiss… a french kiss at that! He got air as I pulled back. He then tried again and got my cheek. I felt SO uncomfortable that when he left, I wanted to throw up. Thinking about it still upsets my stomach!!

When we left the library parking lot, I told my sister that if she hadn’t been there, he probably would have pushed himself on me even further.

Why do the psychos find me? This is another reason I hate being single. I now can’t trust many guys. Thank you Mr. Single-Psycho-Foot-Fetish loser.

I’m On The Prowl

Being single really sucks at time. It does. You see all of these couple holding hands and kissing- which makes you yearn for that even more. So now that I’ve been kind of going on my own without a man for the past year and 2 months (Sadly, I’ve counted), I’m on the prowl once again! Although my college studying may interfere with that just a bit, I am not worried. The only thing I worry about (being single) is whether or not to put my hair up. I have decided that I am not going to change my personality just to meet someone. They will have to love me for who I am. I may seem like a tomboy at first because I don’t wear a lot of dresses, makeup, or skirts, but darnit, I love being cuddled!

Not to mention, I love being able to flirt with the guy and grab his attention. I do have to ask you, how did you meet your significant other and how did you draw their attention to you? Or if at all? I’m just really curious and might want to get some pointers. It’s been a while since I’ve done it and frankly, I am scared to death. Rejection hurts. So, single men, here I come!