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Snack Holders/Containers


A few days ago, I was laying in bed watching the Food Network channel. The show “Unwrapped” with Marc Summers was on. Well, they were discussing back to school and snacks. The word “snacks” just sends your stomach into a grumbling mess. Believe me. On this particular episode, during one segment, they showed all different types of containers to hold snacks. I found this not only fascinating, but I was a (tad) bit jealous. I do believe that they did not have any of these snack containers when I was younger. So, I decided to do some searching (online) to see if I could find any of the ones I had seen on the television. So far, out of the 10 (okay, maybe 6) I saw, I’ve found 2.

Really, there is a point to this jumbled madness. If you have young’ins or you want your kids to be able to hold onto their snacks while eating or carrying, then snack holders are just for you! Some of these holders are very tough, so if they accidentally drop it, there’s no reason to get upset. They won’t get broken- unless dropped from a 4 story building, maybe.

51z539feApL._SL500_AA280_Meet Twinkie, The Kid. He is is a Twinkie holder. So, if your kids are  taking Twinkies to school as dessert or a snack, then place the Twinkies in here so it doesn’t get squished. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate eating squished Twinkies. Plus, you never know; it could get extremely messy and hard to clean up. You just don’t want to mess with a sticky backpack filled with Twinkies filling. (PS: That link is to the Amazon sellers page)

Also, who doesn’t like the Goldfish snacks? I know I certainly do! They also sell containers to hold those fishies inside. This would have been great for my sister’s last job. She worked at a church as basically, a babysitter. The kids would often have snack time, and most of those times, the snack would be Goldfish. So, they would either sit at a table or on the floor. There would be a huge mess to clean up afterward. So, if the church would have invested in some of these little guys, the babysitters (there were usually 2 working with my sister that day), wouldn’t be cleaning an hour later!
containerSo don’t be afraid to send your children to school with snack containers. Most of their peers might even think they are neat and will ask their own parents for one.

Let’s look at the benefits of snack containers:

  • They hold quite a bit of snacks inside
  • They do not break when you drop them- especially for the little ones’ hands.
  • They are neat looking. I want one!
  • They save you money. You no longer have to keep using sandwich baggies to hold those snacks.
  • After you have used them and the kids don’t want to use them to hold snacks, they can use it to hold anything else they want! It can be useful in 2 ways.
  • No messes to clean up in the backpack. The snack stays still even if your child isn’t.

If you want to grab some of these, head to your grocery store or search online. You’ll never know when one will pop up!


    WAT-AHH Review and Giveaway~CLOSED~


    WAT_AAH!_logo (2)

    When it’s hot outside, I grab a bottle of cold water. Most of the time, the sit in the freezer since the bottom part of the fridge is too full. My family and I drink TONS of water. Every now and then we’ll grab some tea, but that’s rarely. Plus, there’s nothing like a bottle of cold water to lower your body temperature. I can go through about 5 bottles a day. It all depends on how thirsty I am.Plus, when you are doing errands, or your kids are outside playing, they need some water to stay hydrated (dehydration really stinks!). If you’re like me, you don’t really like the tap water, but if it’s the only thing to drink at the time, you don’t mind.

    Wat-AhhSay “hello” (to my little friend), WAT-AHH! They are making drinking water healthier and much more fun. I was recently given the chance to review their water, and I am so thankful for that! When they arrived, they had been sitting in the sun for a bit, so of course, it was way too hot to drink at the moment. So into the freezer they went! I figured that they would get colder faster. Well, it’s true! It took no time for them to become tasty and drinkable. I’m pretty sure they were drinkable when I first opened the package, but hot water would have made me sick!

    So, what exactly is WAT-AHH!? It’s water that isn’t boring! It does not contain any sugar or ingredients you have no idea how to say! They have 4 different “flavors.” They aren’t really flavors, but you’ll get the idea in a minute.

    Drink WAT-AHH “flavors”
    Brain- Purified water and kid-friendly electrolytes
    Bones- Purified water and bone-bu
    ilding magnesium
    Body- Pure spring water (that’s it!)
    Energy- Ultra purified water and energizing oxygen

    They are absolutely delicious! After they had finally become unfrozen, I decided to try the “Bones” first. Well, I had gotten so used to my tap water that it tasted weird at first. Then, after the first few sips, I was beginning to fall in love! My sister claimed it had an aftertaste, but I didn’t taste one. Then, through-out the evening, my sister and I tried the others. They were just as good as the first one!

    WAT-AHH! can replace that Gatorade! It’s much more healthy and doesn’t include any sugar! Hooray for water! Oh, I’m sorry. It should be “Hooray for WAT-AHH!” There, I feel much better.

    Thanks to the people at WAT-AHH!, you now have the ability to win! I will be giving 1 winner (that’s right, one winner) WAT-AAH! Backpack filled w/ fun back-to-school goodies (pencils, erasers, stickers etc…) along with some WAT-AHH samples! You have the ability to taste it out for yourself!WAT-AAH!GIVEAWAY

    So how do you enter? That’s easy!

    ***MANDATORY*** Visit the WAT-AAH! website and tell me something you learned or that you found interesting! *Be sure to leave a valid e-mail address so I can contact you if you win* *US ONLY*

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    This giveaway will start on August 26, 2009 and end on September 2, 2009 at 11:59pm (CST). I will choose a winner via The winner has 3 days to reply to the winning e-mail or a new winner will be chosen.


    A Chocoholic Goes Grocery Shopping

    If you’re a lover of chocolate like me, then you’ll know exactly how I feel! As a lover of chocolate, even a Snickers commercials makes you drool! Well, last night was no exception. Except, however, that it didn’t involve Snickers or a commercial. It did involve chocolate, I promise that!


    Last night we needed to go grocery shopping. It was near 8pm, so I figured it wouldn’t be that hot. It was. Never underestimate the power of heat and humidity. You step outside and it’s like you’re being engulfed by a flame-less fire. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that hot, but you get the idea of it. So, my sister, dad, and myself piled into the car and headed to WalMart.

    Personally, I didn’t think that WalMart was going to be busy on a Thursday night. I usually thought they crowded the stores on Fridays and the weekend. Again, I was wrong. It was crowded and people were, it seemed, in a bad mood. I blamed it on the heat.

    So, we’ve gotten almost everything. We were only missing 2 items: stuffing and “Thank You” cards. We knew where the cards were- on the other side of the darn store. We had no idea where the boxes of stuffing were! We checked down almost every isle that contained boxes. Well, I decided to try the cake mix aisle. Bad bad idea!

    I stopped in front of the chocolate frosting to see if my sister or dad was behind me. When I looked and saw what was in front of me, I started drooling!! I grabbed 5 tubs of the chocolate frosting into my arms and attempted to put them into basket when they stopped me. Sasdly, I put all 5 tubs back onto the shelf and walked away.

    Perhaps one day I will get my chocolate frosting! Perhaps one day…

    Pillsbury Bake-Off Giveaway~CLOSED~


    I love to cook, even if sometimes, it isn’t that well! I have been on the lookout for new recipes or a new way to try a specific food item. Sometimes you just need a little something different in your diet.

    This year is the 44th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest. Want to know the good thing about this year? You can even help with the judging!!! For the first time in the contest´s 60-year history, we can help (You Be The Judge!) determine 10 recipes among the final 100 that will compete for the $1 million grand prize! Now I wish I knew how to cook good enough!

    So how does this judging thing work?

    Judges will select 20 recipes to be placed online at in pairs for a period of two weeks for each pair. Consumers can vote for their favorite recipe in each pair. The recipe from each pair that wins the most votes will earn a spot in the final competition, April 11-13, 2010, in Orlando, Florida.

    Voting is limited to one vote per person per each pair of recipes. Voters must be registered members of and 18 years of age or older as of May 1, 2009, to participate.

    The first pair of recipes was posted on May 14, 2009 and a new pair of recipes will be posted every two weeks (namely, May 28, June 11, June 25, July 9, July 23, August 6, August 20, September 3 and September 17, 2009). The voting period for the tenth and final pair of recipes will close at 11:59AM CDT on October 1, 2009. Visit for the official rules.

    Thanks to MyBlogSpark, you have the opportunity to win your very own Pillsbury Bake-Off magazine filled with tons of great recipes and a pillsbury-smPillsbury Doughboy Giggle Boy. The giggle boy actually is adorable! The magazine, like I said, is filled with with tons of great past recipes. I will warn you, though- looking at the magazine will make you VERY hungry. There will be (2) winners- each will win a magazine and a giggle boy.

    To Enter
    Just visit the You Be The Judge! website and leave a comment with your favorite recipe! It doesn’t have to be a recent recipe. If your favorite is from a past Bake-Off contest, then that is perfectly fine!

    Extra Entries

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    This giveaway is limited to the US only. I’m sorry!!
    Leave a valid e-mail address so I can contact you in case you win!!

    Fancy Fortune Cookie Review

    If you’ve ever been to a Chinese restaurant, you know that at the end of your dinner, they give you a fortune cookie. Well, say bye-bye to those cookies and hello to Fancy Fortune Cookies. They are bringing a more yummy way to eat fortune cookies!

    Thanks to Fancy Fortune, I was given the opportunity to review their delectable fortune cookies. One word to describe the exceptional cookies? “Yummy!” Because I can’t eat every one by myself, I’ve shared most of them with my family. they love it as much as I do!

    Story time! A week ago, my sister, mom and myself had errands to run one morning. By lunch time, we were starving. So, we decided to go tour favorite Chinese buffet restaurant. Food was good. So after eating my dessert (I always like to end my Chinese lunch with vanilla ice cream), our waitress brought our bill and fortune cookies. Instead of eating the cookie, I went straight to he fortune. I knew that at home, the fortune cookies were 10 times better than the ones at the restaurant.
    001These cookies are absolutely delicious! They have many different flavors:

    • Vanilla
    • Bubblegum
    • Cherry Bliss
    • Horseshoe Blue
    • Luscious Lemon
    • “Oh, Wow!” Orange
    • Passion Fruit Punch
    • Very Berry Raspberry
    • Sun-Ripened Strawberry
    • Cool Cappuccino
    • Double Chocolate
    • Minty Mint

    Whew! Quite a bit to choose from!!

    These fortune cookies are perfect for any occasion. I personally love them as a snack. They’re easy to grab and go!

    Also, Fancy Fortune Cookies has giant fortune cookies. So if you don’t want regular size cookies, go for the giant fortune cookies!

    These have become a family favorite!


    July 4th Recap

    I hope all of my American friends had a fantastic 4th- rain or shine! Even if the rain had put a damper on your fireworks, I still hope you enjoyed the day!! What did my family do? Well, I am so glad you asked!

    The day started with me being able to sleep in. I knew we weren’t going to leave until much later. So, fast forward to 4:30 (I mostly read up until that time!). We finally packed up the huge cooler and left. With food and chairs in tow, we find a picnic area, under a tree (shade!!!) and near the lake.


    It was really a beautiful place and quite peaceful. Before we set out the food, my sis and I vowed that after eating, we were going to go swimming in the lake. Now keep in mind that it has been years upon years since I’ve been swimming. this little information will come in handy soon!

    So, after my father gets the car parked, we all pile out of it. It’s funny. The air near water feels a tiny bit better than in the city. Who knew? Apparently, not I! It was still hot, but bearable.  Ahh… the fantastic picnic weather had greeted us. It was the perfect setting. You could hear the boats on the lake. It was relaxing.

    Our picnic foods consisted of chicken, rolls, 2 kids of potato salad (mustard & mayo), macaroni salad and Church’s Chicken mashed potatoes and gravy. Extremely yummy food!!


    image_12Okay, so the chicken from Church’s, too!

    So, we’ve all eaten (with plenty of food left over). What happens next? Swimming. Well, actually it didn’t happen. My dad told us to watch out for snakes. Here’s where that information about me forgetting how to swim comes in. Worried about snakes now and scared, my sis and I just sat there splashing water each other like kids. It definitely felt good, on a hot day, to be in the water.

    Fast forward (yet again) to the fireworks. This year’s fireworks were fantastic! In fact, I have a few to show you! My only wish is that I had a camera that takes pictures to keep up with the fireworks. I’m guessing it would need a fast shutter speed? Does one exist?

    What a way to end Independence Day!


    (P.S. When I can, I’ll upload the firework finale video. When I do, turn down the volume on your computer as we were only 2 blocks away from where they were shooting them off. It’ll be loud!!)

    Guiltless Gourmet Review

    A few days ago, I received a package in the mail. As as soon as I opened it, I saw a bag of Chile Verde BAKED tortilla chips via Guiltless Gourmet. Of course, I dove right in! I hadn’t eaten anything yet, and those chips were looking very delicious! So, I opened the bag (had a tiny bit of trouble with that….) and ate one… or a few chips. I must say, the flavor exploded immensely. You could really taste all of the ingredients.

    The good thing about Guiltless Gourmet? Their tortilla chips are baked- no fried. So not only is it good, it’s good for you. Also,

    • They are all natural. There’s no preservaties or artificial ingredients.
    • There’s only 120 calories and 3 gram of fat or less per serving.

    So, you see how healthy they are! I think I’ve become addiced! They also use organic corn as an ingredient.

    Guiltless Gourmet has many great flavors! Those include Blue Corn, Chili Lime, Yellow Corn Salted and Unsalted, Spicy Black Bean, Much Nacho Chipotle and Chile Verde. Along with the baked tortilla chips, Guiltless Gourmet has many other products from dips to dessert to sandwich wraps. All of them natural and all of them have 0 Trans Fat. Now that’s a win-win situation in my book!!

    Back to how it tasted. After chowing down on the Chile Verde chips, it start getting hot. I suspect that’s the jalapeno pepper powder to blame. However, they chips didn’t taste greasy or too salty. You can taste the Chile Verde seasoning- which is a perfect blend, in my opinion.

    If you are a chip lover and snacker, where can you find your own bag? Well, you can either log onto and visit their store locator, or visit retailers nationwide such as Shoprite, Kroger, Publix, etc Visit the snack section for Guiltless Gourmet.


    Guiltless Gourmet is currently having a sweepstakes.

    Starting  May 15, 2009 through September 30, 2009, consumers can have a chance to win daily prizes!

    During the sweepstakes period, each of the 8 chip flavors will have a unique code that you can redeem at Every person who redeems a code will be entered for a chance to win the Grand Prize of a trip to Las Vegas; which includes a 4 day/3 night stay at a five-diamond resort, a $1,500 gift certificate to a spa and $1, 500 in cash!

    Daily prizes includes:

    • $100 gift cards to a retailers to buy Guiltless Gourmet, or for an AmEx (American Express) gift card
    • Free product coupons for a bag of Guiltless Gourmet.

    Visit got more information and/or to enter a code.