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“Shopping” Online. Just Browsing.

Earlier today, my sister, mom, and myself needed to get some new pants. Well, capris, to be honest. It’s been quite a while since we have gotten any clothes for ourselves, so it was a nice treat. So, I got woken up at 10 (after waking up at 620am, and I didn’t need to get up until 9… then went back to sleep at 8am), and we got dressed. I was half asleep as I walked to the car. I’m surprised I didn’t drop the cell phone that was in my hand. I don’t have very good hand-eye coordination when I’m extremely sleepy. It’s something I abhor at times.

So, we all get into the car and whisk away to the store. By then, I am awake and ready to shop! So, as we walk into the store (I’m lagging behind!), my sister and I go to the nearest rack that has pants, capris, and shorts. Us girls had no idea how much we could spend because we didn’t have a price range. I told sis “Maybe she should send up smoke signals when we hit a price that’s worth it.” Well, maybe that’s illegal in a store. Anyways, we gawk at the rack and I find a pair of cute black with blue striped capris. BINGO! I found my pants. I go and try them on. They are very lightweight and would feel really good in this summer heat. I put the pants around my arm like a butler does a towel and walk out of the dressing rooms. I make sure to let my sister see the pair I got. Apparently, she picked up the same kind. We are definitely twins!

So, as my sister and I walk out of the store (I felt like I was going to get sick right in the store. My stomach ached for some odd reason), we walked back to the car. I made sure to close the door as soon as I could and have sis turn on the air conditioner. It felt a lot better once my body temperature cooled.

So, as soon as everyone is back in their seats- Mom driving, Sis in the front changing CDs like she changes her sleeping patterns, and I in the back- we did a few more errands and we came back home. Immediately I decided to do some more online shopping… well, it’s more like browsing. I went to my favorite clothing websites to see what cute shirts or skirts they had. To be quite blunt, the online stores were extremely cheaper than the store we went to. I think I just found how I am going to buy my clothes from now on.

So which websites did I go to? Lane Bryant and Woman Within. I only wish I had a credit card with an unlimited amount on it so I could buy some clothes for not only me, but surprise my sis and mom! Ahh… I love being a woman sometimes!



Girly Girl?

lipstick121_mWhile normally I am somewhat of a tomboy; always wearing pants, never putting anything in my hair except the shampoo and conditioner, and stuff like that. However, there are times when I just want to be girly!

I wear mainly pants because some odd reason, I can’t simply find a skirt that suits my taste. Any color will do- except yellow. I don’t want to look like a canary past it’s prime. It must be extremely long… to my ankles?? It must flow in the wind. I think I have watched “Sarah Plain & Tall” too many times. You have to admit, though, those dresses could just work if given the right place and time. Oh, and if they were given a modern twist. I just had an “A ha!!” moment. So why don’t I put anything extra in my hair? It’s so dry and brittle. I’m in the process of finding hair products that will help. I’d like to give my hair some life. It needs reviving. Oh hair Gods, I bet of you to help! Okay… I’ve lost it.

I would love to put on makeup. There are just 2 problems, First, I have no clue what kind of makeup to buy that would look good on me. I have such even skin tones that I’d get too confused doing it on my own. I’m good with just lip gloss, lipstick, and mascara. At the same time, I would like to bring some color to this pale face of mine. At times it does (or I do) look like a zombie. Darn this translucent skin of mine!

So while I like to keep my legs covered and my face natural, it would be nice to step out in a skirt and a made-up face every now and then. HELP! Calling all make-up experts and fashionistas!!