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WAT-AHH! Review and Giveaway Winner!!

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Timestamp: 2009-09-03 18:12:26 UTC

Congrats to Sonya, who said : I found out I can’t buy it in California (except on amazon).

I have e-mailed the winner and she has 3 days to reply to the winning e-mail! Congratulations!!!


WAT-AHH Review and Giveaway~CLOSED~


WAT_AAH!_logo (2)

When it’s hot outside, I grab a bottle of cold water. Most of the time, the sit in the freezer since the bottom part of the fridge is too full. My family and I drink TONS of water. Every now and then we’ll grab some tea, but that’s rarely. Plus, there’s nothing like a bottle of cold water to lower your body temperature. I can go through about 5 bottles a day. It all depends on how thirsty I am.Plus, when you are doing errands, or your kids are outside playing, they need some water to stay hydrated (dehydration really stinks!). If you’re like me, you don’t really like the tap water, but if it’s the only thing to drink at the time, you don’t mind.

Wat-AhhSay “hello” (to my little friend), WAT-AHH! They are making drinking water healthier and much more fun. I was recently given the chance to review their water, and I am so thankful for that! When they arrived, they had been sitting in the sun for a bit, so of course, it was way too hot to drink at the moment. So into the freezer they went! I figured that they would get colder faster. Well, it’s true! It took no time for them to become tasty and drinkable. I’m pretty sure they were drinkable when I first opened the package, but hot water would have made me sick!

So, what exactly is WAT-AHH!? It’s water that isn’t boring! It does not contain any sugar or ingredients you have no idea how to say! They have 4 different “flavors.” They aren’t really flavors, but you’ll get the idea in a minute.

Drink WAT-AHH “flavors”
Brain- Purified water and kid-friendly electrolytes
Bones- Purified water and bone-bu
ilding magnesium
Body- Pure spring water (that’s it!)
Energy- Ultra purified water and energizing oxygen

They are absolutely delicious! After they had finally become unfrozen, I decided to try the “Bones” first. Well, I had gotten so used to my tap water that it tasted weird at first. Then, after the first few sips, I was beginning to fall in love! My sister claimed it had an aftertaste, but I didn’t taste one. Then, through-out the evening, my sister and I tried the others. They were just as good as the first one!

WAT-AHH! can replace that Gatorade! It’s much more healthy and doesn’t include any sugar! Hooray for water! Oh, I’m sorry. It should be “Hooray for WAT-AHH!” There, I feel much better.

Thanks to the people at WAT-AHH!, you now have the ability to win! I will be giving 1 winner (that’s right, one winner) WAT-AAH! Backpack filled w/ fun back-to-school goodies (pencils, erasers, stickers etc…) along with some WAT-AHH samples! You have the ability to taste it out for yourself!WAT-AAH!GIVEAWAY

So how do you enter? That’s easy!

***MANDATORY*** Visit the WAT-AAH! website and tell me something you learned or that you found interesting! *Be sure to leave a valid e-mail address so I can contact you if you win* *US ONLY*

Extra Entries (be sure to leave a comment letting me know you have done these!)

– Follow WAT-AHH on Twitter (
– Follow WAT-AHH’s blog  (
– Tweet about it (Enter to win a backpack with WAT-AHH samples @ConfettiDreams)
– Follow me on twitter (
– Subscribe to my blog
-Add one of my buttons to your blog/site
-Follow @texasheartland on Twitter

This giveaway will start on August 26, 2009 and end on September 2, 2009 at 11:59pm (CST). I will choose a winner via The winner has 3 days to reply to the winning e-mail or a new winner will be chosen.



Yes I realize I haven’t updated in quite a bit. Well, to say the very least, things here at the home front have been quite hectic… chaotic, to be  honest. Some of it stressful, some of it worrisome, and some of it depressing. Boy, I love life, don’t you?

Thursday evening, we said goodbye to one of our most beloved pets. Patches, the cat, died Thursday evening. She is the daughter of Smokie, my sister’s cat. We are all very saddened by her sudden passing. The other 2 cats (Smokie and Princess) are still upset. They are mourning the loss of a daughter and a friend- as we all are. She is at that Rainbow Bridge. We love you!

We’ll always love you!

So, let’s get pass the depression for a bit. I have a lot of things coming up in the next few weeks! We’ve got tons of reviews, giveaways, and hopefully, a bit of cooler weather here! Okay, a girl can dream! But honestly, I promise to update more often! Now that things have finally started to settle down, I can breathe and concentrate on my writing. It was a nice vacation, but it’s always great to come back to something you know and love.

By the way, it’s never a good idea to watch a pizza commercial when you are craving it like a madman (or rather, mandwoman.)

The Bright Glow Of A Computer Screen

It’s almost turning 6:30am and I have yet to go to sleep. My mind and body are at war with each other. While my body is saying “Go to sleep already! You’re killing me!”, my mind is saying “Nope! I’m not ready for you to fall asleep! You must dwell and dwell and dwell!” Gosh darnit, I’m tired of dwelling. Well, actually, it’s not really dwelling. You know when your mind decides that it wants to think about stuff you want to do the next day or the next few days? Yup, that’s me. I’d think about what kind of music to add to the iPod (mainly old country and 70s love songs. Infomercials are the best way to get ideas! Thanks, Timelife!) or what I should blog about when I am coherent enough to form a simple sentence.  Well, I’m certainly coherent enough.

I was in bed for 3 hours, tossing and turning trying to turn my mind off. The room was cool enough, so I didn’t have a problem with it being hot. My cat was at the foot of the bed fast asleep. She had the perfect idea. Sometimes, I wish my body was almost like a cat’s- no problem falling asleep wherever my body was. Although sleeping for 16 hours doesn’t seem like the most fulfilled life, at least they are able to sleep.

There really is not point to this post. I guess I was just pointing out my distaste for sleep- or lack thereof. At first, I thought I had something that worked- Unisom. For a while, it actually did work. After taking it, 2 hours later I would be sound asleep. Not even a train running into the house could wake me up. I guess when you live in a house that has paper thin walls (literally, we have no insulation!!), eventually your sleeping trick turns out to be a traitor.

I constantly joke “Who needs sleep?” To be quite honest, it would be nice if I did! I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I guess I’m just going to be an insomniac for my natural born life.

Insomnia does have it’s perks, though. You get to watch the sun come up. It’s gorgeous, by the way. You get to plan out your day, even if it means catching cat naps. Cat naps are fantastic! Last but not least… Okay, so it only has 2 perks. Oh who am I kidding… You become a walking zombie when you’ve been up for 24 hours. If you want to be cast as a zombie in a horror movie, you have the mental part down, all you need is the makeup! Okay Stephen King, I’m ready!

Confetti Dreams Will Be Moving


No, don’t worry. I’m not leaving the state. However, I will soon have my own .com. This is exciting and neat! Everything that you see on here will be redirected to the new place, so don’t worry that you won’t be able to find my giveaways, reviews, and regular posts!  It will be set up in a couple of days, and of course, I will let you know!!

These past 2 days have been a little crazy and hectic- which is why you haven’t seen me posting! So, now that things can settle back down, I am happy to announce that we FINALLY will be going to self-hosted. It has been a month for waiting, and now the time is arriving. Now maybe things will get back to normal!!

Back-To-School Series- JOINING


Since Christmas In July was such a success, myself as well as another blogger have decided that we should have a Back-To-School series! This will be a great and helpful tool for those mothers who have kids that will be going to school! If you’ve never joined us, it’s quite simple. The Back-To-School series will run from August 1st to August 31st. Now, we are changing one thing this year, but it’s not that bad.

  • Instead of a Mr Linky, I have decided that it would be much easier if you leave a comment letting us know you want to join. Now remember, you can join us any time through August.
  • Once we have a button made, all participating blogs will receive that button! If you are wanting others to place that button on their blog, make sure you link it to your blog in the HTML. If you need help with the HTML code, please let me know! If need be, I’ll post a “How-To” just for those new to blogging.
  • You can post anything you would like about going Back-To-School. You can post tips, giveaways, reviews, memories, anything. However, please make sure it is family-friendly.
  • You do not have to post a Back-To-School entry every day! If you only have a few days out of the week that you are able to, that’s perfectly fine. Post it only when you have the time!
  • Before each post, please put “Back-To-School” or “BTS” before the regular title. This helps other identify it!
  • You are able to post regular posts outside of Back-To-School. Like I said, you don’t have to do a post every day!!

So, join us and let’s have some fun getting those kiddies back to school!

This will be the last series until October!

EDITED TO ADD: If you are going to college, this series is also for you! Don’t worry about feeling left out!!


11 More Days Left In Chrismas In July


This has been a FANTASTIC Christmas in July. We have 11 more days to go and I am a bit sad to see it leave. I just want to thank everyone who joined in this year. Since it was a great one, we will do it again next year. I also have plans of a Halloween series, but I have to come up with specifics for that one. The Halloween series won’t show up until October anyways, so you don’t have to worry about that one. If you have any suggestions on a series for practically any holiday or event coming up (such as Back-To-School), let me know. I’m open to all suggestions!

Since we do have a little less than 2 weeks left, keep those CIJ posts coming! I love reading everyone’s posts, even though I may not comment right away. Everyone is giving great ideas, pictures, stories, and even gift ideas. Which reminds me… remember, if you still want to join us in this short time, you can! Just add your name to Mr Link on the CIJ-Joining post. You can do one, two, or a many CIJ posts as you want! If you do join us, and want your own CIJ post, contact me and we will place your name on the button and redistribute it! When placing the button your page along with the HTML, link it to your blog. This makes it easy on everyone!

So, in the words of Santa Claus: