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Hi and welcome to Confetti Dreams. Sorry, we’re not a bakery and we don’t sell danishes. Although, I’m pretty sure if I ever gave away from pastries I’d get a heck of a lot more readers. Anyways, are you ready to learn more about your author? Alrighty then!

I’m Amanda, but you can call me… well… okay, Amanda. I have a twin sister and her name is Ang (nickname), and she is my rock and punching bag. We constantly trade jokes back and forth. It’s all in good fun!

I am single, and I have come to accept it. It’s fun… maybe.

I have 3 cats, 2 kittens, and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, so the “partridge” is my dog, Zeus. So why 2 kittens? Well, my sister’s cat, Smokie, was pregnant and ended up having 2 Siamese kittens (boy and girl). We decided to keep them so we can keep the family together. They’re adorable!!!

In a few years, I will be attending the University of Texas in Austin to study psychology. Of course, I just hope I don’t become my own patient. That’s probably why I write!


8 responses to “Meet The Writer

  1. And you WILL take me to games… Or I’ll go myself!

  2. Hey, how did you add TwinTastic to the blogroll?

  3. Confetti Dreams

    @texasheartland: It was easy. I just went under links, add and then went from there!

  4. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. If it were possible, I would share some cookies with you online, but that’s one technological breakthrough that hasn’t occured yet. I wish you well in your future studies, and thanks again for dropping by.


  5. blindfaith73

    If you sent me your address again I might send you some cookies
    I can make really good homemade chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies

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