Welcome to the Back To School Series!!


It’s that time of year again! Yup, the kids go back to school and you get a reprieve!  I can almost smell the sharpening of a new pencil. That distinct sound of new notebook paper. Oh, and who can forget the backpack? I absolutely loved getting new backpacks because of how they felt! You knew that when you started school, you had a backpack that could hold a million bricks. Well,  when you’re young, that’s what you believe.

My mom would buy us school supplies the week before. As soon as we’d get home with our bags, we’d fix everything up. Put the notebook paper into the binders. The pencils stay in the box. Any pens we had would be put into something to hold it- usually a pocket on the backpack. We’d also search the new backpack for cool hiding places. If someone got a cool notebook color and the other person wanted it, we’d trade. By the time school started, we were anxious to use our new supplies. Of course, the first day of school makes one nervous, but then we’d settle down in our class and get started. I remember that when we were in elementary (and sometimes middle) school, the teachers would hand us “About Me” sheets to fill out. It was fun and made us a little less scared of not only our teacher, but the year ahead.

Ahh… school year starts again!


One response to “Welcome to the Back To School Series!!

  1. I remember that! I loved getting the school supplies, fixing them up WEEKS before school, and then trading what we didn’t want for something we did. That was fun!

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