Confetti Dreams Will Be Moving


No, don’t worry. I’m not leaving the state. However, I will soon have my own .com. This is exciting and neat! Everything that you see on here will be redirected to the new place, so don’t worry that you won’t be able to find my giveaways, reviews, and regular posts!  It will be set up in a couple of days, and of course, I will let you know!!

These past 2 days have been a little crazy and hectic- which is why you haven’t seen me posting! So, now that things can settle back down, I am happy to announce that we FINALLY will be going to self-hosted. It has been a month for waiting, and now the time is arriving. Now maybe things will get back to normal!!

3 responses to “Confetti Dreams Will Be Moving

  1. awesome I’m so excited whoot!!! can’t wait to see it 🙂

  2. Can’t wait! So excited!

  3. Hope the setup is going well for you….

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