Back-To-School Series- JOINING


Since Christmas In July was such a success, myself as well as another blogger have decided that we should have a Back-To-School series! This will be a great and helpful tool for those mothers who have kids that will be going to school! If you’ve never joined us, it’s quite simple. The Back-To-School series will run from August 1st to August 31st. Now, we are changing one thing this year, but it’s not that bad.

  • Instead of a Mr Linky, I have decided that it would be much easier if you leave a comment letting us know you want to join. Now remember, you can join us any time through August.
  • Once we have a button made, all participating blogs will receive that button! If you are wanting others to place that button on their blog, make sure you link it to your blog in the HTML. If you need help with the HTML code, please let me know! If need be, I’ll post a “How-To” just for those new to blogging.
  • You can post anything you would like about going Back-To-School. You can post tips, giveaways, reviews, memories, anything. However, please make sure it is family-friendly.
  • You do not have to post a Back-To-School entry every day! If you only have a few days out of the week that you are able to, that’s perfectly fine. Post it only when you have the time!
  • Before each post, please put “Back-To-School” or “BTS” before the regular title. This helps other identify it!
  • You are able to post regular posts outside of Back-To-School. Like I said, you don’t have to do a post every day!!

So, join us and let’s have some fun getting those kiddies back to school!

This will be the last series until October!

EDITED TO ADD: If you are going to college, this series is also for you! Don’t worry about feeling left out!!



4 responses to “Back-To-School Series- JOINING

  1. You know that I’m in.. Lets hear it for BTS!!!! I even excited for October which not only is my birthmonth but Samhain aka Halloween.. Woot!!!!

  2. ~~Thank goodness we are past getting ready for school–for now……

  3. I have 1 BTS giveaway right now and the other one starts on August 1st!

  4. Hey swee’pea – ya don’t have to be a kiddie to go Back to School – I’m the perfect example. My next class starts Aug 24 and I’m looking at school supplies already – printer ink and tons of paper (ouch – printer ink is so expensive)! Have fun with this. Hugs!

    You are exactly right! Even older people are going back to school! Mom is doing an at-home college course. Of course, since she’s come back from the hospital, she’s been sleeping more than anything! So it’s time to do a little editing on this!

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