Book Assembly Line

It has come to my realization that I have developed an assembly line for reading books.  Every few days, my sister receives a book or two. She finishes those book in a few days and then passes them onto me. This is a circle in and of itself. As soon as I finish one book, I have a few more added behind that single book I just finished.  Do I dare ask her to stop? Heck no! Reading keeps me out of trouble and without her getting all of the books, how I am supposed to know what I like or dislike? At one point I thought I knew what kind of books I loved to read. I would mainly read science fiction, fantasy or horror. I would quite often stick with vampire novels (thanks to the Twilight series), or novels that take my mind to another invisible place- anything to keep me from worrying about anything that may be going on at home. These are the novels I thought I would only read. I was wrong.

I’m currently reading three different books. Well, two of them are somewhat of the same nature. One book is a love story. I’m not too far in it yet to really know what goes on, but I’ve read romance novels enough to know that they fall in love, “do it,” and get married. That’s how they always end, isn’t it? The other two are true stories- and they both involve different countries. One involves Ghana and the other one involves Iran. Books that depicts the author’s real life interests me. You get a sense of how they lived, or what they went through as they were growing up. In a way, you can almost relate to them- even if it they are from a different country. We are all humans, and humans relate to one another.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have a  huge passion for reading. I have a feeling that this book assembly line, although 10 books long, will be duplicated by the end of 2009. So if it does indeed duplicate, how do I plan to tackle it? Read, read, and read. There isn’t a time line for when it needs to be finished, so I don’t really need to stress or grab another book the second I finish one. That is why they call reading a hobby or leisure time- you do it when you are ready!


2 responses to “Book Assembly Line

  1. You’re welcome! Hehe And once I’m finished with “The First Family”, you’ll get that one too!

  2. Sounds like you 2 have a great thing going for reading for the summer and possibly fall…

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