CIJ- Ornament Crafts

Don’t worry, this is completely different from my other crafts post. This is one is mainly links. A few years ago, my mother bought glass ball ornaments and then glitter paint pens. We would pain designs, names, and whatever else we could come up with on those ornaments. In fact, we still have a couple of them. The rest of them ended up breaking when either a cat decided to play soccer with them or they would just fall off the tree. I’ve made a mental reminder that plastic balls are the best way to go; they are cat-proof!

Well, I decided to do a little Googling to see what other other ideas were out there other than mine (which, to say, isn’t much.) So, instead of my normal picture, supplies and how-to posts, I believe I will include links to my most favorite ones! This gives you many more options than just 3 crafts I found. Of course, you never know if I’ll throw in an ornament that’s not a craft, but I found beautiful/unique.

  • Now, you may think that soda bottle caps are pointless- other than keeping your drink inside the bottle. Well, creating an ornament out of them is a great way to use them. Also, with this how-to, you won’t even notice that they are bottle caps!

It’s time to start working on those ornaments! With July almost ending, you could find some great Christmas in July sales!!


2 responses to “CIJ- Ornament Crafts

  1. I would love to do crafts for Christmas this year. It would be so much fun!

  2. I wouldn’t mind doing some Christmas crafts this year! As long as the kitties or doggy doesn’t try to make their mark, it should be fun!

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