Re-Doing The Bedroom

This fall, I have decided it would be a good time to redo my bedroom. Right now, nothing matches. In fact, we have 3 different types of curtains on 3 different windows. Since moving into the house in 2002, we haven’t been able to put a decorating sense into it. Now that I will be attending college in a few years, I have been bitten by the decorating bug. My sister and I have been planning on what to do with the very white bedroom walls. I call them  “hospital white.” The white just seems so impersonal. It screams “I have no personality!” In fact, the bedroom has tons of personality. You can see the Twilight posters on the wall, tons of UT stuff, and the occasional greeting card. We have some photos, but not a lot. Most of them are of Piranah (my favorite underground metal band from Tennessee).

Although we don’t have a lot of what we want put on paper, I have many ideas on what I would love to do! First, we need to settle this bed thing once and for all. There are 2 different types of comforters and 8 different types of pillows. It’s such a hodge-podge of things! I’m hoping to find a bed set that is more black than anything. Then maybe, just maybe, the bedspread will actually match one of the curtains. Yes, we have a black curtain on one of the windows. It helps keeps light out… well, somewhat. I’ve never actually had a bed set that matched, but it would be nice to have one! I’ve been doing some online browsing and as soon as I see one that would look gorgeous, I start drooling. I hate it when that happens.

Next we must talk about the walls. Those impersonal, boring walls. We have been thinking about doing a few things. We could paint somewhat of a mural on there. Then again, I have no idea how to draw a giant mural. Stencils seem to be the best option. Then, we’ve also talked about painting different characters on the walls. When I say characters, I mean things or items that bring us joy and would be pleasant to look at. No one is going to be in the bedroom except us, so if we mess up a tiny bit, we’ll just call it abstract art. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. I’ve even looked at wall decals for ideas, but every time I saw one I liked, I thought of another room it would look perfect in- not the bedroom.

We have hardwood floors. In the winter, those floors get extremely cold. I’m talking 2 pairs of socks and tennis shoes cold. So, I have been on the look-out for a rug. I’m not sure if I’m looking for a black rug, red rug, or a mixture of both. I’m guessing that a mixture of both  might bring some color into a black room. I’ve been looking at the Flor website for ideas and boy, I am drooling again. I think I’ve almost picked out the perfect rug for the bedroom. Not only would it look good, it would keep the cats and our feet quite warm. One decision down, a million more to go!

I have mentioned it before, but we have 3 different types of curtains. One is black, and the other two are white and blue, but with different designs. We’ve never thought of changing them- until now. Well, really, I’ve thought of changing them, I’ve just never had the money. I have no idea what colors to choose. Do I go with black to match the bed? Or do I go with red to match the rug? It’s all so confusing!!! Or do I switch and go with red AND black? Interior decorating apparently doesn’t come easy by some. No wonder why I quit watching those shows on HGTV!

I think I better start ordering samples to get a good idea on beds, rugs, and curtains or I am going to be in trouble come fall!

4 responses to “Re-Doing The Bedroom

  1. I can’t wait to see what creations you come up with.. hope you take pictures
    both of you are creative so I’m sure it will come out uber fabulous 🙂
    Have a wondermous weekend ***Big Hugs**

  2. ~~yep, time to let the creativity animal lose this fall and see what happens!!!!

  3. Oh yea, I want to redecorate the bedroom and get a new, “me” kind of comforter! And maybe some new pillows… and well, ya get the idea.

  4. yea we added personality to our rooms with removable wall decals

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