11 More Days Left In Chrismas In July


This has been a FANTASTIC Christmas in July. We have 11 more days to go and I am a bit sad to see it leave. I just want to thank everyone who joined in this year. Since it was a great one, we will do it again next year. I also have plans of a Halloween series, but I have to come up with specifics for that one. The Halloween series won’t show up until October anyways, so you don’t have to worry about that one. If you have any suggestions on a series for practically any holiday or event coming up (such as Back-To-School), let me know. I’m open to all suggestions!

Since we do have a little less than 2 weeks left, keep those CIJ posts coming! I love reading everyone’s posts, even though I may not comment right away. Everyone is giving great ideas, pictures, stories, and even gift ideas. Which reminds me… remember, if you still want to join us in this short time, you can! Just add your name to Mr Link on the CIJ-Joining post. You can do one, two, or a many CIJ posts as you want! If you do join us, and want your own CIJ post, contact me and we will place your name on the button and redistribute it! When placing the button your page along with the HTML, link it to your blog. This makes it easy on everyone!

So, in the words of Santa Claus:



3 responses to “11 More Days Left In Chrismas In July

  1. This was fun! I can’t wait for more events!

  2. Bye Bye Christmas…can’t wait for the real thing…teardrop..teardrop….

  3. Oh I would love to do more of these type of events with you.. a back to school one sounds great since I have 3 kids this year that will be in school.. I could contribute to that.. keep me posted

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