The Sunday Lazies

It’s Sunday afternoon and the only thing I have accomplished was a meal. Well, to be honest, it truly wasn’t a meal. Last night, once again, I did not sleep well. The pets were very restless- which kept waking me up. I suspect this is the reason why I slept until 139pm. So with the lack of energy or motivation to do anything, everything I wanted to do today will get done tomorrow. Who else is having a case of the lazy Sunday?


One response to “The Sunday Lazies

  1. ~~I really believe that is what Sunday’s were created for-to be lazy!!! On what other day can you get away with not doing a darn thing if you don’t want or feel like it-nap, read books, watch tv-or whatever! It is the end of the week before-not counting Saturday’s and the beginning of a new week-which I never really count until Monday morning… rest and enjoy your Sunday without any problems….hope you sleep and rest better tonite-maybe have to give the kitties some unisom? lol-just kidding-Zeus could really use some…..Love And Peace, Mama

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