Sleep Sleep, Why Do You Escape Me?


Insomnia is a big problem for most of the world. They try everything to catch that ever eluding sleep, but with no avail. Apparently, this is becoming a part of my every day (or rather, night) life. It was 245am, and I thought I was getting sleepy. I turned off the TV just as soon as an episode of Roseanne was coming on. It was probably one I’ve seen a million times before.  With one of the cats sleeping on the pillow next to my head, I decided to do the same, except on my own pillow. I tossed and turned a couple of times, feeling like a sausage burning on the grill, and finally got a comfortable position. 30 minutes later, my leg started itching. Well, wouldn’t you know it woke me up. Fantastic. Thanks, itchy leg. I scratched the leg and turned onto my back. Within 30 minutes, I was half asleep. At least I reached that much. So, on my back and my neck bent into a weird position, I closed my eyes. I didn’t reach sleep. My arm started itching this time, and the cat, who was asleep, stood right next to me, her eyes glaring at me. Boy, at 330am, she picked an odd time to want attention. I gave her the attention she wants and she went back to her holding position on the pillow. I wonder if she sensed my frustration. So, after another hour of tossing, and perhaps turning, I looked at the clock. It showed 4:54am. Argh! I sat up in bed and grabbed the remote. I was pretty sure something decent would be on TV to watch. Nope. Wrong again. Showtime steak knives infomercial- no thanks. A paid advertisement for getting rid of body fat with just one little pill. Not even close to being interesting. The local channels showed the news. I don’t think hearing about the bombing in Indonesia will exactly help me sleep. So, 71 channels later and a look at the weather radar, the TV was turned off once again. With one quick glance outside of the window, I saw that it had rained. I was overjoyed at the sight of that rain on the ground, in the leaves of the bushes, on on the car- which was parked neatly beside the house.


This time, I decided that it was time I got some sleep… or at least what could be called “sleep.” I rolled over to face my cat who was grooming herself on her pillow. With my arm extended out, my four-legged friend got comfortable with her paw draped over my forearm along with her head. At least she was comfortable. I closed my eyes and cleared my mind. By 7am, I was fast asleep. 5 hours past when I originally tried. I eventually woke up at 2pm- still feeling like a zombie who wasn’t quite dead. I’ve been called a “night person,” which stems from a few years ago when I would be awake from 11am to 8am the next day. Now that I’ve gotten older, I realize I need my sleep. I just wish that the Sleeping Fairy would come and visit me more often. I promise to leave it… whatever you’re supposed to leave for sleeping fairies.

3 responses to “Sleep Sleep, Why Do You Escape Me?

  1. Chamomile tea is one of my bestest friends.

    Calm-U-Nat and Calms Forte are both pretty good if you prefer something natural in pill form.

    Some things work better for some people than others, but these things have helped me when I’ve needed them.

  2. I’m sorry that happened! Maybe now you can ACTUALLY fall asleep without worrying about sleeping. lol

  3. ~~I’m so sorry. Hopefully these next few nights you can catch up on your sleep with Unisom as your new sleep friend. Maybe also cut down on tea at night and just drink water or milk in the evenings. Maybe some calming cds or something-like a waterfall or rain-we might check into that for both of us…Pleasant Dreams!!!!

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