Summer Music

With some temperatures in the United States reaching above 100, there’s only 1 way to make the heat a little more bearable. I have found that music helps that hot day go a little faster. So I have decided to come up with my own list of my favorite songs about summer!!

School’s Out by Alice Cooper. I’m guessing you can see the Muppets…. I wish they would play this anytime school is out for summer.

California Girls by the Beach Boys. I’m a huge fan of the Beach Boys and this song is just well… it speaks for itself.

Summer Nights by Grease. This is a wonderful movie and this song just seems perfect!!

Summers Coming by Clint Black. You simply can’t have summer without seeing Clint Black in shorts!!

Cruel Summer by Bananarama. Cruel summer? That’s right! I take the Summer Nights song back. This one is perfect!!


One response to “Summer Music

  1. Sometimes I find myself singing those songs when it’s hot as hell outside and remind myself that “Cruel Summer” sure describes this one! Talk about cruel!

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