CIJ- Deck The Halls

…with boughs of holly….

Have you ever wanted to put something on your wall for Christmas that just looks good? Perhaps easier than painting? What about wall decals? Wall decals are drawings that you place on the wall without the mess of paint or the holes from nails. Are you looking for some creative wall decals? Well, you’re in luck! While browsing the internet, I came across a few places that not only sell regular decals, they sell holiday decals! So if you really don’t want to waste money on paint or nails, time to look into these Christmas wall decals!

For only $19.95, you can get a Love Hope Peace Christmas Tree decals from It comes in two sizes: 14″x22″ and 22″x36″. Of course, if you want the bigger size, you will have to add $18.00, but for the big of size, it would be well worth it. Also, it just doesn’t come in one color. You can choose from


almost every color imaginable. If red isn’t your color, you can try mint. If you would prefer a more simple, cleaner color, they even have black. Or, if you would prefer an etched glass look, they have that, of course you have to add another 25.00%. The good thing is that when you choose the etched glass on the website, if you scroll up, they’ve automatically changed the price. So, there’s really no need to get out the pencil and paper to do math. Ick! Math! Yucky! I thought I would include a picture of what it would look like. I bet this would look gorgeous on your wall! I know you can’t read what it says, but it says “May the spirit of Love, the beauty of Hope, and the blessings of Peace be your gifts this Christmas Season!” What a beautiful sentiment!

Are you looking for something a little more whimsical? What about just a regular greeting? Well, atp3.php TheSimpleStencil, they have a Happy Holidays decal that is whimsical and cute. They have 3 sizes: 10″x4.5″ for $11.50, 14.5″x6.5″ for $12.50, and 22.5″x10″ for $18.00. Again, you have the ability to choose any color you wish! You even have the ability to preview what it will look like against your wall color. So, if you have a white wall and want the coloring in red, at the top color choices, choose red. When you’re done, right underneath that, choose white. I personally love the red coloring against the wall, and if I had the ability to get it, I would put it right on the front door. On the website, you even have the ability to design your own decal. Just type in the text, choose your wall color, choose your size, choose your font, choose the color you would like it to be in and then you get to preview it. Once you’re happy with what you have chosen, just add it to your cart. I think that is just pretty awesome!!

Have you ever wanted to build your very own Christmas tree on a wall? With, PJ2009GMyou get that ability to do so! For $35.49, you get a tree mural, and this includes, the ornaments! It is a giant at 18″x40″. If a Christmas tree isn’t your cup of tea for the wall, try their Build A Snowman mural. It’s 40″x18″ and it comes with everything you need for a snowman that lasts past winter! It’s only $17.49, so it’s a perfect catch! With the snowman, you have the ability to reapply the mural to the liner sheet (don’t throw it away) and reuse it next year! So, instead of buying a new one every year, which can add up, you don’t have to throw away the mural- this can be used for every mural. They also don’t just sell Christmas murals, they also have an Easter and Harvest mural. I forgot to add, if you’re a big Halloween fan (I AM!!!), they have many Halloween decals to choose from! It’s perfect in every way! I’m almost excited at the prospect of it all!

I am about to profess my love for Etsy again! The shop, Wall Stickz, may sell many other decals that are non-holiday, but while browsing I ran across their Snowflakes decals! True, the price may be kind of steep, $25.95, but for that price, you get, if I am not mistaken, 22 snowflakes- which is 1 set at 4″ high each. I say il_430xN.78265206that is wonderful! Along with every decal, you get to choose your own color. Right now, until July 31, 2009, they are having  a Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off Sale. Again, you are saving money! If you would prefer a smaller or bigger size, contact them just so you have the ability to get the decal you want to suit your needs! Unfortunately, with Wall Stickz decals, they aren’t resuable. So if you would like some for next year, make sure you get a few more sets. Moving away from the snowflakes for a second, if you want to give your child a gift, they have a decal that can be personalized with your kids name for $26.95 with a maximum of 10 letters. These decals are vinyl, and so it gives it a clean look! Is it a great decal? For sure! Would I, if I could, buy one? Yes!!!!

So deck those walls with decals and have a wall filled with Christmas spirit!


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  1. I just love that snowman! We have to get it! We have to!

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