CIJ- To Santa: North Pole

Every year, your kids write a letter to Santa to go to the North Pole. Now when you think of the North Pole, you think of this magical place where Santa and Mrs Claus are in the kitchen, the elves are hard at work, and the reindeer are in their stables sleeping or playing games. The woodland animals are frolicking in the snow and having a ball. Well, what if the North Pole isn’t but a few hundred miles away? What if it’s in the next state? Well, here’s a list of American cities that have a Christmas-y name!

Advent, Jackson County, West Virginia
Angel City, Brevard County, Florida
Antler, Wright County, Missouri
Bell, Pickens County, Alabama
Bethlehem, Albany County, New York
Blitzen, Harney County, Oregon
Candle, Alaska
Christmas, Gila County, Arizona
Christmasville, Carroll County, Tennessee
Chestnut, Mason County, West Virginia
Comet, Little River County, Arkansas
Cranberry, Raleigh County, West Virginia
Cupid, Frontier County, Nebraska
Dasher, Lowndes County, Georgia
Donner, Nevada County, California
Elf, Clay County, North Carolina
Eggnog, Garfield County, Utah
Evergreen, Conecuh County, Alabama
Garland, Penobscot County, Maine
Golden Ring, Baltimore County, Maryland
Holiday Hills, McHenry County, Illinois
Holly, Prowers County, Colorado
Humbug, Yavapai County, Arizona
Jolly, Clay County, Texas
Joy, White County, Arkansas
Mistletoe, Owsley County, Kentucky
Nazareth, Nelson County, Kentucky
Noel, Ascension Parish, Louisiana
North Pole, Alaska
North Pole, Kootenai County, Idaho
North Pole, Essex County, New York
North Pole, McCurtain County, Oklahoma
North Star, Gratiot County, Michigan
Partridge, Letcher County, Kentucky
Peartree, Montgomery County, Tennessee
Pie, Mingo County, West Virginia
Pilgrim, Gonzales County, Texas
Pipers, Butte County, California
Poinsettia Park, Polk County, Florida
Pumpkin, San Jacinto County, Texas
Pumpkintown, Randolph County, Georgia
Reindeer Hills, Salt Lake County, Utah
Rudolph, Ohio
Santa Claus, Mohave County, Arizona
Santa Claus, Spencer County, Indiana
Snow, Utah County, Utah
Snowflake, Navajo County, Arizona
Shepherd, San Jacinto County, Texas
Star, Lamar County, Alabama
Swans, Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Thanksgiving, Talbot County, Maryland
Turkey, Wyoming County, West Virginia
Vixen, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana
Wiseman, Izard County, Arkansas

Two things about this list: First, it was much much longer… but to save space, I decided to shorten it! Next, I decided to put it in alphabetical order for easy viewing pleasure! I think I’ll move to Christmasville, TN just so I can spend Christmas 365 days a year!!

4 responses to “CIJ- To Santa: North Pole

  1. North Pole, Kootenai County, Idaho I will move here, 🙂

  2. cool….really cool…….never knew there were so many!!!!!

  3. What a cool posting – you did your homework girl! I had no idea there were so many Christmassy named towns – too cool. Then there’s where I live…Beavercreek – how dorky is that? Oh well. I’m enjoying ya’lls Christmas in July – Hugs!

  4. How cool… I wanna live in North Pole, Alaska!

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