CIJ- Retro Time!!

I have always been interested in things from the 50s through today- and that includes retro Christmas items. To be honest, I have no idea what started this retro lover. Oh, wait! I remember what it was! When we first moved into the house, we needed Christmas decorations- we had none. So, we started heading out to yard sales. At one particular yard sale, they had a full box of Christmas items I believe that was sold to us for $20. We were ecstatic about our finds. Needless to say, we had no idea what the box held until we got home with all of our newly acquired decorations!!

!BV+4M!gB2k~$(KGrHgoH-DkEjlLly9hRBKVT,YYImQ~~_12When we looked inside, there were a lot of old and unique, retro Christmas decor! As I reached into the box, I ended up pulling out pixie elves. For a long time they freaked me out! Now I think they are quite adorable. I’m starting to think that eBay may actually have pixie elves like the ones we had. I don’t know how old the pixies in the box were, but they looked very well loved!! To be quite honest, for a while, I would go onto eBay and search for elves just like these. I didn’t have the money to buy them at the time, but I secretly kept them on my wish list hoping that I would be able to snag a pair of these cuties. Perhaps even Etsy may have some of these? I guess I’ll never know until I actually go to the website and look.Woohoo! Shopping, here I come to save the day!

My mom tells the best Christmas stories from her childhood! I’ve learned all about the aluminum tree and the color wheel. If you don’t know what a color wheel is, let me tell you. I believe that it was used for Christmas tree lights- not like we know them today. The wheel has a bunch of d3097479150_13b683c7b4ifferent colors and there’s a light behind the colors. As the wheel spins, those colors are projected onto the tree. I definitely want one! I’m guessing that not on ly would it use less power/energy, but a little easier to put up and take down. Think of it this way: No wires to get tangled up!! I thought I would include a link to a YouTube video on how the color wheel works when it’s in motion. Pretty cool, eh? Now you see why it fascinates me. It’s much more simple than untangling a long string of wire, putting it around the tree, and then finding out the plug is at the top and then you have to do it all over again. I’d rather have something I can just plug in and watch the lights change for themselves. Simple Christmas!!

My sister knows that I love old stuff- from movies to toys to decor. Well, I really couldn’t call them old as I would call them “retro.” Think… huge Christmas light bulbs. Think… “The Year Without A Santa Claus” the movie. Those types of retro or antique items have always been a favorite of mine. Things like that never go out of style in my book!

I may have been born in the 80s, but I find that the 60s to the 70s had really awesome Christmas decor! From 279924439_e0a6717e32those old, plastic light-up Santas to the old Christmas carols playing on the radio. Even though I like the technology from this century, times back then were much more simple. They did not have most of the decorations we do today (no kidding, right??). Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. Most people my age would love to have these huge, grandiose Christmas trees with all of the popular ornaments and lights. I’d be happy with a 5 foot tree, a color wheel, and homemade ornaments and some tinsel strewn throughout the tree. That’s what my dream Christmas would be. Nothing too extravagant. Plus, I believe Christmas is a time to slow down and be with family. If only it wasn’t so hectic…

I will have a retro Christmas one year! Oh, yes. I will have a retro Christmas one year!!


4 responses to “CIJ- Retro Time!!

  1. ~~Oh, I so want to go retro and back in time to do Christmas this year!-homemade stuff and find oldies stuff online and yard sales–come on fall-

  2. I love your retro Christmas and I love the Christmas in July and you know I love the stuffin’ outta you and twin. So come over to my blog and pick up your special surprise! Hugs!

  3. I want to do a retro Christmas too!!!!

  4. Hey I drifted over to your blog and loved your talk about retro Christmas deco! Believe it or not( because I am old….) I lived through those times , and they were wonderful! My grandmother had one of those metal trees and the color wheel. It was wonderful to see! All of us grandchildren were mesmerized and just sat there and would watch the tree turn colors! Remember the Wizard of Oz , and how the was the horse of many colors? Well …it was that wonderful to us! I wish I had one now for my little grandkids to watch!!!

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