CIJ- Christmas Videos I Love

Thinking about Christmastime makes me think about my childhood during that magical time of year! I remember many TV specials they would have when I was younger! I thought I would share some of those with you! With many thanks to, we now have the ability to go back to our childhood!

First off, let’s start with the “A Garfield Christmas Special” video. I love Garfield and this one brings back so many memories. We even have it recorded onto a VHS thanks to one of my dad’s old coworkers!! This will be the first part. I will include the link to 2 and 3.

Link to 2nd and 3rd part:,

Oh that silly Garfield!

Who loves the poem “Twas The Night Before Christmas”? I do! I do!! Did you know, that in the 80s, they came out with a mouse cartoon version of the poem? In case you forgot how the poem went, here’s the video of the cartoon!

In 1987, we were introduced a Claymation Christmas Special by Will Vinton. This one I also have on VHS! I think I will just post the firs part of the video (again, giving you a link to the rest) and you will see what it is all about! Claymation and Christmas? Perfect combination! I had to search YouTube to find this one!

Links to 2nd and 3rd parts:,

Yay for the California Raisins!

So, how are we going to end this post? With a post of It’s A Wonderful Life! It is the ULTIMATE Christmas movie and well, every time a bell rings, an Angel gets its wings! There are 15 parts to this movie, so, I unfortunately won’t post all 15. Otherwise, enjoy! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Thanks to for allowing us to post the videos they help provide!!


3 responses to “CIJ- Christmas Videos I Love

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  2. YOU forgot the movie synonymous with Christmas- A Christmas Story! But I know you love those old Christmas movies!

  3. love ’em!!!!!! can’t wait–want christmas and cold weather now!!!

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