July 4th Recap

I hope all of my American friends had a fantastic 4th- rain or shine! Even if the rain had put a damper on your fireworks, I still hope you enjoyed the day!! What did my family do? Well, I am so glad you asked!

The day started with me being able to sleep in. I knew we weren’t going to leave until much later. So, fast forward to 4:30 (I mostly read up until that time!). We finally packed up the huge cooler and left. With food and chairs in tow, we find a picnic area, under a tree (shade!!!) and near the lake.


It was really a beautiful place and quite peaceful. Before we set out the food, my sis and I vowed that after eating, we were going to go swimming in the lake. Now keep in mind that it has been years upon years since I’ve been swimming. this little information will come in handy soon!

So, after my father gets the car parked, we all pile out of it. It’s funny. The air near water feels a tiny bit better than in the city. Who knew? Apparently, not I! It was still hot, but bearable.  Ahh… the fantastic picnic weather had greeted us. It was the perfect setting. You could hear the boats on the lake. It was relaxing.

Our picnic foods consisted of chicken, rolls, 2 kids of potato salad (mustard & mayo), macaroni salad and Church’s Chicken mashed potatoes and gravy. Extremely yummy food!!


image_12Okay, so the chicken from Church’s, too!

So, we’ve all eaten (with plenty of food left over). What happens next? Swimming. Well, actually it didn’t happen. My dad told us to watch out for snakes. Here’s where that information about me forgetting how to swim comes in. Worried about snakes now and scared, my sis and I just sat there splashing water each other like kids. It definitely felt good, on a hot day, to be in the water.

Fast forward (yet again) to the fireworks. This year’s fireworks were fantastic! In fact, I have a few to show you! My only wish is that I had a camera that takes pictures to keep up with the fireworks. I’m guessing it would need a fast shutter speed? Does one exist?

What a way to end Independence Day!


(P.S. When I can, I’ll upload the firework finale video. When I do, turn down the volume on your computer as we were only 2 blocks away from where they were shooting them off. It’ll be loud!!)


2 responses to “July 4th Recap

  1. great blog!!!–we really had a good time didn’t we…so glad that july 4th turned out to be a really fun day for you and sis. great pictures and comments…keep up the great work!!!love ya, mom

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