Christmas In July- Christmas Memories

As I turn 25 in December (Wow… I’m getting quite old. Maybe.), times like these make me remember memories from Christmas pasts. Some good. Some not so good. However, I’ve always learned that Christmas is a time of sharing and giving. In fact, I love shopping for everyone else. As long as everyone is happy and enjoying their holiday, then my Christmas is complete!

I do have a few stories, or rather memories, that I would love to share. When my sister and I were very young, we would come home on Christmas Eve from my aunt’s house and turn on the television. We would turn it to a local channel on NORAD would have their “Where’s Santa?” program on. It showed you where Santa was. This was becoming a huge tradition in our family as we did it every year. As we got older, we kept forgetting about it. However, I still do believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa. I wish they would bring that back! I know you can view it online, but I don’t wanna! I want tradition back! Sorry, my inner child is coming out. I get giddy about Christmas! It makes me think of cold weather, Christmas lights, and family!

When my sister and I were, I believe, still in elementary, money was tight one Christmas. I just truly believed Santa wouldn’t come visit because we couldn’t leave out milk or cookies. On Christmas morning, we woke up to presents. We were truly baffled. A few years later, we found out that Mom, wanting to give her daughters presents to open, went to Toys for Tots. Ever since that Christmas year, my family and I collect toys to donate. This year, I have a box set up in my room just for that. Throughout the year, until December, I will be putting toys and I get into that box. If I can help children who are less fortunate have a good Christmas, then that makes me feel better inside. Having once been helped by them, it’s time to help others.

For more information on Toys for Tots, visit


3 responses to “Christmas In July- Christmas Memories

  1. ~~I’m so sorry that you still remember that. But also very proud that you both have started collecting Toys For Tots as a way to give back!!!! I want to be able to fill several boxes to give this year and help out kids who will not be able to have Christmas…..

  2. I remember Santa NORAD!

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