Girls Night Out Recap

Last night we had a girls night out- as you probably already know. Boy did we have fun! At first we just drove around the city. The sun was setting and there wasn’t much to do at 8pm at the time. My sister, however, got some gorgeous pictures of the sun setting. So, before I get on with the story, I will post those pictures so you can see how well my sister knows her photography. Of course, she is the photography genius in the house.

Sunset Over Jack In The Box

Sunset Over Jack In The Box

Sunset over a field?

Sunset over a field?

See how great she is at the camera? Way to go, Sis!

So, what did we do after wasting gas for about 30 minutes? Someone got hungry. Not only me, but camerawoman got hungry, too. Wait… I forgot something. We took a picture at the beginning of our night out of us together. Look how excited Elvira is…



I wonder why she isn’t smiling. Most of the time, I don’t have my glasses on when I take pictures. This was a different situation. I use my glasses mostly for when I drive. This time we stopped in the HEB parking lot and took this picture. It was the closest one to us.

So back to being hungry. We could not decide what we wanted to eat. At that time, I was craving everything. Pizza, Chinese, Subway, hamburgers, Tex-Mex. What did we decide on? We decided on Subway. So, I pulled into the Subway parking lot (another parking lot not far from HEB!), and we chose who would go in and get it. Angela volunteered. We ended up getting a tuna with everything except jalapenos and onions. I felt sorry for sis. Apparently, their air conditioner in the store wasn’t working and so the store was hot hot hot. Next time, I go in. We shared a foot long sub. She got half, and I got half.


Nom nom nom.

Most of the time I don’t like pictures of me eating being taken, but hey, this was something we may not do for quite a while. By the way, the sub tasted great!!

Since we didn’t get any drink with our food, we decided after eating all of that, we were extremely thirsty. I didn’t want a soda because I was going to get one later. I started craving a milkshake really badly. Sugar rush to the rescue! We drove to Whataburger (I love their shakes!) and we both got a vanilla shake, but she got a small and I got a medium. Told you I was craving one!

So, after getting our drink, we drove around a little bit more so we could finish them. I’ve come to realize that most people don’t get out on Saturday night until really late- but I didn’t want to wait until 10pm to get out. I was bored. We needed something to do!

After an hour and a half or more of being out, we decided to stop by the Corner Store and head on home. It was a bad idea to go down a rough street with a lot of ice cream in your stomach. It felt like you were a rollercoaster and you were going to just toss your cookies. No tossing of the cookies happened. We went into the store and got a gallon of milk and sodas not only for us, but our parents, too.

Fast forward to us getting home. We drove up to the front of the house (we have no driveway), and took one last picture of us together. So, as soon as my sister got out of the car, the handle on the very cheap plastic bag broke that held the milk. Well, there went that gallon of milk. It’s a good thing we didn’t want any more dairy products!

So, although the night seemed to be a great one, it ended with spilled milk and full and yet, happy tummies!

"Eye" See You!

"Eye" See You!


5 responses to “Girls Night Out Recap

  1. Mmm that subway looks yummy.. looks like the both of you had fun Great pics of the sun and when did you change your hair color ?

  2. That was sooooo much fun!!! I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the sun- it was just breathtaking!

  3. ~~So glad you both had fun-great blog about it-great pics-and don’t worry about the milk-your dad/Zeus were driving me crazy at the time you walked in and it all hit me wrong–sorry…..

  4. crystalreagan

    It looks like you guys had a blast!

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