Girls Night Out

Tonight, myself and Texas Banter will be having a girls night out. Normally we don’t have these nights out because of the economy and to save gas, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Okay, they’re not really desperate times. We actually were supposed to go out last night, but one, we were very tired, and two, I ended up getting sick. So, I wake up this morning with no sickness. It’s a miracle. After a good nights sleep (I found a new way to actually sleep. Yay!!), and the sound of the dog barking, I feel like we could definitely have a night out- just us girls.

Where are we going? Well, we’re trying to save money and do things kind of cheap. The suggestions I have are… well, I don’t have any suggestions. With movies starting at nearly $8 a piece, that doesn’t seem plausible. Plus, we wouldn’t have any snack money, and you have to have snacks with movies- like popcorn. Next, we could go play some pool. Here’s the thing: I suck at pool. I can’t even get a decent shot. I’ve tried learning, but I don’t seem to have the hand-eye coordination needed. Plus, I really don’t want to explain to the owner why the 8-ball decided to jump from the table and hit a glass. It might get too embarrassing.

We could go out for drinks, but unfortunately, I’ll be the only one driving. That leaves that out. I am pretty sure we’ll think of something. And yes, there will even be pictures. Pictures speak a thousand words- even when twins are involved.

I would ask all of my readers to join us, but I don’t think everyone could fit in the car and it might be a little cramped. So, when we get home from the fun, I will upload the pictures (even if they are bad) and then tell you what we decided to do. Of course, our agenda is subject to change as soon as we get out of the house.

It’s been so long (year or so) since we have done this kind of thing together and I am getting excited. It will be nice to get out of the house and away from the chaos for just a few hours. What is our objective? Feel rejuvenated less stressed. So, girls night out, here I come!!



2 responses to “Girls Night Out

  1. oh how fun.. If I lived closer to you I would be your chauffeur for the night and let the two of you party to your hearts content.. Can’t wait to see the pictures

  2. ~~Have fun and be careful!!!!!!

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