Time To Cool Off!

Here’s the thing… I love Texas, but hate the summers. Even after you’ve lived here for 100% of your life, you never truly get used to it. You keep thinking “Oh, next year’s summer won’t be as bad as this one.” Then, when you least expect it, the heat index shoots up to over 100 degrees. You sit there, sweating, wondering if there are ways to stay and keep cool. I’ve decided, a long time ago, that even though I will complain about the heat (I’m sure everyone does!), I’m going to try and keep my body temperature down. As hard as it can be, I’ve come up with my own ways- and I’ve taken the obvious route- to stay cool.

Earlier, our dog decided that he wanted to go outside… so he pushed the front screen door open. He can be smart at times. After 5 minutes of running around and catching him, we decided to hose him down with the water hose. Well, I tested the water to make sure it wasn’t so warm. It didn’t. It actually felt great! So, after he got sprayed down from muzzle to tail, I hosed myself down. It brought back child hood memories of when my sister and I would go into the back yard and just have a water fight. Of course, we only had one hose, so it was not only a water fight to see who could get drenched first, it was a fight for the hose. No bloody noses occured. So, after spraying myself with the cool water, I sat outside on the porch and let the small wind blow across. It felt good for a minute- then the wind stopped. Nature can be so cruel!

You know those garden sprayers you get at basically anywhere? Well, they come in extremely handy! I fill mine up with water and stick it in either the refrigerator or freezer. Of course, if I do in fact stick in the freezer, I don’t wait until it’s completely frozen… that would ruin the whole point of the sprayer. So as soon as I deem that the water is cold enough, I take it out and spray my face, arms, and part of the legs that aren’t hidden by clothing. When a fan blows across the cold water, it cools you down. You know your body is dehydrated that within 30 minutes of spraying yourself with water, it dissipates- which comes up to my next point.

One way I keep cool during these horrid summer months (I’m wishing for an early fall! Come on fall!), I have tons and tons of ice cold water. Again, I stick these in either the fridge or the freezer. I really prefer the latter because who doesn’t want a bottle that has little water and tons of ice? As of lately, I’ve been, when I take the bottle out, putting it on either my neck or my forehead/face. It may not help a lot, but it does help some. So, drink plenty of water to not only keep your body hydrated, but to cool you off.

So what is my advice? Well, stay away from greasy foods (If you can. Pizza sounds good right now.), don’t eat/drink too many surgary items (Remember that thing about staying hydrated?), and drink plenty of water. Of course, you may also have that sweet tea. Us Texans seem to love iced sweet tea during the summer. I try to drink it late at night. There’s nothing like watching old reruns of Roseanne and drinking sweet tea.

Have a fantastic summer!

2 responses to “Time To Cool Off!

  1. Summer= bad. Fall= hurry!

  2. ~~I know–this is going to be a scary summer—gotta find ways for us to stay and keep cool!!!!!!–play in the kiddie pool with Zeus when we get it–lol!!!

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