Thoughts on Motherly Advice

It has been a few years since I have checked out some Murphy’s Laws. Well gosh darnit, wouldn’t you know, those laws actually speak the truth! This particular one about Mothers has had me thinking, maybe that’s why my own mother and I are so close.

Maternal instinct is stronger than any force known except an IRS collection agent.

Actually, the maternal instinct is stronger than super glue! I know, bad analogy, but hey, super glue holds everything together. I say that my family is held together by Elmer’s glue and duct tape. Yes, duct tape. While it looks like a flimsy adhesive tool, it can take hair off your arm. That’s another story for another time. While the glue helps bond us, the duct tape keeps it together. You never know when that glue may accidentally peel apart and what’s left to help hold everything together? Dun dun dun! Duct tape to the rescue.

No, I’m not just going to be talking about duct tape. Although, I’m sure I can write a whole post on uses for it. That may be another time.

So anyways, back this Murphy’s Laws on motherhood. Now, everyone says that Mothers have a “How To” book. Well, where is this book and can I see it? I want to know how mothers seem to have eyes in the back of their heads. You can be making funny faces at her (I’ve done that once in my lifetime) and she’ll just nonchalantly say “Quit it. Don’t make me turn this car around.” How could she tell? You’re in the backseat and dumbfounded. I’ve always wondered that. You could be screaming your head off, and all she has to do is give you the “look” and the room goes silent. Even the pets stare in amazement. Mothers may not be able to end all wars, but they certainly can stop you, in mid sentence, from saying something that might get you into trouble.

They must have magic powers!

Another one from the website states: The motherly advice you ignore will always turn out to be the best advice she ever gave you.

See? This is why I may start writing down all of my mother’s advice in a notebook. If a test pops up and I didn’t study for it, but ignored her advice, then I can look back and think “Oh my god! She was right! How did I think I would just know the answers? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”

Or when your mother advises you that whenever you feel like you don’t have the money to get what special shirt you want, write down your budget and see if you can save money for it. However, you decide that you’ll be fine without doing the budget and you come up short for the annual Girl’s Night Out. Well, you may have a pretty shirt to wear, but how are you going to pay for your food at the restaurant? Well, that’s probably when that motherly advice comes into play.

Hey moms, it may seem like we’re not listening, and maybe we’re not; but, when it comes time for that motherly advice to pop into our memories, it’s too late. We did listen though!



2 responses to “Thoughts on Motherly Advice

  1. We act like we’re not listening (and 25% of the time we really aren’t) but we are! I promise!

  2. texaslady_55

    ~~ok, really good blog-but what brought this on? haven’t exactly felt like i have been the greatest mom lately-more like a poster child(or mom) for this is not being a really good mom lately….

    Actually, I was looking at and some of them struck me as true. I have to ask, though… what makes you think that you haven’t been a really good Mom? We’re healthy, right? We’re happy, right? Then you are being a great Mom!!

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