What Makes You Happiest?

smiley-faceThere are days when you are just overflowing with happiness. And then, there are some days you aren’t as happy as you would like. Well, today I am one of the people who is happy- whether it’s hot outside or the living is a mess. So, I decided to think deep into my soul on what makes me happy. There are days when everything could go wrong and yet, at the end of the day,  I’m happy. What makes me happy?

* Seeing my family every morning. It means I have another day to spend with them!

* Knowing that even though I don’t have tons of money, I am happy with what I do have.

* Reading a book that leaves me on the edge of my seat until the last page.

* Hearing from friends who I love and adore.

* Hanging out with my sister. We do the dorkiest and funniest things!

* Seeing that my pets (although they drive me nuts sometimes) are healthy. I’m thankful that my dog, Zeus, no longer has health problems. My little immortal puppy!

* A good summer rain that ends 100 degree weather (That’s maybe wishful thinking)

* Hearing the words “I love you.”

* Staying up late and being able to sleep in!

* Seeing a rainbow in the field after a good storm

* Winning a vacation

* Snacking on chocolate ( Oh! I just teased myself. I need to stop that!)

* Making new friends.

* Being able to see your favorite entertainer in concert (I’m daring to dream!)

* Seeing the leaves change in the fall

I have a lot more that makes me happy, but I thought I would keep the list short. So what makes you happy? Let me know! Maybe you share the same things I do!



4 responses to “What Makes You Happiest?

  1. Hi swee’pea! What a wonderful list. Being older than you, my list contains different items such as the wonder of waking up every morning on the right side of the grass and being able to enjoy another day, plus I’m happy with Devoted Spouse, and EmmaLou. I remain happy although I hurt every day from my injury – but a positive attitude gets me through – plus my blogging buddies like you and your twin. Say hi to your mom for me. Hugs!

  2. crystalreagan

    Love your list. We share some of the same like chocolate and staying up late and sleeping in.

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