It’s A Good Thing Summer Is Here

There is only one good thing that can come out of summer. What is that one thing? Well, let me set up the story for you. Actually, first I have to tell you the another story before I get to that story. I think I just confused myself. Anyways, here is the story.

A few years ago, my dad was working with someone who needed to get rid of a lot of great stuff. At the time, we didn’t have a working washer or dryer, and it just so happened that the lady was getting rid of her washer/dryer. We were all ecstatic. That meant that we didn’t need to haul the laundry to and from the laundry mat. We saved a lot of money that way. Thanks, Miss Dickey (which, I believe was her name). She was also getting rid of a 52 inch television. It worked for about a few years and then quit. It was an old TV to begin with. So, we got it into the house and put it in the garage where our connection was. Even I didn’t mind doing the laundry!

So, about a month ago, the old dryer decided to die on us. It was used almost every other day and was a good dryer- although a bit confusing with the buttons/knobs. My sister ended up showing me how to use that particular dryer. The washer still works very well! The only thing bad about the washer is that it is in a garge that is well… not very insulated. You feel every cold, hot, rainy days that come along. Nonetheless, we have a washer!

Why am I a tiny bit happy summer is here? The keyword here is “tiny.” To be quite honest, we can hang the clothes out to dry. We don’t need to scrounge up a few bucks in quarters just to take it to the laundry mat. All we have to do is hang up the line (which keeps coming off… I wonder why) and hang the clothes up. The clothes may be scorching hot and stiff when they come in, but hey, at least they get dry!

We have a few months until fall to worry about a new dryer. If need be, we’ll do one of those rent to own things. Until then, we’ll let Mother Nature do her thing.

I just wish Mother Nature would wait until July to bring us 102 degree weather. I’m not looking forward to this week!



One response to “It’s A Good Thing Summer Is Here

  1. Yea, it kind of sucks not having a dryer. But at least we can get the clothes dry quicker than we would have done if it was winter.

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