There Must Be A Blackhole

9I had an epiphany earlier this afternoon. It had come to my attention by cleaning last night that everything small I sit on my nightstand falls into a deep, black hole. I have a pair of sunglasses that I had bought a few years ago. They were my favorite. One day earlier this year, my sister and I rearranged the bedroom. It took nearly 4 hours, but we got it done. In the midst of cleaning and sweeping, I found the pair of sunglasses and I knew that I was saved from the sun! So, that night, I set them on my nightstand where I would indeed remember where they were the next time I would need them.

Fast forward to last night. I decided to clean the area of which my nightstand was. It was horribly disorganized and I felt the muscles in my body tense up every time I looked at it. It wasn’t bad enough where I needed a HAZ-MAT team, but it needed a reprieve from chaos. While I was cleaning and throwing away stuff I had no use for, I decided to see if my sunglasses were indeed where I had left them. They weren’t. Although these glasses weren’t but $10, they still had life in them. In fact, I have a picture of me, from January of this year, where I was wearing them.

l_fe5a60b069ea4ca7894d3bf59aea52e7This is when I actually had black hair. But as you can plainly see, those are the sunglasses in question. So now I am on a massive sunglasses hunt. I can either find the old pair that I fell in love with, or buy a new and cheap pair that can replace that “lost” feeling. So until either one of those options come into fruition, I will believe I have an invisible black hole in the bedroom!


3 responses to “There Must Be A Blackhole

  1. texaslady_55

    ~~your sunglasses have probably been taken by the same beings that take everything else in this house that disappears–ghosts, etc-deciding they want your cool stuff-i can just see them appearing sometime wearing your sunglasses!

  2. There is a black hole- I thought you already knew that!

  3. The Last Post

    I have a back hole in my house as well only I call it the spare room. I store all sorts of things in there then weeks, maybe even years later when I go to look for them they have vanished. It is very strange.

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