Fathers Day Gift Ideas Part 1

Fathers Day is just around the corner. To be quite honest, I have no idea what I plan on getting him. He has every tool he could ever want and then some. He’s a lover of chocolate, but since summer is here, it will melt. I could put it in the refrigerator… but I might accidentally mistake it on a late night snack run as a free-for-all. Sorry Dad! I might have to employ my ever-trusting twin sister to pick his brain and report back to me. A little sneaky I can be!

I have compiled a list of gift ideas for dad that are very inexpensive. First we’ll start with tools, because almost every father that I have met loves his toys!



Sears.com: Craftsman 22 pc. General Purpose Tool Set
Price: $34.99
This would be perfect for the father who keeps losing his tape measure, screw driver (that’s MY dad!), or the hammer!


Amazon: Fuller Tool 997-8160 160-Piece Home Repair Kit
Price: $38.75
I think my dad already has something like this hidden somewhere in the car. It comes with:
Hammer, 12-foot tape measure, utility knife, four mini-screwdrivers, lineman’s pliers, needlenose pliers, ratchet wrench with 18 sockets, adjustable wrench, six combination wrenches, assorted hex-key wrenches, screwdriver with interchangeable tips, assorted fasteners, plastic folding storage case.


Rei.com: Gerber Vise Keychain Multi-Tool
Price: $16.95
Think of it as a Swiss army knife. It has mini pliers, a standard screwdriver, a  bottle opener, and a Phillips screwdriver. My dad would kill to have one of these. Not to mention, it can hang on your keychain!

Now I think it’s time to step away from the tools, and go on to chocolate or gift baskets. If your father loves chocolate or cookies, why not gift a unique gift for that chocolate lover?



PhillipsCandy.com: Chocolate Football
Price: $35.00
I know what you’re thinking. How can a football made out of chocolate cost so darn much? Well, according to the website, it is handmade into an official size football! That means 32oz of chocolate. Holy sugar rush!


FancyFortuneCookies.com: Personalized Giant Fortune Cookie
Price: $29.95
What father wouldn’t want a giant fortune cookie that has chocolate and his own personalized message in it? It’s over 1lb is cookie! It looks so delicious!


MrsFields.com: Mrs. Fields® Classic® Cookie Tins
Price: $19.99 to 39.99
Cookies galore!! I’m sure any father would love to have a set of chocolate chip cookies all to himself!

So now we have explored tools, chocolate, cookies, and other stuff to make that special man drool! Tomorrow we’ll explore even more gifts that are inexpensive and very special!


5 responses to “Fathers Day Gift Ideas Part 1

  1. Hubby has tools galore and not a big chocolate eater and not a person that would wear a tie , I’m stumped on what to get him, he has an x-box 360 but already has the games he wants,, I’m sure I will figure something out I always do even if it is the day before

    Don’t forget my friend, that I will be posting another gift idea list tomorrow! Plus this is also giving me ideas for my own dad!

  2. ~~Really great ideas for the Fathers out there. Also I like your new layout-really smart looking!!

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  4. Don’t ask me! I don’t even know what to get Mom for her birthday!

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