Into The Shadow by Christina Dodd

51kKExQrCeL._SL500_AA240_I’m currently reading a fantasy romance novel. Well, it’s actually book 3 of the Darkness Chosen series… but I didn’t know which book it was until we were already home. Oh well. I’ll eventually find and read the first two. Anywho, so far, it is a great book. I ended up reading about 4 hours of the book last night. The book is called Into The Shadow by Christina Dodd.

Now, here’s the drawback of the book- Dodd uses the word “incredulous” or “incredulously” over and over. I think I remember reading it 5 times within a 20 chapter span. When I saw the word at first, I had no clue what it meant. By the 3rd time, I knew exactly the definition. Well, atleast anyone reading it would gain another word in their vocabulary if they had no clue what it meant.

I ended up picking the large print. That is such a good thing! I normally wear glasses when I drive or watch T.V. With the large print, I didn’t have to worry about finding a magnifying glass like I will have to with Fatal Lies by Frank Tallis. The print in that book is way too small! Maybe it will make up with a great story!

So back to Into The Shadow. What is it about? Well, here’s a synopsis of it:

Blessed—or cursed—with the ability to change into a sleek panther, and driven by a dark soul he’s accepted as his fate, Adrik Wilder abandons his family and his honor to pursue a life of wickedness. He excels at every vice, including kidnapping Karen Sonnet to use for his selfish purposes.

But Karen’s spirit and passion make him question the force of his family’s curse. And when a new evil emerges, Adrik must choose whether to enact revenge on his enemies and redeem his soul, or save Karen from a fate worse than death…

There’s thirty-five chapters in the whole book, and I think I’m only 9 away from finishing it. I will give you a disclaimer for it, however… since it is romance, there is sex in the book. So if you don’t like reading that kind of stuff, you can skip over those parts and still get the full effect of the book. Don’t worry… you won’t miss a lot if you do skip over it.

I would definitely recommend this book if you are definitely into fantasy and/or romance. I found it at Amazon, so go buy it if you would like!

One response to “Into The Shadow by Christina Dodd

  1. I can’t wait to finish reading it!

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