Birthday Ideas For Mom

Because my mom reads the blog, I can’t really lay out all of the details I would love to gift. However, I am beginning to make a list of gifts to get my Mother. So, why am I doing a birthday list for Mom? Well… isn’t it obvious? Her birthday is coming up- June to be exact. Last year on her birthday, I was just getting over a mild case of food poisoning, so I couldn’t really get her anything. So this year, I plan on making it up to her. Now, I have a few things, without getting too detailed, that I would love to try and do for her. Even if it’s just one of the ideas, then I know that she would have the best birthday she’s ever had.

NOTE TO MOM: If you want to be more surprised, you should probably look away.

  • The first idea involves a picture of her daughters. Of course it has to be something she can look at every time she passes by it. I better get some pricing/shipping ideas or this could get costly.
  • The next idea could be something yummy. I would love to shut down our favorite Chinese restaurant just for her, but I’m no wh ere near having that much money. So, I guess I’ll stick with something feasible: A pack of gum. I’m just kidding!
  • I wonder how much a personalized reading material costs. By the way, I don’t know if other states (other than Texas) had this, but remember about 10 or so year ago, they had this kiosk where you can personalize your own greeing card? You picked the stationary (by pressing buttons), and then you picked, or rather-typed out your own greeting on the little keyboard. You printed it out and then took it to a cashier to pay for it. I absolutely loved that kiosk!
  • I seem to have gotten off topic. Actually, it’s right on topic. I’m just babbling. So back to gift ideas. Does anyone know where I can get a magical wand or a genie that grants 3 wishes? Or maybe even a fairy Godmother like Cinderella had? That would make it exciting!!

So now Mom is turning another year older this year. It’s too bad I can’t give her the world. Not just Earth- she should get Pluto, too! Go ahead and add Venus to that planet list! I better stop with the planets or I’ll never get any price hunting done!


2 responses to “Birthday Ideas For Mom

  1. ~~You know me-don’t have to get me a thing-just your love is enough!!!!!!

  2. Hmm, I wonder too. Where is that damn Fairy Godmother?

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