Shopping For Baby Items

My cousin had her first baby either at the end of April or beginning of May- I forget which. Anyways, I wanted to start a basket not only for baby, but for her as well. Any new mother would appreciate that, right? So, since I decided to do some online browsing to get ideas, I thought I would start with Etsy. Now, if you don’t know, I have a huge love for Etsy. I actually have gotten some great ideas for gifts for friends and family.

This is a cute organic onsie! Since the nursery is done in butterflies, I’ve decided to do a butterfly themed basket. monkeycbaby is the shop name is it only sells for $25.00. Not bad for organic!

Now since every baby needs a bib, I decided to look for that, too! I I found a plethora of cute butterfly bibs! This one just so happened to grab my attention, first.

It sells for only $8 and can be found at pheandme. So darn cuuuuute!

I think diaper cakes are just gorgeous the way they have everything set up. So, I saw this one and I decided to take a closer look.

Simply gorgeous! I don’t know the going rate for diaper cakes, but I’m assuming since they take a lot of work and products to build, they can be quite costly. This one sells for $64. You can find it at ClassyBabyGifts. Her diaper cakes are wonderful!

I decided to pull myself away from Etsy and wanted to see what other stores were out there. I found this little cutie while doing just that!

You can even personalize it, as you can see, and put your daughter’s name on there. That’s just genius and so pretty! I can just imagine the name “Dallas” written across there (that’s her daughter’s name.) It only sells for $15 (inexpensive!!) and I found it at

Also, I found this gorgeous necklace that I think my cousin would love to have! It’s $50, but it is beautiful!

See how gorgeous?? It’s found at Mama&

Well now that I’ve done some shopping for the baby, which I love shopping for others more than myself… It’s time to do some birthday shopping for Mom. Shhh! It’s a secret!



3 responses to “Shopping For Baby Items

  1. Hi baby – Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop – I recently got the most adorable purse there and everyone comments on it – of course it’s one of a kind and I like that. How do you decide what to get; there’s so much great stuff available!!! Hugs! Hey – I thought you were gonna rename your blog – what happened? Did I miss something?

    Hey hon! I have decided to keep it Confetti Dreams. People seem to like it and if they like it, I’m not going to change it! I’m thinking of getting my mom a present from Etsy. Her birthday is next month. A good idea, yes?

  2. Those are super cute! I love Etsy!

    Now what are we getting her for her birthday??

  3. ~~What cute pictures and I really want to send Trish and the baby some more stuff….

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