EZ Comb Review

EZCombs_sYou’ve seen the commercial, haven’t you? I know I have! Ever since I saw the commercial the first time, I’ve instantly wanted one. By the way, I am talking about the EZ Comb. I absolutely love this thing!

About a week or ago ago, my sister and I each got one of our own. Well, we got a package of 2- but we picked out which colors we wanted. She got the white one and I grabbed the brown.

So what is an EZ Comb From the definition on their website

EZ Combs™ is the new hair accessory that stretches to easily create popular hairstyles instantly!


Seems cool, huh? Well, they are. So far, every day I wear mine. I even where it to bed- even though I wake up with it on the pillow rather than in my hair. However, I love the ease of being able to pull my hair back and quickly get on with my day.

What I normally do when I put my hair back with it is called “The Fountain.” If you take a look at their website: http://www.ezcombs.com/, you will see what I am talking about. Plus, it’s the only thing my hair will do. It seems to have a mind of it own.


I absolutely love my EZ Comb. I kept losing ponytail holders because they would either slip out of my hair or I would take it out, set it down, and it would disappear. And with this, it doesn’t slip because of the prongs that hold the hair. With this EZ Comb, you can do many different styles. I’m still working on that. My fingers are quite clumsy!

Also, it’s very lightweight. It doesn’t weigh down your head of feel heavy at all.


So yes, I love my EZ Comb (think I’ve said it enough?). My hair is happier. Or, maybe it’s just me.




2 responses to “EZ Comb Review

  1. I love the Ez Combs! And I love doing your hair with it! They’re fun!

  2. ~~Can’t wait to buy you some more to use and try out different ways using 2-with your vibrant, really cool purple hair!!!—glad you like it…the ez combs-but glad you also like how your hair turned out…

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