popchips Review

005When I woke up yesterday morning, I saw that I had a huge box from popchips sitting in the living room for me. My family seems to always get the mail before I even get out of bed. When I saw the bog, my stomach started growling at me. Apparently, it has to be fed quite often. So, I knew I was in for a treat!

Right away, I tore into the box:


Zeus, my dog, even tried to help by tearing away the tape on the box. Such a little helper he is! As soon as I opened the box, I gave my sister a bog of the Sea Salt & Vinegar and I opened the Parmesan Garlic. I was too hungry to worry about the review at that point.

How does popchips taste? Well, not only was I the main one chomping on them- I had a guinea pig. I call her sister. We sat down and opepned one bag of each flavor. Because we already knew how fabulous the first 2 bags we opened tastes, we only had 3 flavors left: Original, Barbecue, and Salt & Pepper.
007First was barbecue. The red bag on the left. Oh… my…. goodness! If you’ve tried Lays Barbecue chips before, you don’t know what you are missing! Not only are popchips more healthy for you, they are fabulous! Me and my guinea pig… I mean, sister, had trouble stepping away from the flavor!

Salt & PepperThe next flavor was Salt & Pepper (above picture). I have to be honest, this wasn’t our favorite flavor. We had a little trouble getting past the overpowering pepper taste. Yes, I realize it’s called “Salt AND Pepper.” I guess we’re just not pepper fans. There’s no doubt in my mind that my father would eat it. He loves salt and pepper together… or he just loves them no matter what. I may have found another guinea pig. I’m only joking.

The last flavor was the Original. It tasted so good and it wasn’t greasy at all! That’s one of the pluses of all popchips.

All in all, we love almost every flavor except Salt & Pepper. I think I have changed which chips I will buy from now on… Don’t you just love trying new foods, even if they are healthy?



7 responses to “popchips Review

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  2. ~~the salt and pepper was really good.-for people who do like the taste of pepper-which i do!thanks for sharing your chips with us……fun being a taste tester…yum……

  3. MMM I love BBQ chips just looking at the picture of these chips I want to go out and buy some
    wonder if I have them here in my area, I need to go to the store and look for them

  4. Those were awesome!

  5. Mistysunrise

    I have to say those look GOOD. I havent heard of them, except for the last few days. I havent seen them in the stores in my area. I may have to go online somewhere and find them. They look good. YUM!!

  6. I have never heard of popchips – obviously we don’t get them in Ohio. They looked and sounded very good and now I’m hungry. Have to settle for some baked Cheetos. Oh well. Hugs!

  7. hi croneandbearit,

    this is rajiv doshi from popchips. we feel it’s our duty to bring popchips to snackers everywhere, so you have a few options. we’re available in ohio at target and other fine retailers. to find popchips near you, use our store locator at http://popchips.com/get-popchips/

    you can also, pop over to amazon.com to order online and have the delivered to your door.

    and lastly, please let your favorite store manager know about popchips.

    happy snacking!

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