My Little Protector

For those who don’t know me yet, I have dog. His name is Zeus and he turns 1 year old in September… or was it August? I forget which… Anyways, he’s the sweetest dog you would ever meet- unless he feels threatened. Oh, you want to see a picture, right? Well, you get your wish. First I’ll post the picture and then share 2 stories, all within maybe 12 hours of each other. Meet Zeus, my puppy!

ZeusSee how cute he is?? Hi puppy! I just want to eat him up with a spoon (figuratively speaking…) Whoops… Sorry. I got off track again.

Now onto the stories. This morning, around 3am, we heard gunshots (and yet, none of the news said anything about it.) Well, as soon as all of us heard it, he started barking. The shots (and his barking) woke me up from a nice dream. Zeus stayed by my mom until he knew things were safe. While my father went out to check to see if he could tell where they came from, both the dog and Mother stayed right by the door. Zeus was ready for a fight! Go Zeus Go!

All afternoon, Zeus has been my side as well. We have construction going on a few houses down and because he’s never heard those noises before, he’s been barking, whimpering, and pacing back and forth. I think he wore a path in the wooden floors. It kind of looks like the shape of Australia. I’m just kidding. So, while he hears these noises, he’s going to the front door, coming back to check on me, and sitting behind the computer chair just in case. There’s no doubt in my mind that if someone decided to break in, I wouldn’t have to worry because he would get rid of them in a second. I joke that 1) He’s immortal (Death has knocked on his door twice) and 2) He’s the strength of 10 men.

Who needs a gun when you’ve got a dog who will protect the people he loves and cares? Thanks, Zeus. You save me money. I don’t have to buy a baseball bat!



3 responses to “My Little Protector

  1. Hi Swee’pea – I just love little Zeusy- he’s such a sweetie and I’m glad he’s there to protect you and I’m so happy he’s healthy again – I was worried you would lose him at least once. Our fur-children can scare the livin’ daylights out of us, I know. As for SuperZeus the great protector – you’re lucky – my EmmaLou would simply open the door and say, “Hey ya’ll come on in, the good silver’s in there.” LOL

    Don’t catch the twin’s flu – you stay healthy.

    Sorry, I’m gonna be off Twitter for about a week and no blogging either – go read my post for details. But I’ll be back. Just keep your fingers crossed for me please coz this procedure has me a bit freaked out. I’m such a wuss. Hugs to all!

  2. ~~yep, that’s our dog-loves us one minute and protect us and the next minute mr. grumpy and snarly-poor baby-but we love him and keep him just the same….

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