Sugar For The Masses

cupcakeHave you ever had a day where you just crave sugary items? You know, the cookies, the chocolates, the brownies and the cakes? You just look at a cupcake and you start salivating. Of course, I prefer the icing rather than the cake itself- unless the cake is chocolate. Can you tell I am a huge lover of chocolate?

I normally do pretty good if I have to go weeks and weeks without eating anything sugary. Dr Pepper doesn’t count- that’s more caffeine than anything (in my opinion, at least). You know when a vampire gets a taste of blood that they haven’t had in a few centuries, they start really needing and wanting the blood? Essentially, it’s about the same thing- minus the fangs and the red ooziness. Is there such thing as a Chocoholic Anonymous club? IF not, there needs to be one! But, I digress! Since it has been a few weeks since I have had a Hersheys chocolate bar, I actually was able to get one! The Heavens sang a sweet tune! Okay, perhaps not. A few hours later, I saw we had mini cupcakes in the fridge. “Holy icing!” is the thought that crossed my mind. I ended up eating one… or two… or three. Bad idea, self. A sugar headache inevitably follows.

One word (or several) of advice: Eat other foods when chowing down on those delicious brownies!



4 responses to “Sugar For The Masses

  1. Hi sweetie – Devoted Spouse and I always fight over the icing – neither of us really cares for the cake – we just want the goodies on top. Bad, bad, bad. Hugs!

  2. ~~I know. We go without it and get used to not having it and then bam!-We can get some and we go crazy….Bad Momma….

  3. I love sugar. No doubt about that!

  4. When we have store bought cup cakes the frosting is a sugar overload so I end up scraping the frosting a letting one of the kids have it,

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