You Decide 09′

I have decided to change the name of Confetti Dreams. However, I’m going to let you guys, the readers, pick the new name! The poll will run for 1 month, so you don’t have to pick right away. The “Confetti Dreams” name will  be on the poll just in case you don’t want to change it! There are 5 names to choose from:

  • Brown-Eyed Brunette
  • Ramblings of a College Student
  • Laughing Out Loud
  • The Kinder Zoo
  • Ace Of Spade

So go ahead and vote! The name with the most votes at the end of the month will be the new name (or not.) Happy voting! Remember, you can still choose Confetti Dreams if you don’t want it changed.

UPDATE: I have decided to keep it as Confetti Dreams! It seems to fit my writings now. Thanks to everyone who voted to keep the same name!


9 responses to “You Decide 09′

  1. I like “Confetti Dreams”….it’s unique AND creative! I’ve always wished that I could have come up with a creative, cute, catchy name for my blog. Four Guys and a Gal is the extent of my creative genius though. Lol!

    Four Guys and A Gal sounds like a TV Show! That’s way too cool!!!

  2. I really like “Confetti Dreams”, I’d leave it!

    Michele (Miki on OLS)

  3. Hi – Love your blog – I voted for your new name but I’m in the minority – that’s usually the case with me anyway I never follow the norm and I like zoos. Cheers! Linda

  4. Hi baby it’s me again – I just figured it out (must be all the Valium in my system) you’re TexasHeartland’s twin, aren’t you? You little scamps – both of ya!

    Hugs! Linda

  5. Yep, she’s me twin! I can’t vote… I can’t make up my mind!

  6. I think the old adage, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” applies. I really like Confetti Dreams for its originality, so voted for that choice. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!! don’t change the name-i love Confetti Dreams!!!!!

  8. ~~also forgot to tell you I love the new look-just keep the name.

  9. I know someone who hasn’t commented or voted… for shame!